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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    2008 to 2010 maxxforce 13 edc7 , need calibration code #  for E.I.M

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  • 11/22/19--13:37: Ford visteon radio code
  • Hi, any help with radio code?



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    BMW Navigation 

    Update USB Road Map Europe NEXT 2020-1

    NBT_ECE_401191.3.111 (West) & NBT_ECE_411191.3.111 (East)


    Albanien, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Mazedonien, Moldawien, Montenegro

    Belgien, Dänemark, Deutschland, Griechenland, Italien, Kroatien, Luxemburg, Niederlande, Österreich, Polen, Schweiz, Slowakei, Tschechien, Ungarn, Vatikanstadt

    Andorra, Frankreich, Gibraltar, Großbritannien, Irland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Norwegen, Portugal, San Marino, Schweden, Spanien

    Bulgarien, Estland, Finnland, Kosovo, Lettland, Litauen, Rumänien, Russland, Serbien, Slovenien, Türkei, Ukraine, Weißrussland


    • F01, F02, F03 ab 07/2012-
    • F06 ab 03/2013-
    • F07 ab 07/2012-
    • F10,F11 ab 09/2012-
    • F12,F13 ab 03/2013-
    • F15 ab 08/2013-
    • F18 ab 09/2012-
    • F20, F21, F34 ab 03/2013-
    • F22,F33 ab 11/2013-
    • F25 ab 04/2013-
    • F26 ab 04/2014-
    • F30, F31 ab 11/2012-
    • F32 ab 07/2013-
    • F35 ab 01/2013-
    • F36, F80 , F82 ab 03/2014-
    • F56 ab 11/2013-
    • I01 ab 09/2013-
    • I12 ab 12/2013-



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  • 11/22/19--14:05: Hello everybody
  • Hello everybody I am new here and I am new also to car chiptuning I hope I can get help here and improve my knowledge. Wish me welcome and good luck

    Envoyé de mon CPH1819 en utilisant Tapatalk

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    it worked fine on the truck then started to crash and I get this error many times,  any come across this and fix it?

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    Dear all,

    is there still a link to any source to download three initial DVDs for ESI Tronic 2012.
    I am not searching for update files?

    Thank you

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    I had been absent from sales for reasons that most active users know, since the truth has already come to light, I offer them something that many can have but not many.

    Allison doc 2019 v1 and IDSS 201606 in just 150 usd, cheaper nowhere.

    I am worth a dick that sellers who kill others with high prices get mad at me.

    I am aware of others.

    IS Nice to be back.


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  • 11/22/19--15:02: Bmw 630i 2005 93FC + 93FD
  • Hi I wonder if some kind member can help shead some light on the fault I've got with a 2005 BMW 630I it has a annoying SRS light on with the following codes in the SRS module

    93FC ACSM/MRS: Battery lead positive (Monitoring of shielding) and
    93FD ACSM /MRS Battery lead ground (Monitoring of shielding)

    also I got no comms with satellite pillars. I have had a search around and it appears to be a under voltage codes , but this vehicle has recently had a new battery and coding to the car. I can clear the codes and they go but as soon as you drive off the srs malfunction light comes on with the bongs.
    I have checked all connections in the boot and replugged and cleaned all contacts this has not helped and both battery terminals are tight. Its due for M.O.T. sons need to get this resolved some how. I appreciate and advise or suggestions guys and girls.


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  • 11/22/19--15:03: Key Mondeo x431
  • Hi everyone, I wanted to make a key for a Mondeo 2011, with easydiag 2 there is the function but it gives me this error, do you know how to help me?[Image: 68bdeee944874dff39d1ed75ab949fe9.jpg]

    Inviato dal mio JSN-L21 utilizzando Tapatalk

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    10.2019 Subaru Select Monitor NA 19.1.5

    Installer for SSM4, SSM3, Flash Write 1, Flash Write 2 and Flash Database. This works with vehicles built up to October of 2019 for the North American Market.

    Starting the 07.2019 version, Subaru made separate installers for EU, NA and Japan. This is the NA installer with the NA flash database

    There's been a lot of drama on this forum lately with the leechers and members that don't contribute anything and expect everything for free.

    That's why THE INSTALLER IS LOCKED TO ONE COMPUTER AND IT NEEDS A KEY TO RUN. Please post your HWID here in the thread and I will give you a key.

    On top of that, to piss off even more the leechers and the non-contributing members, or to see this ending up on a Chinese website, even with a key, the installer

    But wait, there is more ....


    I only give this out to active members that give back to the community.

    You can cry, bitch, moan, report all you want. If you are not an active member here, I won't reply to you. I am tired of free loaders

    I do not have the medicine for it. If you need your SSM4 activated go here : https://mhhauto.com/Thread-UPDATED-Subar...Activation

    No rep+thanks necessary

    [Image: 38c1ff60922d7cc5485b40fe073bddfa.png][Image: 35ca2d059de18ad313a77053c353f066.png]


    SSM4 2019 Mhh.rar

    286 bytes

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  • 11/22/19--16:02: Radio CDR 2005 pin code
  • Hi
    Is it possible to read pin please?

    24c16 attached




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    Hello everyone
    Can anybody disable egr on my e200 cdi EDC16c2? I need to disconnect egr plug because of mechanical problem. Thank you Smile

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    Hi to all ,

    I need to disable dpf filter and egr valve cause for a bad mode of operation  and high temperature dpf filter was broken .

    Please help me to solve this situation .

    Thanks in advance .

    Sorry but I forgot to post ori file Ducato .

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  • 11/22/19--16:45: Citroen Nemo radio code
  • Hi,

    I need radio code to Citroen Nemo please :




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  • 11/22/19--16:57: Intro
  • Hi , RS3 owner interested in exploring the finer points of ECU and TCU firmware :-)...  Good tools are essential



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  • 11/22/19--17:19: VIDENT iAuto702 Pro For Sale
  • VIDENT iAuto702 Pro Features:

    1. OBDII/EOBD+CAN Functions
    Read codes
    Clear codes 
    Vehicle information
    Live data 
    View freeze frame data
    I/M readiness
    O2 monitor test
    On-board monitor test 
    Component test
    Modules present 

    [b]2. ABS, SRS diagnosis [/b]
    Read codes 
    Clear codes
    Vehicle information
    Live data
    View freeze frame data 
    Component test/active test

    iAuto702 Pro Vehicle Coverage:


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    WABCO TOOLBOX 12.12 Fully Unlock
    1 yr $50.00 USD or No Expiration  $100.00 USD

    NO Keygen For Sale

    Please contact me by pm only!!!!

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    Hello guys,

    can you help me to decode immo off imn ecu.


    ECU IMMO OFF PLEASE BOSCH 0261203761 762 AUdi 8D0907557F.rar

    199 bytes

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  • 11/22/19--19:05: ACM Calibration code needed
  • 2008,2010 Maxxforce 13 EDC7 , Aftertreatment Calibration code. 

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  • 11/22/19--19:19: Polaris Axys 850
  • Looking for Damos/A2L for Polaris Axys 850 Snowmobile, MY 2019-2020. Anything will help......

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