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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 12/08/19--06:24: Vw lt35 immo off required
  • I have a Vw lt 35 here in which i have tried many immo files to have no luck .
    i seen this post https://mhhauto.com/Thread-VW-LT-2-5-EDC...0281010639
    and this exact same ecu as i have . i have attached the original file from the ecu . can someone give me a working solution for this . MK2-VRT gave working solution in previous thread listed above .immo box is faulty on this motor ..  this isnt the usual immo off as with immo decoder etc .

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  • 12/08/19--06:34: Need some help....
  • Somebody please give me recommendation what oil to use in Eaton gen 111 autoshift transmission....

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    i have org launch looking for updates

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  • 12/08/19--07:28: GlobalTis v 40
  • Hello global tis v 40 working !!!!

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  • 12/08/19--05:49: Ford Kuga 2010 dead?
  • Hi guys,

    Hint please... Kuga 2010 both keys can unlock/lock vehicle but cant IGN ON...after pressing START button nothing happens. Tried battery unplug in car.. nothing.
    Strange is that dash is clear, withou any fault...just cannot IGN On.

    I forced IGN ON from engine fusebox...put diagnostic on it....every ecu without fault Sad PCM OK, GEM OK, RKE OK... (RKE only fault voltage too low and cannot erase - but showing 12.2V as voltage). strange?

    In live data of DASH or RKE I cannot see key status...there is only PID: number of keys programmed:2   without any information if car can see key or not...

    I am out of options, any help?


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  • 12/08/19--07:53: Honda diagnostic
  • Gentlemen, what do you recommend for brand diagnostics?
    Honda hyundai

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    Hello All,
               I am looking for festo fluidsim working software newest software with working solution please help me with download links.

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  • 12/08/19--09:11: EDC16c39 DPF Switch OFF
  • Hi all
    need DPF OFF EDC16C39

    Lancia delta

    Fiat Hardware Number....:  51853780 
    Bosch Hardware Number:  0281014570
    Bosch Software Number.:  1037400393



    42.96 KB

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  • 12/08/19--09:24: backup bcm x95 megane 3 2010
  • please need any file nec 850 u70f3384 flash file backup of bcm x95 megane 3 2010-2011 number 284b17882r.
    anyone have this backup?

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     i need immo off Renault Twingo 09', ECU Continental SIM 32

    S120200113 A


    is Siemens SIM32 the same as Continental SIM32 or not ?




    757 bytes

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    Hi folks,

    I have a weird issue with an IC from a R230 SL600 (MY05). I have removed the IC from the car due to an upgrade to an AMG IC. It worked perfectly fine in the car, including access via DAS/Xentry. I have added the IC to my test bench, injecting CAN-B traces, and that is also working absoluetely fine. The IC reacts as it should, but it does not send any CAN message, neither on CAN-B or CAN-C.

    I have no clue why it does not transmit. Beside the CAN-B there is only CAN-C and a hardwired input from SRS, or am I mistaken? But even with those two inputs missing it should transmit, shouldn't it? What could be the root cause. Hope someone had a similiar issue and can help me out.


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    can someone help me finding original  Xentry Connect C5 Servicing Passwort ?

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    someone have this original file please? car was tuned but bad...or any similar software to check ?

    ford focus st tdci 185hp 2016 ecu dcm 6.1

    many thanks !

    [Image: mini_191208073100356327.jpg]

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    hello Team

    i cut the hdd in half
    I install xentry on the C
    and I save the EPC WIS ASRA DB on the D

    how should i do to install EPC WIS ASRA on the C and tell it the DB and on the D please ??

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    Hi, I  have a Volvo v40 2018 2.0 Petrol, car is revving on 1500rpm. Sometimes whenever engine is cold car has everything ok, and then engine warming up and this revving is starting revvs and goes up and down, and then stabililizing in over 1500rpm, most of the time revving from start.
    I upload a videos on Youtube of it. I checked all vacuum lines- no leaks. Checked heater in Lambda sensor.
    I also been in Dealer-Theyre saids everything is fine  SadsmileAny ideas what is wrong with it? Thanks in advance. Pablo.

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  • 12/08/19--11:43: airbag kia xc2361a-72
  • hi all mhh
    please fix crash record in my air kia autoliv 95910-f1000


    air kia.rar

    54.46 KB

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    Anyine has the kawasaki wheel loader 70zv or zv-2 service manual , and willing to share.

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  • 12/08/19--12:47: vag pcr2.1 flash file
  • Hello, 
    after adapting second hand ecu to a vw golf mk6 siemens pcr 2.1, I have some error messages that I cannot erase, due to an ecu being from a car that had an automatic gearbox.
    Does anyone have flash file from 03L 906 023FS  H43 997, with manual transmission

    I tired to write original flash file from ecu that was damaged by water ( 03L 907 425 C) but after that car only cranks, does not start. No error messages and coding is lost.

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