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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 12/15/19--16:15: BMW E81 118D Stage 3
  • I've got a problem with a BMW 118D EDC17C06 "Stage 3" (sorta, 20D Injectors & Turbo; stock crappy HPFP)

    The car is running great except for one precise situation, if you go in higher gear (5/6) really low rev and you floor the accelerator once you reach the spool the car go limp and completely shutdown the engine. Right before this happen you could feel for a second that the injection is struggling, on log you can see an unexpected drop in both injection and rail (on request and real values). Except this situation you could do wathever you want the car is perfect.

    I've noticed today that i have forgotten one table of torque monitor (43C30 in file below) could it be just that ?

    You could find the map attached, i've got DTC 4650 & 4670 related to rail pressure, i've suppose that come from the Rail pressure dropping at high IQ wathever i wanna do and i suppose that i have no other solution than disabling these DTC to avoid the car going into limp...

    I can't keep the car a long time so i wanna have the maximum idea before getting the car back end of the week. (sadly for no more than a couple hour)

    P.S. : I'm currently using less DW than what's in the file since i don't want to add more power to a car that already has a problem...



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    Caterpillar SIS MAY 2019. Format ISO 



    1 STW 2011B

    Format: ISO

    link mega

    You can search for previous data in the forum it's free

    PRICE 100 USD



    SIS MAY 2019 FULL.jpg

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    SIS 2019.05.jpg

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    Hi friends!
    Need help!
    I have not worker UCH (megan II)
    I want to make a clone.
    I bought another used UCH
    Reeding EEPROM+FLASH with Xprog/
    Swap into used UCH (same part number).
    In both UCH installed MCU motorola (securit) MS9S12DT256 3L91N
    I read EEPROM+FLASH with not working UCH, and saved it.
    Then I read the memory from the used UCH. after reading I verify them.
    Of course the memory (EEPROM) is different.
    Checking the FLASH memory and finding 27 differences.

    starting to do CLONE UCH.
    Erase EEPROM MCU MS9S12DT256. write Flah all FFFFFF. After write EEPROM+FLASH that was in a non-working UCH.

    After recording, I read again Flash+EEPROM  and compare with the original dump.no differences, they are identical.
    But when I put the control unit on the car. The instrument panel does not work. LED blinks fast.


    Maybe you need to calculate the checksums?
    Maybe  it was necessary to rewrite only EEPROM?

    or something else...

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    Hi there,
    A friend of mine replaced the right side headlight module to a 2014 CLA250 MB.

    1: Will anyone be able to help code it via TeamViewer with a Star C4 system?

    2: How new does Xentry need to be?

    3: How much?

    We are in Los Angeles CA. USA Pacific Standard Time

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    i got a car E70 2009 that was totally flood and have alot of ecu been replace from different donor
    i ve been able to mae a key to make the car start but the remote doesnt work key frequency match
    i still checking K-can bus because i got some error on it and i m trying all my best to make the FA 
    When using ISTAP i got some error 

    some module found not in FA:


    and some module not install in FA


    i attach the list give by INPA


    79889267_2609028985880755_8304716315067678720_n (1).gif

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  • 12/15/19--21:04: PORTABLE CALTERM 3.8
    this is a version of calterm 3.8 protable version..
    meaning it does not need and installation and so you can use it along side with insite 8.5 and calterm 4.7 installed on the same pc.

    the only way to have this working is by executing the exe named calterm in the folder bin and you have to have your license.dat created in c:/flexlm

    thanks and rep will get you the password through pm


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    Need help how to read diagrams on Renault Wiring Diagrams.

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    Hi guys, bit stumped by this ine. Anyone have Pin out diagram? And which tool can read this airbag computer?


    [Image: 83418a5c41ee79eed894c2026d2dd993.jpg][Image: 99fb8b59abd01bf416520ff17c7808a7.jpg][Image: 25a7b54b47b4e30194e308d08cc5bcc6.jpg]

    student of Life

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    Anyone have a link to the latest version of E-Doctor from Doosan?

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    I am looking for repair manual and parts for a sdp c15 acert.  Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a problem that, after flash-memory recording Renault Talisman dash continental full (BT2 248104585R).
    He died dash.
    After a crash on the computer has not been preserved the original flash.
    Other such dash flash is not appropriate.
    The battery turned off, but it didn't help.
    Did these machines multiple times, there were no problems.
    Can anyone encountered this problem?
    Maybe there is someone on the flash dash 248104585R number.
    If you have a flash without a number, please download . Can some will approach.
    I'll be very thankful.
    Help raise the dash.

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  • 12/16/19--00:16: Service Advisor 4.2 issue
  • My SA as working fine until I decided to install a few other programs.
    Now it loads to 14% when it says Loading the User Module.
    Error pops up that SA has stopped working.
    Has anyone had this issue before?

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    hi, need help clear crash of mazda 6.
    srs unit GRT6-57K30



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  • 12/16/19--00:54: Xentry key for 2019.5
  • Hello,
    Could someone generate key for me?
    I will give like and thanks. 

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  • 12/16/19--01:01: CAS3 corrupted file
  • Hi,

    Someone try to correct mileage (mark of soldering inside cas)  but do something wrong. You sync DME-CAS, the car start one time and you have 0A0D: cas processor registered in memory.

    Could someone help me to repair this file, all other CAS functions seems to be ok.




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  • 12/16/19--01:13: DSG DQ250 MQB immo off
  • Hello, Is it possible to switch immo off in this gearbox? I have tried to adapt immo with ODSI online but car was factory fitted with manual gearbox and I have only message that controller doesn't match to this vin. There is P1701 in gearbox.


    DSG DQ250 MQB.rar

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  • 12/16/19--01:21: Transtron A2L
  • can anyone tell me if there is any A2l or equivalent for transtron ecu's out there? I have found and defined a lot of maps, there is one map I am struggling to find. its boost related. im getting annoyed I cant find it.

    or if anyone has gone big boost keeping the vgt then pm me please.

    I really want to keep it VGT but to prevent me from burning it I might have to go to a gated turbo

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     Hello friends

    Maybe some one cat make Axor 2014 265KW euro 6 continental ACM full adblue off+full dpf off+full egr off+stage1 how moch it cost?

    Price pelase send to PM i check and give answer!

    Best regards,


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    Hello friends,
    Please help immo off Land Rover Discovery2 25TDI
    ecu: NNN500250
    eeprom93c66 attachemnt.

    Ive also seen other solutions that require cut pin34. Anyone know wich is the pin34 (redplug or black plug). there is no inscrpition on ecu plug or on car's ecuplug.
    Thank you



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    203 bytes


    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-16 at 10.09.43.jpeg

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    Hello friends

    Maybe some one cat make Axor 2014 265KW euro 6 continental ACM full adblue off+full dpf off+full egr off+stage1 how moch it cost?

    Price pelase send to PM i check and give answer!

    Best regards,

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