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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 01/05/20--20:08: 12 Days of XMAS
  • A big Thank You to Jonny Rotten and all who participated in the 12 Days of XMAS.  It was truly an amazing gesture.  I am humbled to see how many got involved to help make it awesome!

    Happy New Year to everyone here at MHH AUTO!

    TruckFixR Smile

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    hi everyone

    Is any one know where i can buy genuine Mitsubishi MUT3, pay with Paypal?


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    Hi guys it'd be very much appreciated 

    or I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to get this one working on Windows 10 64-bit?? 

    I see a lot of differing instruction sets but mostly for Windows 7 and so far none have worked [with the cracks that have been provided] 
    and most of those instructions are really vague and seem to miss a lot of important info. I always seem to get different ponos cracker errors
    have been scourging any message board or comment section for clues that could help me get the program working normally in Windows 10 x64 but no luck so far..

    the program/crack in question seems to have full functionality in Win 7 and earlier [rip, cut, printing] but yeah currently at a loss with upgrades to Windows 10 [all tried on clean installs]

    Sorry if this doesn't exactly belong here [though I am requesting either version of the program] 

    Tried to find specific rules for this forum section but couldn't find any, thanks for your time and comprehension! Big Grin

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    Hi,  I would like to know if it is possible to fix an used CGW to a W221 if the original form car is damaged and not readable. 
    I have a W221 , I got an used CGW installed it , than tried to program and code it through XENTRY,  but when I go online there comes message before programming begin saying incorrect Data , than process stops and cannot update it.
    Is there a solution for this or must fix a new one.

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    I'm starting to remember why I NEVER post software but instead would rather help people. 

    There has been some members more than gracious enough to post some of the most up to date software, KM, etc and at their expense. Those software are not cheap by any means. Anyone who is anyone on this forum knows we aren't talking a few hundred bucks but in the thousands. TRUST ME I KNOW!!!!!!

    So what kind of dirty down swindling con artist would takes a FREE software and post it for sale after 2-4 days of it being offered for FREE? There is 3 people I have seen so far and I'm sure many more to follow.

    I know, I know, some of you guys are saying, "well if the member is stupid enough to pay them then too bad" but come on, we all have a duty to help each other here or else man, this wouldn't be a forum but Ebay or Ali or whatever else instead.

    My worthless advise is this, if any member wants it and you cant do it yourself, ask a member that's always offering to help or if you really want to purchase it which I DO UNDERSTAND, goto the member that posted it or the guys with the reputation of being honest..... if you don't know whom they are, just check who sells installs before June of 2019 and you will definitely find them. Or contact me if my time allows it

    Thanks for reading my hissy fit....

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  • 01/05/20--22:34: Windows Defender......
  • Anyone have a good way to permanently disable the real time scanning on Windows Defender? This damned thing has pooched me a few times by randomly turning the Real Time Scanning back on and I've lost some files that fortunately I've been able to restore....but good lord is it annoying!

    Any solutions?

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  • 01/05/20--22:47: Calterm
  • Looking for a clean working calterm version, would be really appreciated if it would be virus friendly, thanks

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  • 01/05/20--22:48: Any fault code
  • Hello

    voici un site pour le code d'erreur pour toutes les marques automobiles.

    Merci + Rep.



    25 bytes

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    It seems that Launch released a new immobilizer programmer. Did anyone try it. Anyone know where i can buy it ?

    See the attachment

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    I need flash dump for peugeot 508
    Software signature  : 9ECE

    Thank you

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    Hi after changing the mileage of instrument cluster 1ZO 920 842 D
    With abrites tool


    I feel the error started coming.

    I even changed the mileage in ecu also to help this error go, but stays permanent.


    00003 - control module 014 - defective
    Freeze frame :
    Fault status : 01101110
    Fault priority : 2
    Fault frequency: 1

    Error goes temporary if i click on (Diagnostic session 86 ENTER) in abrites Immobilizer menu

    But it comes back again after some time

    Any help

    [Image: 87ad1e329a16aa3739ac0b1602d73019.jpg][Image: efb67a72f74261368c7f0f6724894679.jpg]

    Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

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    Hello. Can someone help me a bit. I would like check mileage on the speedo on table and looking for instrument cluster pinout. 


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    Dear All,

    Please provide me CAT ET 2011Bv1.0 LICENCE (6271 3181 5616 5F6F 2812 1C65).

    Thank you !

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    hello guys i have a problem with config assist ! I can not open the config assist app can someone tell me what is wrong or fix it ? 

    image : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1q3APC8v...sp=sharing

    Best Regards

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  • 01/06/20--01:22: Terracan 2.9 immo off help
  • Hello
    I need immo off
    or the pin from the file because it's other ecu so with vin it doesn't match

    DDCR R0410C189A  (81171B)
    SERIAL  83541784 EYG



    609 bytes



    101.75 KB

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    I need sgo file.
    Please help.

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    Looking for a workable immo off solution for this type. Citroen Berlingo edc15c2 1plug 2.0 hdi RHY.
    I've attached the flash and the eeprom, too.

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    HI All,
    It's great to see an online community like this where things are shared for all, Its good people are willing to just simply "help" each other out.

    And this is what I'm after if anyone can help me out.

    I recently downloaded (from MHH which is much appreciated, thanks & rep was given) Hino DX2 v1.1.19.9.
    I seem to be having issues with the trouble shooting flow schematics and diagnostics flow in the program. It missing/greyed out and can't select it.
    I found an old post that suggested changing the language to "English" I also did "English USA & CAN" with no luck.
    I have tried everything I know of including compatibility modes on all windows (I'm running 10) run As Admin etc.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in adnvance

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    Hi there I was looking some help to turn egr off on 2016 scania R580 V8 

    I need a solution that will not put the truck into limp mode and to leave the dash with no warnings 

    I have access to scania sdp3
    2.41 (up to date)
    Xcom & sops all up to date 

    Thanks in advance

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    I have a problem programming a keyless for a Nissan Qashqai J10. First I try to program with MVP the programming sequence goes OK, but at end, neither customer key neither new key start the car.
    Now I have IM608 also try to program key, but same problem.
    DTC P1610 and P1615.
    The programming sequence goes OK, immo light flashes 5 times, transponder block, but at end key don't start the car.
    Nissan Qashqai J10 VIN SJNFCAJ10U1125013
    Year 2007
    Bcm label 3 C4f1. Part number JD12CED. Pin code: 3328.
    Already looked at some posts, but can't see a solution, or the only solution I found is new BCM and ECU from dealer. There is no other option? 
    Annex pic's from new I-key label and transponder read.
    Thanks in advance and happy new year.



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    IMG_20200106_104838 (768x1024).jpg

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