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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 01/06/20--14:55: Vw lupo oil light blinking
  • any solution Vw Lupo 2004 oil light blinking I make diagnose 
    NO foult code ...



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  • 01/06/20--14:59: GM+MDI+2+Clone (Fake!!!)
  • I recently purchased a GM MDI 2 Clone to replace my original GM MDI 1 clone...

    I was shocked to discover behind the new shiny case was in fact a virtually identical MDI 1 hardware. The 200-Pin SODIMM was infact populated with an identical PXA270M and same flash/memory configuration as fitted to my GM MDI 1.

    So that means 128Mb Ram and 16Mb Nor Flash and a Marvell PXA270M capable of 520Mhz clock speed. Also fitted internally with a full sized MMC SD Card and not a MicroSD card...

    When you compare the PCB of the GM MDI 1 and MDI 2 its very very similar to the point of being virtually identical except the wifi is now soldered directly on the pcb, no external card. This ain't no MTS 6531 and it cannot even be cloned to a Ford PCM as it doesn't have enough NOR Flash fitted. You need at least 32Mb to clone it over to be a MTS 6512/6516..

    So what are the benefits over a GM MDI 1? Virtually nothing except it has a different form factor shaped case and more robust USB Connector Type B.

    To prove the point I soldered on 3 pins to hook up the serial UART connector (to the same space as a MDI 1, except unpopulated on my clone) and yes indeed it really is an MDI in drag...

    What gives? Was I unlucky and got a cheap ass clone or are there in fact REAL MTS 6531 clones... They should be significantly different spec with an 800Mhz cpu for starters! Anyone know if there is a real 1:1 clone of a 6531 kicking around?! I can post pics of my board if people want to see the one to avoid (its just an overpriced MDI 1!!!)

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  • 01/06/20--16:23: hi need new vin in cas 2
  • hi need new vin in cas 2 new vin is wbava52040KW93380 CANE SOMEBODY HELP

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    Im in need of some advise, We change Engine from ISC Cm871 to N14 Celect Plus, we put in tranlater MOD gauges work, but we cannot get Foot pedal to accelerate, the foot pedal has the 6pin d shape plug A-F (would be the ISS pedal it does not have the roller in the bottom just suspend from top) which we toned and label on the other side of the cab a-f and connected them according to N14 Select Plus wiring but still no acceleration, next we try to connec plugs to Isx2008 cab Plug setting but still nothing, Any one done one off this and ran into the same problem thanks
    The second image is the max-force Cab pin lay out



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    calterm 4.01.rar

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  • 01/06/20--18:11: Help with Jpro install
  • I am in need of a teacher to install jpro. My toughbook crashed and i need help. please anyone.

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    Dear all value member MHHAuto

    This a new thread to request Caterpillar SIS standalone ID user for  with XML file, to first request by DM binderman01, please take here might  653 please click link below 

    SIS User ID Norman

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    Hey all! Buddy of mine recently purchased a 2014 VW jetts 2.0L diesel. 
    Randomly driving on the highway car shut off and wont restart.
    If you crank the car for a little sometimes it would catch and die after a second. 
    Ive scanned all modules and no codes in ECM or immo codes or any codes at all. 
    Can hear fuel pump priming and after attempting to crank for a while start to get white smoke from exhaust as if flooded with diesel. 
    Have never had experience with Diesel VWs so any pointers or tips are greatly appreciated, just trying to help a friend out here.
    Thanks guys!

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  • 01/06/20--19:03: 2012 W204 - Coding Changes?
  • Is it possible to add/change these options with XENTRY and online SCN coding on a 2012 C300 W204 (Facelift)?

    - Remove top speed limit.
    - Always start in "S" transmission mode.
    - Trunk power close lid and remote (already does power open)
    - AMG instrument cluster display.
    - Silver/Red NTG 4.5 display update.
    - Remote starter.
    - Video/Nav while in motion

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  • 01/06/20--19:38: Detroit 60 series HP upgrade
  • Hello There, 

    Anyone here you guys would recommend to bump HP on 1999 Detroit...from 430/500 to 500/500?

    I messaged, texted and called Jonny Rotten, but no answer yet Sad

    Thanks in advance

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  • 01/06/20--19:41: IDENTITY THEF
    i was reading in the selling box section and all of a sudden came across a post from sam102 saying sorry because there was a keylogger installed in something here in mhhauto grabing all bank acount info paypal passwords the hole nine yards .....
    does any one know where the hell its from and who was hacked ... there is possibly a list of users.
    also in what file ?????

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    Volvo EW145B Service Training


    Volvo EW145B.txt

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  • 01/06/20--19:45: Maxxforce DT 466 dpf help
  • I seem to be in need of assistance with a maxxforce dt needing dpf off. And help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cummins CM2250 & CM2350 Training


    Cummins CM2250 & CM2350 Classroom Training.txt

    70 bytes

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  • 01/06/20--19:49: Cummins T4F Service Training
  • Cummins T4F Service Training


    Cummins T4F Service Training.txt

    70 bytes

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  • 01/06/20--20:02: Greatly appreciated Stev
  • If you are looking for a talented, quick, and fair programmer then stev is your guy. He helped me when I needed it the most and when I told him my situation he did not even ask for a donation. I recommend him to anyone. Because of him I can accomplish my dream. Thank You stev, will never forget this. 049 Handshake

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  • 01/06/20--20:17: MPDR TIER4 3.0 no date limit
  • [Image: b&bo=9wPVAgAAAAARBxM!&rf=viewer_4]
    MPDR3.0 Tier4  
    Free for the first 5 people
    Send machine code to the post

    Price PM

    Also sell E-IDSS support USBLINK


    MPDR3.0 Tier4.RAR

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    hello mate, any config file to change correct info and programming bsi. photos ... ilustrator ... thanks

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  • 01/06/20--21:51: VCDS info
  • I have an vcds clone that can run genuine latest software available but under the 17-instrument coding menu I have nothing in the first bits and almost all cars. 
    in the example is an Audi A4 2.0TDI B8 that I wanted to disable the seatbelt warning but no luck ...


    as I`m using genuine latest genuine 19.6.2 version, I wonder if this is due to some issues with the clone / software or is just like this? 

    I consider to buy the latest genuine tool and I need to know if the issue is on my gear...

    many thanks

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    New Year Special Campaign ..
    [Image: FhE6Tt.png]


    vw + Geko account and ( id+pass ) license(1Years)= 350 USD 
    seat + Geko account and ( id+pass ) license(1Years)= 350 USD 
    skoda + Geko account and ( id+pass ) license(1Years)= 350 USD 
    audi + Geko account and ( id+pass ) license(1Years)= 350 USD 


    ELSA PRO (1Years)= 250 USD 
    VPN (1Years)= 250 USD 
    vw  account and ( id+pass ) license(1Monhts)= [b]50USD[/b] 
    seat account and ( id+pass ) license([b]1Monhts[/b])= [b]50USD[/b] 
    skoda account and ( id+pass ) license([b]1Monhts[/b])= [b]50USD[/b] 
    audi account and ( id+pass ) license([b]1Monhts[/b])= [b]50USD[/b] 
                                                       +  VPN ([b][b]1Monhts[/b][/b])= 50 USD 

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