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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hy and happy new year!
    Please can somebody analize my tune for this car?
    Passat B6 1.9tdp bls+dpf acvtive 105hp Bluemotion.
    I had do some mod on this file.I hope my modification are correct.
    In attach you will find 2 files: ori + tuned by me.
    I changed little bit on next maps:SVBL,torque limit,smoke limite, driver wish, boost limit, turbo maps and one duration map & just for fun i modified hot start map.
    I waiting your oppinion.
    I hope it is corect and safety tunning for ~128-130CP with 320NM.
    Checksum it is correct?all modifications was made on winols.


    vw passat b6 1.9tdi BLS+DPF.rar

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  • 01/10/20--16:01: CAT SIS cannot connect
  • My laptop is HP ZBOOK with windows 10 with 1903 update using internet explorer 11, 
    I have installed SIS 01/2019 software and everything went well but now it tells me it cannot connect.
    Anyone had this problem before? if so what did you do to fix it?
    Thanks in advance

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    Happy new years to all  *)

    May I please have ODO correction for Toyota Hilux 2012, 93C56VI
    Tried reading with Digiprog, Km was always 0 or 4km

    Remove 93c56 . X-prog 5.0
    Current 199370

    Need  177000



    Hilux 199370.rar

    293 bytes

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    Heya all,
     I have a 1998 E36 328. Need pinout for cluster please...  Mainly SRS warning lamp circuit
    Car came in with no SRS  warning lamp. Bulb was blown. Swapped with good bulb,,, still no go. HAve got comm with SRS ECU. Just need to check warning lamp circuit
    Cluster was replaced approx one year ago, due to Hi beam indicator issue


    VDO 88311197
     BMW 62.118 353 167

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  • 01/10/20--17:56: programming eaton ultrashift
  • Is there a way to program a 10speed ultrashift plus transmission to a 18 speed ultra shift plus? the both have the same hardware number. part# 4308682. I have service ranger 4.2 but I don't think the database is updated enough. 2017 kw

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  • 01/10/20--18:32: VIN history for IVECO
  • Hello,
    Can somebody help me with VIN history for a iveco daily: ZCFC3571605913161

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  • 01/10/20--19:38: BMW MSV70 - CAS3 ISN
  • I did engine swap and need to sync isn can some help with this here is MSV70 Flash and Cas3 dump
     thank you



    1.31 KB


    MSV70 Flash.rar

    484.55 KB

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    I have an isx that I have beed asked to reduce the VSL back to legal. when I try to set it to 62MPH it wont let me and says that it has a minimum value of 81 MPH. I assume the driver had calterm and has changed it.

    Can someone tell me what parameter sets the minimum Vmax?

    I was thinking possibly C_Road_Speed_Limit_Default


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    Hello! I  can´t read Nec uPD70F3624 with orange5...someone know what is wrong in my pinout? or config in orange5?
    thanks in advance



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    27.09 KB

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    137.17 KB

    Hello Friends,

    I try and study repair MEV1746 2009 BMW E91.

    Bosch MEV1746 (Catalog on MV1746)

    0 261 S04 522
    DME 7 589 705

    Had " valve tronic malfunction "  Engine harness to DME contact OK.
    Mo output control signal and power.

    Guess for DME internal hardware trouble.

    Want to try repalce valve tronic power driver.

    Does someone know this IC driver?

    Text in large size picture uploaded in Mega , Please your down load and check it.

    Thanks and Best regards, 


    144.95 KB



    149.24 KB



    72 bytes

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  • 01/10/20--22:07: Renault Koleos parts help
  • Hello, 

    I have Renault Koleos 2010 DCI 6 gears automatic transmission.
    In my country, this is a very uncommon car maybe it's the only one, therefore I need your help to find a supplier that can ship parts to Israel.

    for now, I need the engine mount, upper right and the left one as well.

    I found them on eBay but all of them are used.
    I wouldn't mind using a good quality replacement or OEM  parts  
    please advice

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    How to set up VXDiag C6 with Monaco? I am being told by VXDiag Official Store on AliExpress to *not* use the Ethernet cable, only the USB port on the left (not the one in the middle...) and that it should work with official DTS.Monaco, no custom software needed.

    I have the device plugged into the car and the laptop. I'm just not sure what to do a) in VX Manger (do I need to do anything with DoIP Switch?) and b) how do I set the interface up in Monaco? Do I do it as:


    and then from there, which settings? Can somebody provide a screenshot of what their C6 Monaco setup looks like? I need to set up both Interfaces and Interfaces CBF.

    For Interfaces CBF I can pick:


    For Interfaces I can pick:

    Berner and Mattner Systemtechnick GmbH GDPM_UNIT
    Bosch Automotive Service Solutions
    Softing AG EDIC



    This isn't documented anywhere on Google/Facebook/the blog posts that show up on Google/the VXDiag wiki/or YouTube, so if we get this right... it'll be the official source of truth. Smile

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    I know Bosch ME17 but I do not know Siemens Continental format. Can somebody help? I have a full blown TriCore emulator. If I can find the 0x27 handler function, I will share 0x27 SeedKey function (0x11 for programming).

    The file is 3.5MB. I do not know if it is missing a 512KB block.

    0x803C0000 - 0x803FDFFF is the tune section

    I think 0x803FE400 - 0x803FFFFF is the digital signature section.

    I do not know if there is any activate routine calls after UDS transfer/flash to check digital signature. Does anybody here know?


    MB E 63 AMG S  4.0 Turbo Siemens-Continental  CPC_NG-16B-MC1837Y1_SW01-213-M177_DEHLA40_ECE-ME171200 009034913 Original.bin

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    Have eny one damos for 6hp19 or mappack /ols 
    Maybe good stage ..
    File is here



    29.53 KB

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    who can help me intall please give me a sign

    i need to test euro 6 truck 

    god bless u all

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    Hello! need help with correction ori 135120km
    need 127750km 


    KangoII dash eeprom 93C76.rar

    504 bytes

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  • 01/11/20--01:51: Were to buy vvdi 2 full
  • Hello guys i want buy vvdi 2 full and vvdi2 prog were is the best page to buy it? Were you guys buying it from?

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    Hi anyone got working pinout for UPA I tried to use CPT pinout but not work with UPA

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    I think I am not very lucky with my question, but I will give it a try.

    I have a VW Up dash (1S0920870, SW 0003, HW H03, MM7) and it´s not possible to read the flash from uPD70F3524, because it´s secured. At this point, there is no solution to read the mcu.
    My idea was to erase the mcu and write a suitable file.

    The question is: Has anyone a file from a uPD70F3524 and the 95320 EEPROM? Mabye a file from the uPD70F3525 will work as well.

    Or do I have another chance to read out the uPD70F3524?

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