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  • 03/31/15--00:16: FIAT F199FL Cancheck remove
  • Hi,

    I have radio unit from Fiat Grande Punto 2010 that I want to install in Punto Evo 2011. I am getting code error message, tried also with reseting counter but still getting "code error" message so I think problem is cancheck.

    Can cancheck be removed from that eeprom file?

    Original (Microchip 24xx32).rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 03/31/15--00:20: CAT_TRIM_CODE_HOW_TO_USE

    C15_Trim Code Calibration-1.ppt
    File Type: .ppt
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    Size: 893 KB

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    hi ,i have aC3 while doing mileage correction-did not makebackup.so it ended being a non crank,no star car. i have found on this forum a C3 bsi dump and can someone make ecu eeprom dump same pincode as bsi. then i can take a blank chip and program the key only. Also from ecu 95160 ,vin also has to b changed to bsi vin. like this im cloning 2 cars with same pin and same keycodes.can someone helpme please.i shallpost bsi dumps for c3 which i found on this forum. ecu is j34p year 2006. i tried immo off but cuts off at 4000rpm.thanks hope someone doesit......

    BSI-95128-ori.pin.fvsv-or vsvf..rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 5.34 KB

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  • 03/31/15--00:43: Chevrolet Captiva airbag
  • Please crash airbag Chevrolet Captiva 96810868 eeprom 95320.

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.06 KB

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  • 03/31/15--01:12: Golf 1.4 mp9 immo
  • Hi people, need help to remove immo on a
    golf 1.4 mp9 ecu bosch no 0 261 204 959.
    Thx in advance.

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 283 bytes

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    Hi all.
    I need Audi A8 4H night vision login code (security access) VCDS.
    Thank you all!

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    hi,have question,has anyone done with digiprog correction through odb2 in this modules?any sucsess?

    BMW 1er / E81/E82/E87/E88 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
    BMW 3er / E90/E93 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
    BMW 5er / 60/E61 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
    BMW 6er / E63/E64 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
    BMW X5er / E70 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD
    BMW X6er / E71 CAS3 Diagnostic OBD

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  • 03/31/15--02:22: CM2250 adblue delete
  • I have been working on an adblue delete and am having some trouble with CAGT_Block_Fault_Codes and CFTR_Block_Lamp_Fault_Codes

    codes entered yet still coming up and derating

    also saved file write to the truck download from the truck again and codes missing

    Anyone come across this??

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  • 03/31/15--02:26: Cloning ecu ME 7.4.5
  • Hello. I need to clone the ecu ME 7.4.5 Bosch 0261208558 from the car P307. You only need to copy EEPROM or a Flash?
    Thank you for answers Smile

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    I bought some time ago vcads pro to Renault DXi 380 and had he join in the Renault. The set was not obd cable so I bought it but I can not in any way join it, and my question is it is only to Volvo because the old Volvo fm 12 connects with no problem except that on the 8 pin cable. Try to connect vcads 2.35 and 2.40, and I can not. If it is only for Volvo is whether Nexiq Connect with Renault or do I have something else.

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  • 03/31/15--02:43: Vediamo with C3 MUX
  • Hello,

    i try to setup vediamo on a COMPACT4 with a c3 MUX (China-Clone works well with DAS/Xentry (2014-12) as PART_D2 with Blacklist-Patch).

    First i tried v. 5.05 then i read in teh Forum, this Version does not offically support dies MUX anymore.

    So i installed Version 4.02, but there is no difference in behavoir. Caesar can't find the Hardware. So i still have simulation-mode

    After checking some .INI files, i found out, that vediamo-caesar is configured to use COM1. SDNC or direkt Mode in Xentry is configured to use COM2. The seriall port is configured as COM2 so DAS and Xentry works well. I changed seriall port to COM1 but vediamo can't still find the MUX.

    In the other case i don't know, if vedia is able to share COM-Port with SDNC.

    Could anybody put some light in the darkness.


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  • 03/31/15--03:23: Caddy 1.9 BDM file
  • Hello
    I'm looking BDM file for caddy 1.9 TDI
    Nr 03G906021CG
    soft version 377580

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    hi all, i have a problem to read hc08as32 mcu from airbag v2 delphi 95910 17600 hyundai matrix. I followed the instructions for the connection in the manual but with upa xprog that I can not read anything. the error that appears is device not respond or device is silent . I tried with carprog and read but the mask of the MCU is different . thanks in advance. is necessary to disconnect MCU or some pin ? thank you

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    Here is Mitchell Ultramate (Estimating) V.7.1.175 Feb 2015.Crack is not included.

    Mitchell Ultramate (Estimating) V7.1.175 Feb 2015.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 69 bytes

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    [Image: OmkQcqe.png?1]

    workshop manual Opel Astra /Zafira-RU

    Opel Astra Zafira.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 44 bytes

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    [Image: bt8dzX7.png?1]

    workshop manual _VWPASSAT 94-96 -RU

    VWPASSAT 94-96.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 41 bytes

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    I have for sell different BDM Probes and aluminium BDM Frame, standard shipping included:
    Payment options: Paypal/Western Union/Bank
    Photos you can find in attach.

    1) For FG Tech China or European clone/original:
    - EDC17/MED17 = 100$
    - Siemens Continental PCR 2.1 = 130$
    - EDC17C46 (VAG Group) = 130$ ( or 70$ for B Quality)
    - Set of 10 probes* = 230$

    2)!!! For K-TAG original/clone !!!
    - FULL set of 17 adapters** = 400euro till 12 April 2015 (after will cost 649$)

    3) Byteshooter original/clone
    - EDC17/MED17 adapter v2 - 150$

    4) CMD Flasher:
    - Siemens Continental PCR 2.1 = 130$
    - EDC17C46 (VAG Group) = 130$ ( or 70$ for B Quality)

    5) Aluminium BDM Frame = 175$

    *Set of 10probes for FG Tech include:
    BDM141.L BDM probe for 1.27mm pitch, with lighting
    BDM142.L BDM probe for 2.54mm pitch, with lighting
    BDM143.L BDM probe for Bosch ECUs, with lighting
    BDM144.L BDM probe for 1.27mm pitch, 180°, with lighting
    BDM145 BDM probe for Siemens SIM266
    BDM146 BDM probe for Siemens SIMOS6
    BDM147.L BDM probe for 2.54mm pitch, with lighting
    BDM148 BDM probe for TRW EMS2 in Volvo FH13 & Renault Magnum ECU
    BDM149.L BDM probe for Delphi ( Isuzu Dmax ), with lighting
    BDM150.L BDM probe for 1.27mm pitch, 90°, with lighting)

    **144300KBDM - BDM Motorola MPC5xx Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T00M - 14AM00T01M - 14AM00TBAS - 14AM00TB01 - 14AM00TB02 - 14AM00TB03 - 14AM00T02M (regular price is 540euro)
    144300KTRI - Bootloader Infineon Tricore and ST10Fxxx contains adapters: 14AM00T03M - 14P600KT04 (regular price is 192euro)
    144300KNEX - JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T05M - 14AM00T06 - 14AM00T14M (regular price is 228euro)
    144300KREN - JTAG Renesas Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T07M - 14AM00T10M - 14AM00T09M - 14AM00T08M - 14AM00T11M (regular price is 252euro)
    Regular total price is 1212Euro.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 11 times
    Size: 53 bytes

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  • 03/31/15--23:57: Tiguan ABS coding
  • Hello.Please tell me coding for vw tiguan in my abs show coding 0000000
    5N0 614 517G
    I have vas and vcds an not coding this vehicle

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    Hi all.
    I need power up dash Citroen Picasso for test, the dash not light on car and I try repair.

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  • 04/01/15--00:53: mercedes key problem
  • hello to all
    customer came with a key from ''C'' class Mercedes 270CDI from 2003 that does not start the car but the remote control works. I put his NEC chip on my board without switch for remote and the car is started. After placing the switch on the board seemed all right, but after a few uses remote controls red LED lamp starts to be activated in varying intensity and intervals and the car will not start again. When i remove button car again starts. the same is happening to the 3 (used) boards. switches are fine. NEC is not overheated (when working with nec use very small temperature). if someone had the same experience?

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