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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 05/15/15--13:17: scenic egr off
  • hello
    i need egr off
    Scenic edc15c3
    thanks very much

    File Type: .rar
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  • 05/15/15--14:04: Audi S3 Immo On (2000 8L)
  • My car has had some sort of bodging previously when the previous owner had it, i believe the clocks were replaced, and for some reason the immo was turned off in the ecu. If i use vag eeprom reader, i can view the clocks pin, but the car vin is ***** out, and i am unable to read the ecu eeprom in vag eeprom reader or vag commander.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction of putting things straight?

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    Hi there,
    Is it possible that I can get help from someone please?

    I have searched for the solution, but have been unable to find it, as details on the DAS seem to be scarce for obvious reasons i suppose.

    I have Xentry 05-14 and have downloaded the cdsmart.dll from this forum, and I also have a stand alone smart tan calculator, which has key learning as an option, returning a code from the vin.

    Could I have help on how to program a Smart Roadster key which has lost its communication with the car.

    I have tried various other tips from U-tube in the hope of a quick fix, but although I have used DAS on the car before for fault finding, have never attempted any programming before, and am worried about doing the wrong thing. I hope this makes sense.

    Any guide or help would be appreciated.



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  • 05/15/15--14:46: HONDA JAZZ Digiprog
  • HONDA JAZZ 2004. manual says find eeprom c56 or c66 but they are not there.

    the way is to solder, but on which points? i cant find a manual for it.

    Does anyone have experience with this?

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    Please can somebody help me need license to

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    I tried searching for this thread and seen that only sellers were writiing it, so wanted to help people on this great forum .
    Just bought Alison DOC 12 kg and would share it but no point - its HD ID locked.
    But I can still make licences! Smile
    Or at least I can try.

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    i am currently seeking to change miles on ecm and odometer for GM vehicles. I want to be able to do mileage change on ford, chevy, dodge, etc. I dont know which software and interface to get, does anyone know what i should buy or does anyone have one to sell that would help what i need?

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  • 05/15/15--16:46: W251 failed conductor plate
  • Hi guys, this is a woozy, maybe you can help.

    I have a 2006 R500 at the shop. Transmission does not shift, engine revs freely without car moving.

    Did testing and turns out conductor plate is bad. No communication to transmission at all. All attempts to connect to it times out. We get power to the connector, fuse and relay looks good. So the solution is failed conductor plate.

    Thing is, we can buy used 722.9 transmission, including conductor plate and valve body for cheaper price than what the dealer is asking for the conductor plate.

    My question is, since the used conductor plate (in the used transmission) is coded to the old car, is it possible to change the coding to the new car? Or the conductor plate must be new to do a initial start up?

    Any advice appreciated.


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    Hi everyone,
    I've install Xentry 12 2014 and it runs well in SD connect C4
    But when I plug in my C3 (part D2) it won't automaticly show at the SDnetControl even I've run the balcklist fix for Part d2 and the bin folder fixs.
    I know Xentry 03 2015 no longer works with part d2, can anyone tell me what is the last version of Xentry that works well with part d2?

    Thanks !

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  • 05/15/15--18:44: epc data card
  • when opening data card in epc get this message [no read authorization for this data card] is this easily fixed,it is a 3-15 date c4 hard drive.thanks in advace.

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  • 05/15/15--18:54: BMW ICOM Firmware 03.18
  • Hello Mhhauto Members

    ICOM, ICOM A1 and Common ICOM A2 Firmware Update Steps and Note:

    9 Steps:
    1. Use Network cable to connect ICOM (ICOM A1 or Common version ICOM A2) with a computer, charge ICOM (ICOM A1 or Common version ICOM A2) with 12V power adapter or connect ICOM with the BMW vehicle.
    2. Open IE Internet Exploer, browse, log in with username/password: root/NZY11502.
    3. Click "Update Firmware", you will see ICOM firmware version information.
    4. Choose file "ICOM-BootImage-01-23-01.bin", set image type to SYSTEM, click "Send the file".
    5. When it pops up "Write the image file to the flash?", click "Yes", then ICOM indicator light will turn red.
    6. When it pops up "The SYSTEM IMAGE update was successfull", click "Update Firmware".
    7. Choose "ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-37-00.bin", set image type to APPLICATION, click "Send the file", it will take several minutes since the file is a little bit large.
    8. When it pops up "Write the image file to the flash?", click "Yes", then the ICOM indicator light will turn red for the second times.
    9. When it finish upgrading, click "reboot" to reboot the computer.

    Important Note:
    1. Setting up your computer to obtain an IP address automatically
    2. Firstly choose the smaller file "ICOM-BootImage-01-23-01.bin" , then set image type to SYSTEM;
    Secondly choose the bigger file "ICOM-ApplicationImage-01-37-00.bin", then set image type to APPLICATION.

    Best Regards Fing32

    click [Image: postbit_reputation.gif] and[Image: postbit_thx.gif] if it helped you

    BMW ICOM Firmware 03.18.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 303 bytes

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  • 05/15/15--18:56: hello
  • Hello I m peter Drive

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  • 05/15/15--19:16: dash c-elysse 93c86
  • Hello good I have this dash for change has 67996 and must stay in 32210 greetings and thanks.

    DASH_C_ELYSE 67996.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 528 bytes

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  • 05/15/15--21:05: need help
  • help ,I need to buy nexiq or dpa5 but anybody know where to get good units with good price? with programs please i need it asap

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  • 05/16/15--14:29: BMW ISPI ISTA P D + Catch 22
  • I Found a Good source for ISTA Files most recent onces, been updated often

    Since i'm located on farther side from Hosting server it won't allow me to download pass 200MB... 118Headbang
    I tried openning Account with a hosting server but was declined ..... for many days
    If you are in or near CHINA there is a chance that you can help to this forum
    By downloaing and uploding to mega or torrent or more convinient site

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 326 bytes

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    I need Code pin Citroen Barlingo 2009 with Vin:


    BSI IS Burned !

    DUMP ECU LUCAS file attachments

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 329 bytes

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  • 05/16/15--14:39: VW Fox Dash 9s12H256 2k78x
  • Hello,

    i have a broken Dashboard. can i read the dump of the mcu and copy it to a working Dash? Itwasntme



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  • 05/16/15--14:50: Good dump for SRS Volvo?
  • Hi. Someone to has a good dump files for SRS modules in volvo:

    1. Volvo S80 1999 9472939 0 285 001 256
    2. Volvo S40 2002 30613048 A

    Thank you Smile

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  • 05/16/15--15:16: help search softwarer
  • softwarer hidden ECU !
    Search for a software that blocks access to reading Other equipment, only be able to record more? help

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  • 05/16/15--15:49: vcads tech tool
  • Can anyone help me with vcads I'm trying to change the parameters 2003 mack ch 613 tech tool connects but when it starts reading it only reads about 25% and stops and then I put the Vin # in and hit select then it put truck info and when I start vcads and go to parameters it opens but there's nothin I can change can anyone help please

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