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  • 05/24/15--22:17: peugeot 5008 2012 problem
  • hello,
    i have in my garage 5008 with those dtc's:
    problem is when you start car he self excellerate to 1150 rpm. You don't need to drive ... you stay in neutral but car is on 1150 ...if you press BRAKE then rpm drop to 800-900 what is normal. If you release brake jump back to 1150 rpm.
    If i check faults on bsi it show F5FF dtc code.
    Can someone help me .....

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    Hi All !
    I'm new here , but I have big problem with Megane III Sad

    I need vigin 24C04 eeprom image ,
    I have UCH , Engine ECU and one card frome one car but I didn't have sterning lock , In the megane II , virgin sterning lock solve the problem to run the car.
    I hope in the Megane III procedure is the same.

    I hear that sterning lock fit from meg. II but prog. its different

    Please help Sweating

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    Need help with immo off on Toyota Hilux2.5 d4d

    93C56 EPROM_DENSO.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 123 bytes

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  • 05/24/15--23:48: ECU Data base sorting system
  • Hi guys,

    I read a while ago there was a database already out there create to sort and store original and their tuned counter parts?

    I have had a search but I think it was mentioned in a thread somewhere and not an obvious name.

    Could someone point me in the tight direction please ?



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  • 05/25/15--00:27: Changing Navi OS
  • Hey Guys,

    Is it Possible to Change the Navigation Software OS on NTG 2.5?

    Some Countrys are dont supported by Mercedes. Like Türkey. and some Areas of Asia. I ask me what the people in this Country do with their NTG Navi.

    I wanna usw my Navi maybe with an other software like TOM TOM or something else where i can usw Turkey or Asia maps.

    Many People have this Problem.

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    I might be mistaken but not quiet sure but i have once read a comment by one member, answering a comment from a poster, who want to know which dealer in europe can buy software download for independent shop, and the reply came by naming one dealer in NL, please i want someone to help me with the thread pointing to this or if there is someone who knows of any dealer in EUR who buys software or accept purchasing of software download for independent shops, i will be glad to have the contact... thanks

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  • 05/25/15--00:51: $18 VAG COM 12.12 for sale
  • We offer best quality and competitive price of VAGCOM 12.12.If you are interesting in this cable,please no hesitate to contact us.
    follow here: http://www.obd2tool.com/goods-4708-VAGCO...rface.html

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  • 05/25/15--00:52: flaps off
  • Hi,

    I need flaps off please.


    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 71.25 KB

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  • 05/25/15--01:00: bmw z4 e85 airbag error 93d7
  • Hi. Bmw z4 2006 needs help airbag mistake 93d7 internal error ecu.pleas for help.ascm 2204391-13 65.779114214-01 hw11

    bmw z 4 airbag zgrany.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 1.95 KB

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  • 05/25/15--01:04: bmw e92 dash swap problem
  • Hello i put dash from cabrio recode with x431. dash not show error cabrio in coupe. but cant make servise intervals..all ----- maybe need change vin in eeprom?

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  • 05/25/15--01:10: SERVO Clio 4
  • Hello everyone,
    I need help for Clio four power steering, I need repair or virgin file attached file

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    Need help on long coding this ABS

    Sharan 2013 ABS coding - 7N0 614 109R / C3 450M VD94

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    Can you recover CPU1 data from CPU2?

    here is the CPU2 data

    CPU 2 ORI DATA 0D69J.BIN.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 390 bytes

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  • 05/25/15--01:46: S.1279 module
  • Hi all , i received the s.1279 module (china) and it not work , i find pdf ,(thank to Erikk45 )with pinout but just 6 pin is used , and i think is pinout for bipper , i need use it with a boxer 3 , someone can say me if it's ok for all or just bipper and if someone have the full pinout

    File Type: .pdf
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 5.91 KB

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    Hi all MHH members, i need help on Mitsubishi EVO X 2008 key reprogram pin code.

    Any help would be appreciatedSmile

    By the way, i am using T300 and X100. no luck on these device provided pins.


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  • 05/25/15--18:01: Program new TCM 722.9
  • I have DAS 2015 cd 3

    I just replaced a transmission control module out of a 722.9 2007 e320 and I figured out I was unable to program the module.

    I have been reading and it appears that I need a older version of DAS. I have the SD4 unit.

    What versions with offline patches will allow me to finish the install of this TCM module. Right now everything is done but the programming. I don't have a option for offline. The unit has the VIN and the body programmed into it. The module was NEW and was not programmed to a car.

    If I need a different version of DAS to get the job done I will do it!


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    My Tool Collection and Experience
    I thought of sharing my experience with other forum members on tools that i own or owned or used either slightly or extensively

    Would you like to share your tools collections or provide your input ??? more then welcome to add too my list of do's and don'ts

    1) Dell E6430 ATG (Recommend)
    I owned many branded laptops and the only ones that are very good is Dell and Lenovo but an older ones
    Pro's :
    They are easily modulated and expandable (removable HDs, CDROMs, Batteries, Etc...)
    Con's :
    Power adapter(s) and motherboard(s) going bad one too many times

    2)SDConnect C4 (Recommend)
    Mercedes Diag-Head are very good and can not be compared to Other substitutions "."
    Pro's :
    Small can be dropped and still functions due to passive heating
    Con's :
    Getting Hot very quickly then burns inside, 38 Pin cable "security plug" brakes ALL THE TIME, WLAN Drops connection while diagnosing

    3)BMW ICOM A2 (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    Good tool to have but can be substituted by many other tools, until comes time for Fiber Connect then there is a problem since Navigation and Audio is #1 BMW Problem
    Wlan, quite, durable due too passive heating design
    Con's :
    Burns Burns Burns all the time, due to poor board design on how it handles Current && Voltage

    4)BMW ICOM A1(Recommended)
    Good tool to have but can be substituted by many other tools, until comes time for Fiber Connect then there is a problem since Navigation and Audio is #1 BMW Problem
    It just works when i need it
    OBD II Plug that swings brakes all then time, LOUD Fan noise, Wlan, vary poor design,

    5) FVDI / AVDI (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    Outrageously Over Priced and Overly Hyped PassThru device. That doesn't work or burns modules,
    It's Like playing a Casino, you will never know if this car will work or not or if this module is going to be burned or not

    6) CarSoft Mercedes MUX (Recommended)
    Vary simple in usage
    It just works
    Can not diagnose cars that are pass 2003-->

    7) AutoCom CDP Pro (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    Do you like to play in casino ?
    Multi Cardiag system
    Trouble codes ARE COMPLETELY INCORRECT or Inaccessible
    Once you spend figuring out that the code is not the transmission valve body but a steering angel sensor or other problems
    you will do just as i did place it near garbage container

    8) VAS PC 5054a w/OKI (Recommended)
    It works, when it works
    Poor design on handling Current && Voltage, Burns quickly, USB Plug brakes, Bluetooth doesn't work on newer systems

    9) BMW Scanner 1.4 && 2.1 (Recommended)
    Best tool for fast and simple diagnostics and coding
    It just work ALL THE TIME
    Only works on e-series 39/46/38/Z/8

    10)Launch Tech EasyDiag (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    It's a Rip OFF in simple terms

    11) Samsung Tab S(Recommend)
    I bought for EasyDiag now i use it as House Remote controller or an Audio / Video Device in Car while driving a long distance
    It's just a Toy no more no less

    12) && 13) External Drives MUST HAVE for back-ups

    14) ELM327 (Recommend)
    Vary good tool too have
    Good, simple, it JUST WORKS AFTER MANY YEARS

    15) CDROM Bays - Must have it if working with a Laptop
    16) Hard Drives or SSD MUST HAVE since my experience told me that VM Versions are good for Diagnostics and Coding but not for Flashing modules or ECU's due too level of access to hardware is deferent (1-5 vm is around 5)
    According to Architects who design(ed) CPU's "...People are unaware of how Virtual Station Works and therefore unable to resolve future problems"

    Tools that are no in pictures

    1) OBDII Bluetooth Dongle(blue color) && Old Android Phone (Recommended)
    Good to have since it can be loaned to people when Check Engine light is on but NO CODES are presented
    Cheap OBDII Data Recording Device
    It does not work on many cars before 2003-4

    2)Launch Tech GDS (Recommended)
    It's questionable on usability at first but once familiarized with product it does many things, sometimes it even surprises me what it can do
    At first i though the problem with it due too language barrier but now i'm convinced that it's a Marketing strategy,
    Investment is about 3-5K + Learning about 1-4 months, after all that time and money invested people are going too stick with a company for a while :-)

    3) Snap-On VERUS PRO Integrated Diagnostic and Information System EEMS327W (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    It's vary good on Graphs when needing to diagnose sensors or data
    It's vary limited, since it's missing many modules on it's list

    4)Snap-On MODIS Ultra Modular Diagnostic and Information System EEMS328W (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    It's your standard code reader ONLY SOMETIME function activator since Many Module are missing from it's list

    5)SNAP-ON PASS THRU PRO II EETA113B (Recommended)
    It's good to have for dealer level flashing and programing but not all modules

    SNAP-ON In General (Questionable - NOT Recommended)
    Snap-On sellers always proudly saying that their company develops software for Car Manufactures and it's true (Check Mercedes Toyota Honda Ford Etc....) but the problem with their own product of hand held diagnostics devices is that half of the modules are not going to be listed on there devices and according to Support phone number they just give an excusees all the time but when confronted with a fact of Snap-On making soft for Car Manufactures, Snap-On simple Hang-up a Phone on you (Many times i had too call for support cause their system brakes all the time and needing to be RESTORED - REFLASHED if you are out of warranty time you are F**CKED and you just lost $3,xxx - 12,xxx)

    6)Ross-Tech (Recommend)
    It's good starter tool for VAG Enthusiast, but that's about how far you will get with this device

    7) CarSoft For BMW (Recommend with caution)
    It's work great on cars that are older then 2000 and only for a Oil && Filter change guy

    8) INPA K+CAN K+DCAN USB or COM version
    Great device to have and own with many capabilities of INPA / E-SYS /ISTA / DIS Etc... offerings

    9) Mercedes C3 (Recommended)
    I used Original and Fake one as well as C4 and i did not notice any differences what's so ever except for the way it communicates to a Laptop (Different connector COM and 16 or 8 Pin connector)

    10) AutoLogic (Recommended)
    I use it on occasions and really like the fact of key programing, miles adjustments, flashing, coding, FCS + SCN, very good Diagnostics capabilities
    But it's becoming more and more limited with with every MAJOR update so it's best to have 1 Older version and 1 Newer version

    PassThru Devices in general are about too become advanced of it's self, when? i don't know, what company? i do not know since there is many of them that are working on releasing All-In-One device that will support multiple protocols and not just SAE J2534-xx (Autel, VCI, Bosch, CarDaq etc...)


    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 237.42 KB

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    For EDC16 ECUs it's all really quite simple, but for the CP34 I have unfortunately found nothing. And the file is also confusing.

    Please help

    My Car is an Audi A4 B7 3.0tdi
    EDC16CP34 8E0907401AL 8E0910401P

    Audi A4 TDI V6 EDC16CP34.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 91.87 KB

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    Hello guys, Im having issue with DTC delete on edc16 ecu. Anyone out there can help with removing the codes (P2006 and P2007) from the following file? The car in question is a 2007 Mercedes (Dodge) Sprinter Van 3.0TDI

    2007_MB_Sprinter_ 20.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 82.06 KB

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    i am interested in reading cas4 for making keys.

    what is the best and most reliable tool to read cas4?

    I prefer original tools for these types of jobs but looking for recommendations.

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