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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 06/09/15--04:55: opel corsa d immo clear help
  • sdm unit 13 379 529

    temic 327963935



    clear dump please

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 61.87 KB

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  • 06/09/15--05:09: Cummins PCC3200
  • PCC3200 training file uploaded.

    PM me for pass

    Thanks+ REP= pass

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 241 bytes

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    I have UPA and I don't know how to read. Can help me?

    [Image: IMG_20150609_152301.jpg]

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    VAG EDC15p 1.9 tdi-pd awx file tunning from 131 hp to 155 hp . The file work excelent was tuned with professional equipment was tested . For price please PM

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  • 06/09/15--05:51: Service Max password
  • I need a password for Service Max. My ID is 01B2-1BE7
    Thanks in advance

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  • 06/09/15--05:54: 2008 Bentley
  • Can the 2008 Bentley immobilizer eprom be read with the Upa or with gq4 ?? Does anyone know the location and type of eprom ??? And the security bytes on it ? ...

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  • 06/09/15--06:04: Introducing Myself
  • Hello all I'm a new to forums and a senior citizen looking for information on software to communicate to my 2002 Aprilia RSW125 GP Bike. I'm restoring this bike to its forma glory and having some fun along the way by chasing the fellas around the track.
    The software that came with the bike is ABM 1.0.18
    It has Digitek Data Acquisition System S-DAS 2 Spark 2
    The ignition module is a Digitek CDI 1/F1

    Any help with how to activate this old software with a pass would be appreciated.

    Cheers Colin

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  • 06/09/15--06:34: Diamond Logic Builder
  • i am looking for a unlock code for diamond logic builder

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  • 06/09/15--06:35: Ecu vw fsi
  • M8 please help turn off the ecu Passat fsi 3c0. 06F 906 056 GE. (95080) file attached

    Help please
    06F 906 056 GE PASSAT FSI.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 491 bytes

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    Hello please recomand me a good tunner for bmw 118d 143CP ecd17 manual.
    Car has new cylinderhead gasket and it it a bit thicker although no work has been caried to the cylinder head and it might run a bit lean because of this.

    I am attaching the OBD read file with galletto 2 V53. I can do boot mode read if needed


    bmw 118d.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 79.96 KB

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  • 06/09/15--07:05: VW BETA V Philips
  • Please help me with code for it


    Philips 902221589711


    24c16 1st read.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 976 bytes

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  • 06/09/15--07:07: Renault Master
  • Someone help me with a little more power?
    Renault Master 2,5 DCI 120 PS Read with Galletto
    thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 60.63 KB

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  • 06/09/15--07:10: Comparsion of tune files
  • Hi, guys I have a focus st an some tunes from Dreamsience here. Is it possible to check the differents of these?

    Gesendet von meinem Nexus 5 mit Tapatalk

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    Hello, which cars don`t work with the C3 Mux ?

    I have read a c class 205 but dosen`t work.
    (star 12/2014)

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  • 06/10/15--05:47: cleared dacia v2 A2C80612810
  • Hello friends I want a box cleared for dacia a2c80612810 thank you friends

    mpc5603p_data flash(00800000, 00010000)_(LE)_(2015.06.10_14.05.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 5.42 KB

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    Hey Everyone,

    I have insite SP5 installed and working well.

    I have an 03 Freightliner Columbia with a Cummins ISX engine in it.

    there is a controller button on the instrument cluster that can be used to reset mileage, hours and also check OBD faults.

    However on this particular truck i cant seem to get the option to display "diag" even when there is an active fault.

    I tried to change the cluster incase something was wrong with it but still cant get it to display the diag option.

    does anyone know how to turn on this option using insite or any other software?

    there is an option in insite called SAE J1929 MULTIPLEXING and in here there is an option for setting the source button for diag. tried several option on this but it doesn't seem to work.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You can use this SW on almost any laptop with any OS (w7,8,8.1,linux).


    This is the next edition of the unique native running Universal Xentry/DAS System without needing any pc virtualization.
    It is a portable system with lot of MB stuff. A Windows XP based system installed in VHD-File, which can be located everywhere (USB or Harddisk) and being booted and run natively by a boot-loader (on a USB-Stick, local harddisk or CD). So no change to the running system and without the need for any virtual pcs.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=82718]

    with the Bootloader+VHD+DBs methode:
    +No need for to make any change on the laptop you will use. Even you dont need to have a hard-disk in the laptop.
    +No need for separate hard-disks for each diagnosis System.
    +No need to be worried if the laptop has a irreparable software or hardware error, and it will not run.
    +No need to split your hard-disk to many annoying partitions.
    +No need to mix up your hard-disk with many Windows versions.
    +No need to waste unused space on each system, when you can place data on a common partition.
    +No need to be worried about having any unwanted changes to the diagnosis system from someone else, as it has build in protect sandbox-functions.
    +No need to fear from ruining your laptop system when removing or replacing the diagnosis system.
    +No need for big hard-disk storage for huge vmware files, when you only need to have DAS/Xentry
    +No need for virtual PCs anymore!
    +No need for powerful cpus anymore!
    +No need for driver configurations at host system anymore!

    This system has 3 parts:
    - Boot-loader: This needed to get the base system loaded and run. It will scan all partitions for the vhd file and load it from where it is found.
    - VHD-file: This is the base system, where Windows XP with MB software are in.
    - ExtFiles (DB-files): These are the DB files for the MB software as WIS, EPC, Sdmedia... have not to be on same drive as Boot-loader or VHD.
    Once Xentry/Das system booted, you can add your hardware specific drivers, if there any missing. I integrated more than hundreds of drivers. Before doing anything new, restart the system 2 times as the first boot will detect changed hardware (takes time), and the seconds installs it. See the folder "may needed" on the desktop, if you have non-working drivers in device manager. It is optional to install all drivers. You need only to have get your USB-rs232-adapter running if you use c3, or LAN-driver if you have SDconnect.
    The keys (Xentry/DAS/WIS/EPC) are hardware related, so you will need to insert new keys each time you use this system with new hardware. (see may needed folder)

    You can use this system on real PC or in a virtual PC. I prefer to use on real PC where it works at fastest and portable.

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=57896]

    For real PC you need (new method):
    1. A boot device to install and run the boot-loader e.g.:
    - Your internal hard-disk of your PC
    - USB-Drive
    - CD/DVD-Drive (boot-loader placed on CD/DVd iso)
    2. for the VHD-file: you have to place it in ONE-PART (contiguous) on root of a writable drive, this can be:
    - internal HDD (fastest)
    - USB-Drive (Some old USB-Sticks are really slow and may cause bad system performance)
    use ultimate defrag. you can defrag single file with it.
    [Image: 7159634.gif]

    3. for DB (optional): they have to be placed it on root of a drive, no need to be contiguous, this can be:
    - Your internal harddisk of your PC.
    - USB-Drive (Some old USB-Sticks are really slow and may cause bad system performance)
    - burned to a DVD/BR

    For Virtual Machine you need (old method):
    1. for the VHD-file: you have to add as first IDE virtual hard-disk file.
    2. for DB: they have to place it on root of second IDE virtual hard-disk file or any real drive connected to the virtual machine.
    3. You must configure your virtual machine com-port.

    -If you want only Xentry/DAS and not WIS-EPC-SDmedia ... : then you need only to download Xentry/DAS DBs files.
    -If you get blue-screen with 0x0000007B error and no error file: in the windows boot screen (where at with the 3 seconds delay is) try to select other HAL. Old celerons for example are single core CPUs and may cause this error by default the setting for multi-core CPU is active. Test also other options if this not not worked, one of them may still work.
    -If your PC hangs while loading Windows animation (or on black or blue screen) and you have the VHD on the internal harddisk: you may have the AHCI issue of SATA drives. Windows XP has no direct SATA support and this causes this hang. To fix this you may change your BIOS setting. Try searching after SATA Configuration or On chip SATA. Select Legacy IDE or Native IDE instead of AHCI. Windows XP doesn't have all drivers to recognize AHCI, so disable it . I installed several AHCI drivers in the system and my laptop with intel chip is working in AHCI mode. Please share on which Hardware it worked with deactivated AHCI, and on which with active AHCI (an AHCI device is active in device Manager). In Native native IDE mode, the SATA controller looks and acts like a standard ATA controller that the basic driver will recognize. If not worked then place vhd on usb-drive.
    -if you have black-screen at bootloader, no boot media found when selecting boot media or windows 8 boots directly: then disable UEFI if active. deactivate: Secure Boot, deactivate: Fast Boot, activate: CSM (Legacy Mode insted of UEFI). If it is not possible, use MBR-BIOS-boot enabled PC. Updating BIOS may help, as some MBs have a non working lagacy-boot mode. To enter UEFI from Windows 8/8.1 see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDcf3Ow6XjY

    -If you get a blue screen when you boot and get 0x0000007E "WDFLDR.SYS" error: then rename this file in c:\windows\system32\drivers. Don't blame me, blame MS. You can mount vhd in windows 7/8 or use a vhd mounter program. (I already applied intelppm-fix to prevent blue screen caused by changing between AMD and Intel CPUs)

    -Communication problem: The most problem can be the used USB-rs232 adapter. I use my own programmed adapter for that, which works great! PL-based adapters doesn't work good.

    Some videos (shown is 7-2014 but is similar)

    If you want this harddisk please contact me on pm!

    the unit on the video is for sale:

    You are able to download all the files, but you need to have the passwords for installation!
    Anyone got the passwords without my permission is under the risk of reaction of the many build-in software protections.
    When it detects that you get the pass not by me, your car may get damaged by silently manipulating car ECU files. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

    Basic Edition:
    1. Boot-loader
    2. AIO MB LiveDiagSys VHD-File
    3. ExternalFiles: + DAS/Xentry 3.2015 Cars Only DB

    Helper Edition:
    1. Boot-loader + Boot-loader CD
    2. AIO MB LiveDiagSys VHD-File
    3. ExternalFiles: + DAS/Xentry 3.2015 Cars Only + Full DBs
    + Prices Offline PL69 1.2015
    + Vediamo v4.02.02: com2 set
    + Vediamo CBF-Only-DB (1080 unique CBF files) (still packing&uploading)
    + WIS 2015 (still packing&uploading)

    Gold Edition:
    1. Boot-loader + Boot-loader CD
    2. AIO MB LiveDiagSys VHD-File
    3. ExternalFiles: + DAS/Xentry 3.2015 Cars Only + Full DBs
    + Vediamo v4.02.02: com2 set
    + Prices Offline PL69 1.2015
    + WIS 2015 +EPC 2015 DBs: Prices PL69 1.2015 (still packing&uploading)
    + SDmedia v01.2014 + Starfinder 2010 + Disassemby Assistant 2003
    + Vintage MB Repair Info + Technical & Training Info library (disinfetor ed.) (still packing&uploading)
    + Vediamo Database Files (ask me what you need, I have 1000s of unique files sorted to date/ecu) (still packing&uploading)
    + and much more to come in the future!

    Please visit the download link regularly for updates!

    If you have questions relating this SW please ask here in the forum, I am not the SW maker, MB is! Other users may help you here way more than me.
    It is rare, but even this SW didn't work, don't blame me. I try my best to help you, but no guarantee for perfect working.

    DL-32015 - sell.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 2.55 KB

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  • 06/10/15--06:12: [W211] Remap for newbie?
  • Hello everybody!

    I have a MB W211 2004 with 3.2 CDI R6 204HP engine and newly bought Star C3 working on Dell D830. Am i possible to remap (chiptuning) with this tools? What do i have to do? Im really rookie and i would very appreciate for helping me.


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    i need to enter the bsi and program out the parking assistance on my boxer van 'box van' conversion. it is not available on diagbox/lexia apparently. i have warning triangle on and check parking assistance permanently.

    thanks in advance for any advise


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  • 06/10/15--06:21: vw passat 2013 B7 Tacho
  • please help with this dump she is in mileage eprom 24LC64 M 108199km new 45123 KM
    PASSAT 2013 years
    3AA920 VD1

    108199 km.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.85 KB

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