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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hi guys
    i need tuned file for my car
    bmw 5,30
    2006 years
    file add.
    thank u

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    Here is a Workshop Manual for Komatsu PW170-6. Enjoy it.

    Komatsu PW170-6 workshop man.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Hello colleagues,

    I recently got an windows upgrade from 7 to 8 64 bit.
    All programs work but Renault Truck Consult.
    I have the 02.2012 version.
    When trying to open the program i get the error:

    File SP32W.DLL not found... even thou i have copied the file in system32 and sysWOW64 folders.

    Any1 managed to make the program work on win 8 so far?

    Thank you for your help.

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    hello brothers

    i need pin code for this chassis number TMADC51SABJ182323

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  • 07/18/13--03:22: Pro remaps at decent prices!
  • Giving the fact that most people claim to tune files, and end up asking me for files...this initiative came up so you can get files directly from me..therefore reducing intermediate costs.

    So any remap,DPf off, EGR blah blah files you need: ask me directly.

    Get you your Hot pro file today! or if you just need help with anything just ask.

    Let s make the world a better a place! Be PRO!

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  • 07/18/13--03:41: Sops keygen free
  • Hi Guys,
    Here you find SOPS Keygen FREE for all MHH members.
    To get ur Activation, drop ur Soft ID in this thread .
    if you want the keygen you must to push thanks plz, with out thanks i never active for you.

    1-extract the RAR file AND then run the sops.EXE then you got HDD ID


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  • 07/18/13--03:41: Garage manger pro
  • Hello people, Does any one of you have Garage manager pro serial??
    Please help!!

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    Autocom 2013 Release 1 [2013]:Torrent

    don't forget push thanks Big Grin


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  • 07/18/13--04:13: Carrera 4S 2008
  • I have a Carrera 4S 2008 and ive lost my keys.
    Who can find the pin from dump?
    How much does it cost?
    thanks in advance

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  • 07/18/13--04:37: Caterpillar SiS:torrent
  • Name:Caterpillar SiS
    Date: 2012/7
    Size:97.45 GB
    Download :Torrent


    Don't forget push thanks

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    The best quality clones are not always the best, and the sales people
    have no clue what they are selling.
    I just bought a Ford VCM "best quality" at the recommended ADK store.
    After the usual for and back on Skype, I give up and will never buy from them again.
    They always try to blame it on you first to stretch the time so that you
    can not file a claim anymore.
    Now after endless days to install and get the VCM working we found out that the cable with the realteck modem can not communicate properly, its on and off.

    So i opened the cable and it looks like and old repaired one inside.
    One red cable has no soldering at all.
    I will place the picture with this post. When talking to the supplier, asking for a new cable and I will send the old one back, she is insulting me and asking me if we don't have electricity to solder the cable.

    I spend a little more than 400 US $ , so I can expect a new working cable.
    This is very lousy quality and perhaps a picture of the clone i not enough
    to assume good quality.
    I am done with ADK.
    Look at the red terminal, the first one and the other lousy soldering of the cables.[Image: 3525jie.jpg]

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    Hey all.

    I am trying to pick your brains in regards to increasing speed (for educational purposes only).

    With the Cat/Cummins, I have been told you can change the ECM parameters for the diff ratio to "taller diffs". Is this where it would usually say something like 4.10 or 4.11? Would you increase that?

    I have personally figured out that you can increase the tyre revolution to get higher speed but throws the speedo out of whack.

    I have also been told that with the Cummin, you stick some magnets on the tailshaft and that gets it going.

    I'm not THAT old so I'd like to hear from anyone (especially old school truckers) as I have heard something in the lines of an alligator clip with a Cat.


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  • 07/18/13--05:14: freightliner wiring needed
  • hello all i am workiing on a 02 freightliner colombia no cruise control problem
    all sensors work fine like clutch switch brake switch park brake switch pressure switch still no cruise. any way input would be a great help but if some one can give me a full wiring i would love that vin number j02793

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  • 07/18/13--06:25: Replace dasboard AUDI A6
  • replace dasboard a6 vdo of gasoline by a dasboard a6 diesel .. The car and petrol A6. IS POSSIBLE?

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  • 07/18/13--08:19: cummins v1710 v12 or v28
  • anyone ever had this problem. v1710 cummins is running on one bank i.e. good exhaust temps very little smoke and jig timming is good on camshaft. the other bank is cold no exhaust temps or very little temp. white smoke and will slobber fuel on that bank when sped up to 1800rpm. cam on that side equals jig timing on other side. there is air in fuel return. both heads on that side have been changed gone through more injectors that I can count. compression readings on good bank are 325psi and 275-300 on bad side. all liners and pistons have been replaced. compression height of pistons were checked. low fuel pressure. changed pump. still same thing. I keep saying timing but the jig timing and the timing code on the data plate check out. ideas? suggestions? 5 gallons of gas and a match.?533

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    please if anyone can.
    Remove the friends code of this file

    citroen ph1 (c) motorola zc400854cfn.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 277 bytes

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    hello, i have galletto v53 and bdm frame + adapter bosch. I connect to ecu alfa mpc56. My galletto dosent work :
    [Image: 9438767300_1374168143_thumb.jpg]

    why ?

    my connect
    [Image: 8562219500_1374168185_thumb.jpg]

    help :-)

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  • 07/19/13--17:07: gm SI DVD
  • Since GM SI DVD is no longer, can we use them on their onwn as stand alone?

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    this car has already been remaped by me with old galletto some years ago, but now can change map...It seems ecu e read/write protected.
    Can t even get "Data", ecept with galletto 2 EDC16U1 Can driver, but impossible to write. I can diagnose car fine (think it uses can bus).

    How can it be unprotectected? Any clues what tipe of protection?? (He tryed to make a new key for the car)
    Some people say MPPS might work
    Thanks for ideas or type of protection

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  • 07/19/13--19:26: vci firmware update
  • Anybody know what that means in the picture? Im afraid my sdconnect bwing updated blocked.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 472.71 KB

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