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  • 07/19/13--22:45: VAGCOM VCDS 11.11.4
  • Vagcom VCDS 11.11.4. Guarantee all features to work. Full release. Also works on 12.10.3 beta for the newer cars. More info send pm

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    Hello, it is possible to have a virgin dump for a ecu lucas DCN 2 DWLC12 fitted on a citroen berlingo 1.9d year 2004.

    If so, anyone can please calculate dump for me ?

    attached original dump and label from ecu

    Thanks for any help

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    I friends i am looking for a software called Mitchell Glassmate 6 for auto glass shops.Any help are welcomeHandshake


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    Caterpillar SIS 2013 DATA [01.2013]

    Service Information System
    Data Release Notes
    These notes contain changes and enhancements that
    have been made to the SIS data library for the SIS DVD LIBRARY - JANUARY 2013
    release as compared to the SIS DVD LIBRARY - DECEMBER 2012 release.

    Number of DVDs in library: 13

    New products
    GENERATOR SET, C175-16, R1X

    Information added
    Parts Manuals: 8
    Tech Docs: 423

    New Information Types:

    Caterpillar SIS 2013 DATA [01.2013].txt
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    hi mate ,
    i nead your advice
    eny one had tested ABRITES COMMONDOR FVDI for PSA and RENAULT
    made in china
    i nead your advice and your experience because i want to bye a machine to program key for psa groupe and renault

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  • 07/20/13--06:53: Toyota RAV4 Audio System
  • Hi all,
    I own a Toyota RAV4 with a Panasonic 58812 audio system. Am looking for a users manual for this. Could anyone please help?
    regards from Kenya.

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    I have a Das & Xentry 2012,ECM titanium.and Winols 2.4
    I try the Xentry but I can't find any option to change limit speed (210km/hr).
    And then I try to remap by ECM titanium,but I still can't see the limit map.
    Anyone have a idea to help me solve this problem !?
    THX so much!

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  • 07/20/13--07:47: rover 25 2.0td map adressess
  • helloo anyone here have the map adresses of this car?? or a good tuning file? i need to remove maf !

    these are the 2 original files

    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/20/13--08:31: Winols 2.24hi
  • Hi I'm new to winols and I have read the user manual but I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of how to compare the differences in an original file and a modified file I've tried the u button for differences but can't seem to get it to work, as it doesn't show any differences. Thanks in advance.

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    here is windows +crack
    just burn the iso file, and install win 8

    if you have probles with the activasion, i have put a outer activasion.

    if you say thx and klik on my reptechon, then il give you also a crack where you can everiting for free in the windows store. just klik on repation and i send you in pm the link to get everting from the stor for free!!

    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (32bit + 64bit) Untouch + Activator.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 559 bytes

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    jus as my titel say, can we have a plase where people haf a pc problem, of any cand of problem. they are here many people ho has many nowlege, to help people out, whit her pc problems.

    its my idee so that this forum steel ife


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    I have a problem with a Volvo Dice as it is recognized as a CP210x device instead of Dice Interface.

    Further it is not found in the device manager of Volvo Vida.

    Hope you can help me.


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  • 07/20/13--11:47: peugeot 206 ori
  • Hi!
    I need the original folder Peugeot 206 1.6 HDi 110hp 1037375531

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    apart from x prog,what is the best tool for reading epprom from different transponder?

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    the car is a W202 c200 cdi

    the problem is when i put the Key (FBS3) the ezl unlock and i turn the key to ignition and nothing appens !

    with DAS i can't check the EZS hhtwin can't connect !

    here are some troubles i found in ECU
    i think the ezs don't work

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 07/20/13--14:32: MBE password
  • Hello guys I want to know if someone have the knowldge of how to get the password from a MBE 4000 please I need to change some parameters thanks in advice

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    HI all i need the wiring diagram of toyota corolla millenium 2009 because i want to check the relation between the dashboard and the other unit my problem that all the light in the dash is switched even after the engine is on and i want to be sure that the dash to be remplaced thanks

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    I've been looking for days and cant find a ddv cal file with no egr. Does anybody have one that will share with me? I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I open this thread to explain, How I finally successfully activate my Paddle shifts on my SMART Roadster.

    I want to send a very special thank to Indigo who helped me to understand why I cannot activate my TAN code firstly and where/how I made a mistake.

    1/ my history:

    At the beginning of 2013, I had the chance to buy a Smart Roadster “Affection”, 60Kw, already upgraded by the previous owner with some Brabus accessories, mainly into the cockpit, Forge Blue Silicone full line of pipes, leather seats, carbon parts etc…..
    That is a cool car but I wanted to upgrade it a little bit more.
    My “to do list” begins with Paddle shift steering wheel (3 spokes leather one) and I found one a fair price on eBay.
    I spent hours to read Forums and websites about the Smart and aftermarket parts to add this steering on the car and “process” to do it the right way to avoid ESP or alignement error.
    Once I had all info and knowledge for the "hardware", I had to find knowledge for the software part of the adaptation.
    So, from website to website, I found MHH, all info about Xentry/Das and Smart Tan Code.

    2/what you need to do that for it works.

    Reading MHH, we can see that the Tan code activation is not easy as we can think.
    Because Smart Tan code calculator are all not trusworthy.
    Because Xentry and DAS are very hard to install and to manage on a full good working system.
    Because MB is always trying to protect his business and changed the rules with the 2013 versions of his software on the Tan Code activation, and (what we see further) DAS/Xentry seems to be "protected" on a lot of “steps” on its use and sometimes wrong way of using it put some electronics on “default mode”, or “secured mode” as it detects a “piracy attempt of entry” by unauthorized people (I mean someone that is not officially MB/SMART worker).
    So…..it seems even with tools you find on this Forum, it is not a simple task to activate a Tan Code with Xentry.

    The tools I had, and who finally worked , are:

    -a good PC with serial interface: mine is a L5C ASUS. Heavy but rugged enough for this work.
    -180 GBB HDD, partitioned in 4 HDD as required by Xentry/DAS (see the topics about how to install Xentry and Das on a PC and tools on this forum, all info and software are provided by the MHH community. Great Thanks again and again for all the guys who did those tools for us….)
    -XP SP3 installed and Das/Xentry 11/2012 (I firstly tried with 01/2013 one, it failed)
    -11/2012 Bin fix (with cal.ini modified as “PLATFORM= PART_D2)
    -Compact C3 MB-Star Multiplexer (found on DHGate, relatively “cheap”, DHL delivery… and non blacklisted-tested with CAESAR and verified with Blacklist_Editor.exe)
    -Smartcal.exe “tan code calculator” found here on this site and all the required additional programs: Tanlogfix.exe, Enable Old Smart tan code after 01/2011, modified cdssmart.dll and function.dll (the one who give you the “FUCK-YOU0-JOHN” code in the DAS mask to enter the Tan code) pasted in the right location
    - No Password in special function fix… It was given for 2011 versions; it seems to work on 11/2012….

    3/How I did it, how it failed, how it succeed.

    My first attempt with DAS/Xentry 01/2013 was a failure.
    I was certain to have the right code for my Smart, firstly because it was given by the Smarcal.exe found here on MHH, said “good” by some guys here who have the “knowledge” about Smart Tan Codes, and secondly because I found the same code on a list (XML file) posted a long time ago on Smart Forums worldwide with all Tan Code for the 43.000 Roadster Smart 452 build.
    two sources, same code….

    But the activation attempted with 01/2013 never succeed. I was told MB changed something in the 2013 version to forbidden use of “former Tan Code” as the one easily available on Internet.
    So I decided to downgrade my system, I did a full format of my computer and install XP and Das/Xentry once more; learning from all my previous mistakes (and there were a few ones) I choose: 11/2012 version.
    This one seems to be the more “trustworthy” version for now with all the fixes available.
    Upgraded 2013 versions seem to have a few “bad surprises” implanted and hidden, even I can read a lot of fixes where done for all the 2013 versions of DAS/Xentry here .

    Once 11/2012 installed and tested, I have done only two fixes:
    -the 11/2012 BIN mod with the cal.ini modified for the PART_D2 multiplexer.
    -the “no password on special function” originally made for 2011 versions but that seems to work on my 11/2012 one (I have the same access procedure to the special function hitting F2 twice on blank pages before the full programming access…but I don’t know HOW to DO this….

    I used Xentry to test a lot of equipments on my Roadster and all worked perfectly…no error code from a bad install or corrupted file.

    I tried to activate the Paddle Shift of my steering wheel (hardware installation and connection perfectly made on the car, especially the swap under the dashboard with the white and black plug) a different ways: it can be done by different “entries” in DAS/Xentry)… each time I had an “error code”….
    Wrong code , or VIN doesn’t match with code……

    I really thought I have to find an another “actual” code, or downgrade the DAS/Xentry to a very first version to allow what I think to be an “old Tan code before 11-2011….”

    I was wrong….

    My code IS good, and always was….

    The thing is, when I did try to enter it with “2013” DAS, I did one thing I never knew before I read an another topic on this forum about Smart cars….the mistake I did was to attempt to enter the Tan code using:
    - Special functions>add/remove equipment code and DAS/Xentry 01/2013

    here is an explanation I had by Indigo, that tells the process to do ( same explanation can be find here in the forum on an another topic about Softouch activation):
    "The TAN Calculator your using doesn't product correct equipment codes. This either adds an invalid code to SAM or erases or codes in SAM. The result is invalid vehicle."

    In other words, it seems that once you did a wrong entry on the SAM-450 unit, it was “secretly written” somewhere on the unit, and the unit is then entered into a sort of “secured mode” that forbid all other attempts and automatically give a “wrong code message” even the code is right.
    The way to see if your unit is in “secured mode” is to try to enter “Vehicle ID by control unit”.
    If the SAM is secured, you will have an error message, or maybe it can ID the car, but when you’ll enter the code tan, you will have an error message saying “no matching VIN” or "invalid VIN".

    The only way to make a real good activation is to make an “initial startup” procedure to erase and reprogram the SAM unit to allow activation of a Tan Code on a clean programmed unit.

    For this, you need to start Xentry, then DAS selecting the car type and enter by “Vehicle ID by entering the VIN”
    Enter the VIN on the DAS page, press F2 and then have access to the car diagnosis page.
    Entering the VIN this way will allow DAS to write the good "factory default" files for your VIN (so your specific car) and to program the N10/10 SAM (those files are stored on you installed DAS/Xentry) on a clean fresh install (all previous info /default codes in memory will be erased) this process is to be applied when you need to put a new SAM unit in the car to replace a failed one too.
    It will make a “ghost” of your SAM unit and program it the “default way” for your car.

    Enter into “systems”>N10/10(SAM control Unit)>Initial startup> Initial startup of control Unit N10/10 (SAM unit) and follow DAS instructions (you will be asked to put ignition off and on several times)
    Once Initial startup succeed, close DAS.
    Close Xentry

    Restart Xentry, then DAS, selecting your vehicle Brand and Type (Smart Roadster 452.434) and then perform “ ID vehicle by control Unit”

    Once done, go to “systems”>N3/10(MEG control Unit)>control Unit adaptations>Activation of function”Steering wheel gearshift”.
    Follow instructions until the page where you’ll have to type your TAN code:
    You should read “FUCK-YOU0-JOHN” in the cases when the page opened, that means you have successfully mod the *.dll file into DAS/…/SMART folder
    Enter you TAN CODE into the mask (in place of the Fuck-you0-john), wait for the software is making all verifications and programming …… until you’ll have the message “equipment successfully activated”…..

    it might be DAS/Xentry entering into the SCN Coding screen... it is not necessary, you can use F1 to go back and leave this step.

    I finally have activated my Paddles this time following exactly this procedure. (procedure sent a few hours later to me by Indigo who confirm what I've figured out reading the "smart tan code" topic and some other Smart topics.

    The first way to see if the steering wheel is activated: push on the horn… it sounds !!!!!! (a non activated steering with paddle shift results on a faulty horn as it use the same electrical path than paddle shift.no activation, no electrical power)
    The Paddle shifts are activated. Job done !!!!!!!!!!! (what I tested minutes later by driving the car)

    So maybe guys around having “wrong code” message should perform an “initial startup” of their SAM units and retry the activation like I did (or choose Softouch” or “Tempomat - Cruise Control” if you are willing to activate those equipments)
    Maybe not much TAN codes are “wrong”… just the way we try to enter them was wrong and put the SAM unit on this fucking “secured mode”.

    I hope this feedback will help people around to activate their TAN Codes.
    Please share your experiences and feedback…

    Thanks a lot once again for people who bring software and knowledge here, a special thank again to Indigo who PM me and bring me on the good path of thinking to figure out what I have to do to fix my problem and error messages I had about my “good but DAS said wrong” Tan Code….


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  • 07/22/13--08:02: PUNTO IMMO OFF
  • HELLO!!

    I need immo off total for ecu : IAW 5AF.P3.
    This is original damp EPROM+ FLASH

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 116.83 KB

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