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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Thank you for helping me.
    Best regards

    95910-C9500 bad.zip
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  • 07/24/15--08:34: audi A3 transmission
  • hello all , i have a friend who says he just repaired a transmission on an audi A3 7 speed dsg-oam. can anyone please explain procedure on how to reset or adapt the transmission and can it be done with launch.

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  • 07/24/15--08:34: cruze which module immo code
  • hello
    i want to know cruze immo code which module , is there abs module immo code
    thanks for good help


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  • 07/24/15--08:38: Help with DDRS 7.11
  • Hi Guys,

    So my old diagnostic laptop hard drive quit on me with all my software on it. I am putting ddrs on my new computer with windows 7 because I really need to do a parked regen on one of my units asap. I installed the programs successfully, and placed the new branding file into C: program files (x86) : diagnostic link. Now when I go to open ddrs, it does not open and I get this strange error message I've never seen. When I place the original branding file that came with the program back into that folder, program opens fine and I get registration screen showing my version and computer id which is:

    Version: 07.11-02313-00000
    Computer ID: DC-9C-7E-3F-1B

    When I click register it opens a little box that asks for username and password. Can anyone please help me! I am in dire need of running this program asap to do this parked regen.

    Thanks in advance. Attached is my error I am getting.

    ddrs error.jpg
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  • 07/24/15--09:09: How to update DDDL 7.10
  • Hello,

    I need to update DDDL to run some SCR test.
    When I go to update under the tools tab I get: DEPOT103 - Computer ID is not permitted.

    Any info on the proper update process would be awesome.

    Current version:

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    Someone can help me to remove the DPF for Ford Focus C-max SID 803?
    I read it with Galletto.

    Thanks in advance Smile

    Ford C-Max sid803 4M51 10081933AA.zip
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    Hi, If got a problem with a Toyota Avanza. All the keys are lost for the car so I made a new key for it and wrote a transponder chip from the immo dump file with the TmPro2 but the immo light keeps on flickering and the car still does not want to start.Is there any one that can help,Please? Is there a immo off dump file I can use for the Ecu? or a way I can reset or virgin the immo box, Please HELP someone!!!!

    Toyota Avansa immo.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/24/15--09:14: mitsubishi software
  • hello to you all sirs does somebody have mitsubishi software to share? i need on please thanks in advance.

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  • 07/24/15--09:21: skoda fabia 2012 5j
  • hi all members

    would any one be able to work out abs coding for this vehicle

    vin TMBKN25JXC3180551

    6R0 907 379 S

    IMP 790

    WSC 13765


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  • 07/24/15--09:22: ECU VW MED 17,5
  • Mate please help turn off Ecu MED 17,5 PART # 06J 906 026 AD Bosch. Flash File attached

    06J 906 026 AD.rar
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  • 07/24/15--09:37: Audi dash PIN 8E0920950M RB4
  • Hi,

    Please help decode PIN.
    Read 24C08 XELTEK programmer.



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  • 07/24/15--09:43: mercedes w207 crash data
  • hello, i need crash data clear on w207 airbag ecu. eeprom 95640. part nr. a207 901 17 00, 5wk43967 made by continental

    a207 901 17 00.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    hi,can anyone share good tested english version for china clone vcds 12.12
    cant find my cd. dont advice to ask software from seller i bought. it was long time ago,no contacts saved.


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  • 07/24/15--10:17: Wiring diagram Cat 3508
  • RENR1297RENR1297_SIS.pdf
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  • 07/25/15--06:59: VAS-PC V19.01. Croatian?
  • Hi Guys,

    I just have to say that this is a great forum and many thank for all the links posted by you guys.
    Now, i have a question regarding something i can't find anywhere (at least not using the provided forum search).
    I need the VAS-PC V19.01. Croatian with Croatian updates for VAG.
    I have the version 18 and it is working ok, but i can't find anywhere version 19.01.
    I have even found a torrent file with the version 19.01. but without the fix and without the VW,SKODA,SEAT,AUDI updates.

    I do apologize if this question was allready mentioned somewhere, but I just can't find the answer.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings earthlinks :-)

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    i have ECU with this partnumber: 4A0907473
    Friend told me i have to connect emulator to make immo off.
    I connected emuluator with this connections:

    12V D5
    ACC D4
    Ground D1,D9,A11
    K B6

    Car not start, then i used a carlabimmo emulator, blue led lamp blink very fast. So mean somewhere is a error.

    Does someone has solution for this ecu?


    File Type: .jpg
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    I am trying to swap ecu in a 320 e46.
    The old ecu is DDE7 794624 with 95320 eeprom inside.
    New ECU is DDE7 792024 with 95160 eeprom inside

    Both ECUs came from a 320 car.

    I have opened then and read both eeproms. Can someone help me identify IMMO part from the old ecu and move it to the new one.
    Is it possible to virginize the new ecu so that an dde ews alignment is possible?

    File Type: .rar
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  • 07/25/15--07:53: golf visteom km please
  • cane somebode help i need 198000km

    visteon golf 302000km.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Here is the New Holland Skid Loader Service manuals for

    L213 / L215 / L218 / L220
    L223 / L225 / L230
    200 Series Skid Steer Loader
    C227 / C232 / C238
    200 Series Compact Track Loader

    Please hit Thanks and add Reputation if this helps you

    l220 service manual.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 76 bytes

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    Hi guys!

    Since two years now I have a big problem with my car. It loses power while
    driving "without" going into limp mode.
    I am using Star Diagnosis to check for fault codes. No faults present and never been regarding this fault.

    How the engine behaves while it is happening.

    Giving full throttle the car accelerates without any problem. Then out
    of nowhere the engine is loosing power for some seconds. The RPM is going still
    higher but very slowly. Then after a few seconds it again gets all the power
    and driving and accelerating normally("without" turning the ignition off and on!!!). For a long time I had this problem only while giving
    full throttle and driving at high speed above 120 km/h. But since some
    months this also happens at lower speed like 20-50 km/h while accelerating
    slowly. The RPM is also going normally higher but very slowly. It is
    like the turbo charger is shutting down. This is only happening for a few seconds and the car then runs normally. It then happens after 1-2 minutes again, depending on the amount of acceleration. The faster I want to accelerate(more throttle) the more often it happens.

    I have now done following:

    2 X boost pressure Sensor
    1 x Temperature Sensor
    3 X Mass Airflow Sensor
    3 X change pressure actuator because this is often identified by a company which repairs ECU (no effect).
    1 x complete Turbocharger with actuator directly from an identical car.
    1 x foot throttle
    1 x made holes into DPF and to check if it is full (Star Diagnosis says it´s empty, even regenerated it manually, no effect)
    1 x Rail Pressure Sensor
    1 x Engine got broke(jamming of the piston) and my engine was completely rebuild by my dad
    1 x changed EGR. I took it directly of another car
    1 x checked wiring from ECU to turbo charger actuator
    1 x intake manifold
    2 x new injectors

    3 Mechanics and 1 Engineer (myself) are out of knowledge. We then asked a guy directly from Mercedes Dealer.
    He is specialized in car electrics and has 15 years of experience. He came to me and drove with me. He never saw such a fault. Normally he says the car should go into limp mode, but nothing happens. Not even a fault code!
    He also does not know what is causing this fault. We also know a guy in Poland who is a real master in ECU Repair, ECU tuning
    and all the stuff. He even makes 7G tronic ECU working and repairs it...a real master. He has also no answer..!?!?

    Last week I again analysed the sensor values while driving:

    While everything is ok:

    Boost pressure of turbo charger is going up to 2,5 bar.
    Pressure actuator of turbo charger is open up to 33% while giving full throttle.

    When the fault is happening the boost pressure is going down to 1,8 bar and
    the pressure actuator is only open up to 25%.

    After a few seconds the actuator goes up to 33% and the pressure immediately to 2,5bar with full power again.

    It sounds like turbo charger problem but already changed directly from a identical driving car and we placed my turbo charger into the other car and it works there!

    Could it be that the Engine ECU has a problem and gives a wrong signal to the pressure actuator of the turbo charger?

    Next week I am planning to do following:

    Change turbo charger again.
    Deactivate DPF and remove it together with catalytic converter.
    New ECU with ignition lock/switch from an identical car.

    Please help. I am thankful for every idea!



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