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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 08/14/15--10:29: Bmw E60 Airbag Problem
  • E60_95128 com Falha.zip
    File Type: .zip
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  • 08/14/15--10:34: Marine engine software
  • Any idea where one can possible get software for outboard motors, snowmobiles and such?

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    I have broken Valeo BSI unit from 307. Car does not start. Seems like dump is corrupted. Is is possible to recover Pincode from broken BSI and write it to new BSI ?

    Also need PIN from new BSI if not possible to recover from old BSI.

    Corrupted BSI sticker:

    [Image: Corrputed.PNG]

    New BSI sticker:
    [Image: New.PNG]

    Corrupted Flash + Eeprom.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 66.19 KB

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  • 08/14/15--11:51: Digiprog damaged/smoked ?
  • Hello, my Digiprog has a Problem, i have connect with an power connector 220V after that the digi has smoked.

    Now he dosen`t work, someone a solution ?

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    pls can u help me retrieve radio code for honda accord vin;1HGCP2F78BA073091
    ODOMETER; 043155
    SERIAL NO;NO; DE SERIE 30009722

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    ism 425v ism cm876 2009 code ecm at20108 epa US07

    tech eng config d353022bx03

    CPL CPL3330
    fuel pump z003

    i need information for istall the best calibration i d'ont know what cal choice !

    what number of cal i need ? to succesful dpf delete and egr in ADR

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    I need help, my brother bought a BMW E61, 2.5d, 2005, manual transmission last week with engine oil and front brake pads requirements in i-driveWait
    He was replaced engine oil, filter and front brake pads..
    Then I tried to reset first front brake pads manually with successKolo
    But I can not reset oil service,first I tried manually, then with diagnostic, no success:sadsmile:When the process is completed(manually and with diagnostic)write on the display 30000km, i-drive also 30000km(green), but when I turn ignition off and on reappears service symbol back and (red) oil service requirement on i-drive (0 km)..allways thrown back to zeroAngry

    I have only texa idc4 and autocom for bmw533
    What could be wrong?

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    Hi there

    I'm searching for an old car Sadsmile

    Toyota TNS300 TNS310 (Traffic) Plus 2011-2012 v1

    PZ445-X01EU-11 3x DVD's

    DVD NORTH Part No: 86271-70W024, 08927-00987, PZ445-TTBEU-11
    DVD SOUTH Part No: 86271-70W034, 08927-00987, PZ445-TTBEU-11
    DVD EAST Part No: 86271-70W044, 08927-00987, PZ445-TTBEU-11


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  • 08/14/15--13:29: cat ET 2011A key code
  • Need a key code for
    Licence code:
    A94D 541D DF1E 7735 F16A 5226


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  • 08/14/15--14:15: Insite 7.6.2
  • Hello All,Im looking for key code for Insite 7.6.2 Pc id-8C7EFAB4 Thanks

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  • 08/14/15--14:31: Clio 4
  • hello members Mhhauto

    please is there any solution for radio Clio4 and symbole 2014

    because i need to buy 20PCS from internet second hand and he no have PIN code

    so i need to know if ther is solution or no

    let's me know

    thank you

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  • 08/14/15--14:40: citroen c2 bsi eeprom swap
  • Hello, i have a broken bsi of citroen c2 can i swap eeprom to used bsi to make it work without programming? Or i need also swap mcu? Its a valeo bsi. I found 2 eeproms first atmel25128 and second st... Not clear to me which of these two is the right.



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    TouchScan is an easy-to-use yet powerful software package for monitoring vehicle data and diagnosing problems in modern vehicles. TouchScan works great with laptops, desktop PC's, touchscreens and car PC's.
    TouchScan is designed to work with any scantool that is based on the Elm 327 command set. TouchScan works with USB, Serial, Bluetooth and Wifi scantools.

    work 1000x1000!!!

    [Image: en_system.png]
    size 17,1MB non use download manager ! use firefox for upload !

    - O.S.: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8

    Please click on reputation and thanks

    touchscan last version.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 14 times
    Size: 33 bytes

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  • 08/14/15--17:58: MS43 CEL Software versions
  • Some years ago I imported this car from USA main land and it came with very bad restrictive exhaust systems. Have anybody found the address for the control byte to turn CEL or check engine light back on after switching to euro software or is it even possible? Should be?

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    Audi A8 2.5TDI AFB 0 281 010 396 EDC15M-4 immo 3, need immo off. Eeprom 24C04. IUD32, Volta, Meucci removed differently. Probably right off? Thanks.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 265 bytes

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    Hi does anyone have a working soloution

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  • 08/15/15--12:25: VCM 2 connection problem
  • hi i just bought a vcm 2 jlr v141 clone, i installed software and driver but when i connect it to laptop windows does not recognized it, usd not recognized, any help

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  • 08/15/15--12:34: hidromek full service manual
  • here Hidromek HMK102 Series Backhoe Loader Operation & Maintenance Workshop, Service manual
    give thanks for password

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 8 times
    Size: 900 bytes

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    The saga continues. Sadsmile The car will not rev above 2000 RPM regardless if you're in idle or drive, warm, cold, doing the hamster dance, nada. So far I've found/replaced/repaired:

    Wiring issues to knock sensors, repaired.
    K40 relay bad, replaced (thanks PIER TEK for that tip)
    Various other things like coils, plugs, wires
    Replaced MAF and intake boot (boot had a small split that was patched)
    Found ETA had the bio wire that was pretty much deteriorated so ...

    Taking my time all day yesterday to rewire the ETA has given me no improvement. I am uploading some videos for your enjoyment anyway. I let it run and drive it for about 30 minutes and it's still hesitating. I just can't figure it out. I'm not getting the Lambda control rich mixture error code (036) any more - which I guess is an improvement, but I had to have missed something.


    I did notice (I'll upload that video later, too). When checking the throttle value potentiometer voltage, it struck me as odd it would start out at 4.44V (off throttle), then slowly creep down to 3.56V then shoot back up to 4.44V as I continue to press the gas pedal to the floor. Then it would continue down to about 3.5V then shoot back up to 4.44V ... go down, shoot up then by the time my foot is on the floor, it's at 3.52V. Moving it back up seems to do the same thing in reverse. So it seems there are 4 cycles of voltage drops from 4.44 to 3.56V as I'm pressing the gas pedal to the floor. What say you?

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    hI, please help to repair:
    Dodge Sprinter:
    ecu BOSCH A6471532678, EEPROM 95320
    WSP 0335456132, 908 4J74Y

    eproms attached of both.

    Auto sync not available for this mask.
    Sprinter error soft 1.3 doesn't list this ECU with 95320, gives error

    Thanks very much

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.7 KB

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