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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/16/15--10:54: EDC17 locked with Galletto
  • I need Help !!!

    VW Phaeton after chiptuning by OBD with Kess dont Start.

    Now read by Boot mod. write org file nothing.

    sorry my english

    SW: 1037522879
    VIN nr.: WVWZZZ3DZB8005566
    SW ver.:
    HW Ver.:
    SW upg.: 3D0907401H 0020
    Installation: 3.0TDI EDC17

    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/16/15--11:01: Help immo off Mercedes ME2.0
  • Hi, I need help immo or virgin for S500 ME2.0

    Here is HC11E9 readout, I tried with immo decoder 3.2 but doesn't work.

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 396 bytes

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  • 09/16/15--11:02: dtc off P0546 edc16U34
  • hello
    i need dtc off for this ecu edc16U34 vw touran
    dtc is P0546

    thank you

    flash origine.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 54.16 KB

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    Hi guys
    need some help here for my auto radio nissan QashQai 2014 year
    part no se : 25915BH30E
    serial number start:CM0076 D 0082106

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  • 09/16/15--11:11: Tuning Alfa Romeo QTronic
  • Does anybody know if it is possible to read the software off the Alfa Romeo Qtronic and tune it?

    Couldn't find anything about it on the web.

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    hi all
    hellp me

    to change km peugout 308 2014

    old val 103925 new val 45000

    thenk's for hellp

    BSI04EV K05-00 260810

    308-2014 -103925 .rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 6.63 KB

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    i have this fualt on my car and i dont know what to do whit this kind of fault..

    When im driving highway 90+ km/h the esp fualt error comes up whit service lamp on.

    but only when im driving 90+km/h

    maybe someone know what to fix.

    many thanks.

    peugeot 508 1.6 e-hdi automatic

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  • 09/16/15--11:27: Nyo4 2012 working 101%
  • Hello to all,here are a Nyo4 2012 full,please give me reputation and thank's for password,best regard's ....

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  • 09/16/15--11:30: Ford Mondeo TDCI Ori file
  • Hello,
    I'm looking for the ori file this car:
    Mondeo 2.0TDCI 2003. 115cv, Visteon ecu

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    Xentry with DAS 09-10.2015
    O.S. - Windows xp SP3 EN
    Prepared to Dell D620 / D630
    Ready to C3 mux

    [Image: 0de6f6e7c327cfcbc7c2aff40a9ef307.jpg]

    Keygen on Desktop, don't forget to use !!
    Acronis 2014
    If you need, pw for logon in windows is User$star2004

    If I Helped you, please press Reputation and Thanks button Tup

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 12 times
    Size: 382 bytes

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  • 09/16/15--11:46: BMW E90 MRSZ5 , please clear
  • Hi friends, I need clear crash with BMW
    0285 001 531
    EEP 95640
    E89x-05-09-430P MRSZ5

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 2.54 KB

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  • 09/16/15--12:07: TinyXP v11 #1 Best
  • TinyXP v11.
    This is the best XP installation disc for all car software. Why?
    This is a stripped down version of XP that makes it faster and use less resources.
    Makes old computers fast again. It has everything needed to run thats it.
    No extra processes running in background using cpu and memory.
    No conflicting software or unnecessary programs that can interfere with your diagnostic software.

    XP discs like BlackXP and many others come loaded up with software that you don't need for diagnostics.
    That software can possibly share or change files you need.
    It also uses more resources and have processes running in the background.
    Install only whats needed like older Java and drivers.

    Pick your install choice of unattended or normal and wait.
    Personally I press 2 for unattended then press 3 for TinyXP with IE8.

    Here is full description found online:

    There are actually 6 different XP variations to choose from.
    This CD includes 10 Windows installations and 2 extra boot options.
    At the main menu there are 5 options, you have the choice of a normal installation (press 1) or an unattended installation (press 2). After pressing 1 or 2 at the main menu, you are taken to a menu with four choices:
    1) Full Windows XP (includes all languages, IE8 and WMP11)
    2) Slimmed Windows XP (includes IE8 and WMP11)
    3) TinyXP with IE8/WMP11 and Windows Update
    4) TinyXP without IE/WMP or Windows Update

    Back on the main menu options 3 & 4 include two additional installs:
    3) TinyXP Beast Edition II (Unattended Only)
    4) MicroXP v0.86 (Unattended Only)

    In addition to these Windows installations, you also have two
    more boot options:
    5) Acronis Backup + Restore
    6) Mini Windows XP (ONLY) - Live Bootable Environment

    In the normal (not unattended) editions of Windows you have access to the "Repair" option. Repair is not available in unattended.

    You do not need any product key in this release. The "normal" Windows installations are the same as a normal Windows setup, asking you for your Language settings, Timezone, Username and network/workgroup settings.

    In the the "unattended" installations, no user input is required, Windows will automatically install. All you have to do is format your partition or hard disk and leave Windows to install all by itself.

    In all ten installations you have the following driverpacks added:
    - Chipset
    - CPU
    - LAN Ethernet
    - SATA
    - Wireless LAN
    Driverpacks always extract in all installations automatically

    After install there will be a folder labeled "eXPerience" on (Desktop)
    Most of these folders contain quick solutions to things that otherwise
    would be buried away in the Windows GUI or require DOS commands.
    - Check WGA Status (see if Windows is still Genuine)
    - DeskSave (save desktop icon layout)
    - Driver Install Tool
    - Hibernation (turn Hibernation on or off)
    - Registry Backup (quickly backup the entire registry)
    - Services Configuration Files (reduce RAM usage and speed up boot
    - ShrinkXP Scripts (reduce bloat and speed up virus scan, backup,
    - System Restore (can be re-enabled here)
    - System Volume Information (lock/unlock this folder)
    - User Password (access the screen to choose if windows needs a password)

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 70 bytes

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    Everyday Practical Electronics - October 2015

    English | 76 pages | True PDF | 19 MB

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 62.23 KB

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  • 09/16/15--12:21: OM642 C320 CDI
  • Hello again,

    few days ago i got here a tuning file for my C220 CDI(om611) and its running gread. Now i search for my second car C320 CDI(om642) a tuning file with EGR off too.

    The engine is in good condition and with stock hardware(and 7gtronic)

    What is the max possible tuning for this machine without changing the hardware or getting smoke?

    The file should have EGR off and DPF on, max tuning without smoke
    I know this is not so esay.
    is there a speed limit by C320 CDI?

    p.s.: somebody got "amg speed shift" working with stock 722.9?


    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 61.68 KB

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  • 09/17/15--09:19: DCM3.4 renev
  • Hi all. Please help me to make a new control unit Renault Cangoo 2012 DCM3.4.

    Ecu DELPHI 28321424 237101989R eeprom 95640

    donor 95640.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 1.19 KB

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  • 09/17/15--09:41: Citroen berlingo
  • Hi
    i need immo code citroen berlingo vin:VF7GBWJYB94137218 02/2005
    I have 2 new keys
    thank you

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    I have some tmp intersto volvo want to exchange files



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    Please for help...

    Have problem with my Kess v2 2.13 when i chose alfa romeo edc16c39 opening window invalid protocol file.
    Have done allredy this cars before and kess opened normal window ID, READING,WRITING, REVOVERY...

    For example on Jaguar simens SID201 reading and writing normaly...

    Thanks for help...

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  • 09/17/15--09:50: Original bosch kts 200
  • Hi guys

    I have a original bosch kts 200 and has not been updates since 2012

    Can you guys please tell me how to update the bosch and what i need to do

    Also if it is possible to update, will it ever time out? As the current software is for life

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    hello ! i have a problem with a eurotronic 1800 on a iveco eurotech from 2001... when the truck is not running , the wheels stay , get the 1st speed lately...and in drive , appears the service key on the screen with error 00 .... anybodt can help me ???

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