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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/19/15--09:14: about isn msv80
  • hi my friend i need to help
    i have flash dme msv80 and i need to ISN can you help me plz

    and thanks

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  • 09/19/15--09:30: please egr off! 03G906016DJ
  • please egr off on EDC16 03G906016DJ
    I not finding egr switch Sadsmile


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  • 09/19/15--09:50: Volvo S40 1.6D DPF OFF
  • Hi to all,

    please help for me in DPF off solution. (Please with Winols or other good solution.)

    Volvo s40 1.6D
    EDC 16c34
    0281011775 (bosch) fomoco


    s40 readall_Flash.rar
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  • 09/19/15--09:54: Problem with checksums
  • Hi. I have problem with volvo. Maybe can anybody help or explain what to do ? with my dump car wont startup, with friend dump car normaly starting with idle rpm 860 as I need, i looked and compare dumps, dumps the same only 2 numbers different that is 09252, 00201. Maybe anybody can explain what is this ? checksums ? or what ? and my winols can't correct checksums maybe for this reason car wont startup ?

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    Autocom Delphi 2014.3 Software + Activation
    Activation is not for free

    Activation By Pm

    Best Regards

    If you Like My Post
    Click Thanks and Reputation

    Delphi 2014_R3.txt
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  • 09/19/15--10:20: volvo v50 schematic needed
  • hi looking for a schematic or block diagram on volvo v50 2010 haven trouble with cem unit no headlights and no indicators have change cem but problem remains

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  • 09/19/15--10:28: Rate this tune
  • Hello, anyone care to take a look at this tune of a Bmw x3 2.0D 150hk.

    It is bought from a large tuning company claiming the make good files.

    Will this file be a safe and strong tune for this car?

    Hope someone can take a quick look at tell me what they think.

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  • 09/19/15--11:24: Incado canbox for sale
  • https://mega.nz/#!69kA1BzL!Szw-yrOl0nlRw...arKbqvfep4

    Two Incado can boxes available supplied with cables and .lfj license file

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    I have a seat ibiza 2007 1.9 TDI
    I was on high way and the car started to give me some problems
    I noticed that i had a problem with some wires
    I couldn't start the car, the immo and resistor light were both blinking
    The car starts but after a sec it turns off again

    Can any1 help me with immo?
    I have the file read from galletto 1260

    Is it possible to know the PIN code so i can try to program key with vag com?
    Is it possible to remove the IMMO from this file in attachments?

    FILE: ibiza
    Bytes: 7FFFF
    Checksum: 29CD
    Marca: Bosch
    Num. HW: 0281011823
    Num. SW: 1037375966

    Thank you

    File Type: .rar
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    Hello i need full Galletto for this ECU:

    0281011263 3M51-12A650-MA


    Ford Focus C-max 1.6TDI.

    Thanks in advance

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  • 09/19/15--12:02: 1997 Opel Vectra B
  • Hi!
    I have here Vectra B X20DTL with immo box problem. On engine ECU is P1502 No Immobiliser signal. I have put new (used) immo box and key and don't have P1502 any more but now I have Immobiliser wrong signal.
    I made engine ECU virgin but op-com don't have solution for programming/resetting this type of ECU (Special functions and Programming buttons are grayed).
    So if someone know how to reset this ECU or pair with new (used) immo box please help here. Immo box is immobiliser serie 1 and engine ECU is MSA 15 not EDC 15 (0 281 001 335).
    I know that there is no immo off solution for this type of ECU (I have read that there is immo off solution but after 50 ignition cycles immo is back ON).
    In attachment are dumps from engine ECU and Immo box.

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

    Vectra B X20DTL 1997my.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 971 bytes

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  • 09/19/15--12:14: FVDI FLY 2014
  • For sale fVDI fly version of 2014 with dongle, but no time limit and no need for internet connection like 2015 again to make it work
    key tag
    bmw mini
    Hyundai and Kia
    Peugeot Citroën
    More properties loader for the brand Volkswagen audi
    The properties and a soft loader
    Playback on EDC15 fonctionel psa test and compare to some or option does not work
    Price 300 euros with shipping
    I specify for members this is not a full score only options are enabled CRDL

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  • 09/19/15--13:07: audi A5 AFS system disable
  • i have a audi A5 2010 with a fault in sensor AFS
    ((((02631 Voltage supply of left swivel module position sensor)))

    I wanted to know if is possible to disable AFS system on this car?

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    I'd like to share with you how I fixed errors P2015 and P2016 on my Audi A3 8P 2.0TDI Engine

    I had problems on my car 2009 Audi A3 8P 2.0 TDi.

    It had Error Code P2015 Intake Manifold Flap Position Sensor.

    So I opened the Intake Manifold and cleaned it completely and made it smooth running...

    Then put back together and installed in car and it gave me error code P2016 Intake Manifold Flap Short to Ground.

    So I've seen there is a repair bracket for the V157 Intake Manifold Position Motor somewhere in the internet.
    I did it my way and drilled a M3 hole in it and put M3 Screw through.
    Adjust the screw until no P2015 or P2016 error exists.

    Added a picture to see the place where I drilled the hole.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Hi, please correct chks in my aum-to-auq-proper.bin file. I'll give rep+thanks.
    Thanks in advance!

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 286.82 KB

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    Hello sir,
    I have car with M112 913 i use vediamo v5.005 with colne SDconnect
    I cant connect to CBF file ME28
    is there different way to connect to engine control units
    auto detection system dont detect it also
    i want to change varient coding for this ecu is that available?

    File Type: .jpg
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    I have for sale BMW Dealer level complete vehicle pdf documents and advance diagnosis procedures and (SIB) Service information Bulletins

    take a look at the Picture to see what is available:

    For any who are interested.
    contact me via PM.Big Grin

    Most of these pdf are not found inside ISTA-D, so here i made them available for sale.
    [Image: BMW%20DEALER%20PDF.2015-09-20_10-17-10_zpsybzgt6eq.png]

    BMW DEALER PDF.2015-09-20_10-17-10.png
    File Type: .png
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    Does anyone know the pin location in the 95080 eeprom of the Astra 1.7cdti ecu, or have some software to share?
    Its the EDC15.


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    2010 Chevrolet Cruze

    Can someone please know how to make this dash virgin?

    Can someone please know how to make this BCM virgin?

    Thank you.

    24C16 DASH+BCM dumps.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/20/15--09:37: partilha
  • ficheiro audi á4 1.9 tdi ano 2004

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