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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/28/15--15:06: 2008 mercedes clc220
  • hi, looking for some help, i need dpf off, egr off and power plus 20% please, can anybody help

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    the related software for reading vp44 kkl

    pass pm

    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/28/15--15:31: Reefer Manager
  • Does anyone have Reefer Manager and could share with me please? Thank you very much.bow

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  • 09/28/15--15:33: Toyota tech stream
  • Does anyone know if the toyota tech stream will reset all the immobilizers,for the toyota line ???
    This ls or do you need Aditional tools ??

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    please, help me my xprog 5.5 china clone has stopped working. when ever I tried to read a device it gives me CERTIFICATE ERROR message. I have installed XP and the xprog software several times but always the same error message. please any suggestion on what I need to do. thanks in advance.

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    hello can any one send me a pic how to read this micro chip its to small c66

    on toyota yaris 2014

    Dash Yaris 2014.JPG
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  • 09/28/15--16:26: 2009 cummins isx vgt&gr
  • I have a 09 peterbilt with a isx and I have 2 codes that appeared at the same time. 2636 vgt code and 1893 egr code both happened at the same time and the components themselves seem ok. And help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Chuck

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  • 09/28/15--16:36: VOLVO VISFED
  • hello I have the volvo visfed 0,2,1 wanted to know if someone has a complete tutorial program


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    Hello partners
    Warm greetings to all
    thank you brothers anyone of you to help me file virginizar ECU Citroën 2.2 liter diesel model 2012 which will dump step and displays ECU

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    In an effort to give something back to this community, here is a step by step guide to use virtual XP mode in ANY windows 7 version. You do not need any XP installation disc and you can use all your keygens and cracks in a virtual XP environment without having to worry about internet conection, firewalls and anti-virus programs.
    Currently I have a fully functional Windows XP SP3 32bit in my WIndows 7 64bit Home Premium with this procedure.

    step 1:
    Download and install "Windows XP mode" from the official microsoft website. There are two versions available, the N has no Windows Media Player
    (LINK 1 in attached text)
    [Image: fb81d2c.png]

    step 2:
    Download and install "Windows Virtual PC" from the official microsoft website. Choose 32bit or 64bit according to your Windows 7 version.
    (LINK 2 in attached text)
    [Image: fddc66c.png]

    Step 3:
    At this point, Windows XP Mode is installed, but it will fail to load on a Windows 7 Home Premium system if we try to access it from the Start Menu. To bypass this limitation, we navigate to the Windows XP Mode home directory. On most computers this location will be:
    C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\

    [Image: 70e8d39.png]

    Step 4:
    Right click the file entitled Windows XP Mode base.vhd and select properties. Click the Security tab and then click the Advanced button.
    [Image: 564b722.png]

    Step 5:
    In the Advanced Security Settings window, click the Owner tab and click the Edit... button. Accept any security pop-up.
    [Image: 8ac4d13.png]

    Step 6:
    In the Advanced Security Settings window, select your current Windows user name from the list. In this example we will select steve as the user name, you choose your own user name. Once the name has been selected, click OK. If a Windows security message pops up, click OK on that too.
    [Image: b1d23a4.png]

    Back at the main Advanced Security Settings window, click the Permissions tab. Select Everyone from the Permissions entries box and then click the Change Permissions button.
    [Image: d686dcb.png]

    Step 8:
    Select Everyone in the Permissions entres box and then click the Edit... button.
    [Image: f2d80cc.png]

    Step 9:
    In the new window, check the box for the Full control permission. This should set all the permissions to Allow automatically.
    [Image: 18bfc71.png]

    Step 10:
    Click OK, then OK again, then again, then again and then again once more. You should now be out of all the property setting windows for the file we have just taken ownership of and be back in Windows Explorer. It is now recommend that you create a backup copy of the Windows XP Mode base.vhd file, which will be useful to have if you ever choose to restore your Windows XP virtual environment back to a fresh state.

    Step 11: Click Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC > Windows Virtual PC. In the window that opens, click Create virtual machine from the toolbar.

    In the new Create a virtual machine window, enter any name for your Windows XP mode virtual machine and then click Next. Unless you wish to change how much memory your virtual machine will use, just click Next again.

    Step 13:
    When at the Add a virtual hard disk step of the virtual machine setup, select Use an existing virtual hard disk and then click the Browse button. We want to locate and select the Windows XP Mode base.vhd file that we were modifying earlier, which is usually located in the C:\Program Files\Windows XP Mode\ folder. It is up to you if you wish to enable the undo disks option also. Click Create when done.

    Step 14: We should now have Windows XP Mode installed on our system in a functioning form. To access the virtual Windows XP environment, simply double click the newly created virtual machine file listed. You can now also replace the non-functioning Windows XP Mode shortcut listed in the Start > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC menu with a link to your new working virtual machine.
    [Image: 3ff099a.png]

    I recommend to use the settings for your virtual machine and disable your wi-fi adapter for the virtual XP mode so that no internet connection is available to it - thus no XP updates to mess with the following activation hack or your cracked software. Also, make sure to let Windows update the "unifying options" so that you can easily use USB devices with the virtual XP mode. (a pop up will alert you for this update, agree to proceed).

    Now our virtual XP asks for "activation" in a period of 30 days. To bypass this activation follow the below steps.

    1.Click the Start button then click Run.

    2.In the Run dialog box type regedit and then click OK, this will open the Registry Editor.

    3.Scroll through the list of entries and browse to the following registry path (click the + sign next to each file to expand the list) :

    - |_ Microsoft
    -- |_ Windows NT
    --- |_ CurrentVersion
    ---- |_ WPAEvents

    4.Click the folder WPAEvents then right click the file OOBETimer, then select Modify.

    5.Under Value data erase the current entry untill 0000 is displayed.

    [Image: 6d8026d.jpg]

    6.Now enter the following:
    FF D5 71 D6 8B 6A 8D 6F D5 33 93 FD

    Spaces will automatically be added along with some other system charaters, don't worrie about those - its normal. The final output should look like this:
    [Image: 9b0c4c1.jpg]

    7. Now click OK to save the entry.

    8. Next you need to right click the WPAEvents folder and then click Permissions...

    9. Under Group or user names select SYSTEM.

    10. Then under Permissions for SYSTEM place a tick in the Deny box for Full Control and Read.
    [Image: b8425e5.jpg]

    11. Now click OK and then restart your PC, Windows should now display as Activated. If however Windows XP is not activated after the restart, repeat steps 1 - 7 and then restart once again.

    Windows will not be able to reverse the changes you have just made as you've denied Windows XP the right to make any changes to this registry file.

    And thats all - you now have a fully working Virtual XP mode in your Windows 7.
    I am currently enjoying my Diagbox in this Virtual XP mode. Wink

    virtual XP mode.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 285 bytes

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    I offer any type repairing and rebuilding PCB KESS/KTAG
    Fully reworking, MCU replacing
    SW upgrading, migrate to Trasdata.

    Best prices, good support via skype and fast service.

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    Due to improper handling the eeprom of the '13 US spec Accord was destroyed, physically stopped working. I bought another dash with the correct miles on it. Somebody know what kind of adaptation is required to adapt it to the car? It is extremely complicated and dangerous to open this cluster and i want to avoid disassembling the replacement, if at all possible.
    Any advice will be highly appreciated.

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    Each time I startup the laptop I always have to copy the "fixed" bin folder over the old one in order to make Sim DAS work. Is this normal to have to re-copy the bin file each time?

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    Hello dear MHH members, hope all good.

    Wondering if anyone who already bought the Calterm 3.11 activator had the same problem that I am facing starting the software.

    Problem is that it keeps stopping after I try to open it.

    This is what I did so far:

    Installed on Win 7 Profession English version.

    - Installed Calterm 3.11
    - Copied license.dat file in c:/flexlm
    - Created environment variable
    - Copied patch files into Caltmer folder
    - Ran as Admin, also tried to run it in compatibility mode (win xp)
    - Uninstalled and Installed again

    Please dont ask for the patch files and license file to try it because I don't want problems with the KG creator, which is a well respected member.

    Thank you all.

    [Image: 4tv7o8.jpg]

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  • 09/29/15--11:51: Volvo v70 2.0t
  • I have a volvo v70 2.0t.

    I want to tune it and have some questions.

    What kind of tools do i need to read ad write ecu.

    And how much will it cost me for someone to tune the file.

    Its a 2005 model.

    And how much power can i get from it?

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    Hello. I have a problem with EGR , I would like to turn it off just do not know where the beat is located on the map. Bosch 7.5. Very please help

    036997032L 7986.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Pm for price and info.
    Check screenshots and see options enabled.
    PayPal accepted. Smile

    File Type: .png
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  • 09/29/15--12:38: question about vas
  • hi guys

    i had vas but now is broken, i need to buy a other but what model is the best? with oki chip ? or without oki chip and UDS? what is oki and uds?


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  • 09/29/15--12:40: diagnostic fiat
  • hi guys

    i am interested for a device for fiat that can programming the body module and the key. what i can buy?

    thank you

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  • 09/29/15--12:45: question about tool ford
  • hi guys

    i am interested to buy a device for programming diesel pump ford, what device i can buy?

    thank you

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