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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    4L40K motorola read out flash

    Hi, is there any easy way to get this done in 128KB ?? instead of 2MB buffer ??
    Copy page by page to make 128KB file ?? or how to read it with xprog and save as 128KB ??? xprog alwayes selecting 2MB but flash is 128KB

    FLASH 128kB RD/WR
    page $38 0x08000 - 0x0BFFF
    page $39 0x18000 - 0x1BFFF
    page $3A 0x28000 - 0x2BFFF
    page $3B 0x38000 - 0x3BFFF
    page $3C 0x48000 - 0x4BFFF
    page $3D 0x58000 - 0x5BFFF
    page $3E 0x68000 - 0x6BFFF
    page $3F 0x78000 - 0x7BFFF

    block1 protection byte 0x7BF0C
    block0 protection byte 0x7BF0D
    security byte 0x7BF0F

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  • 11/21/15--13:10: Immo Off EDC 15
  • Hi, can anyone remove immo from attached file?

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 294 bytes

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  • 11/21/15--13:11: HMS 990 install
  • Good evening

    I got my hands on HMS 990 but cant figure out the install procedure.
    Used an older sd dvd 05/2012. installed driver and protocol found on mhh, in registry hms is on

    But the problem is the installation runs ok, but no files are found on computer.
    where is the problem. is there any tutorial ?

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    If anyone need help with SCN coding, i can help.

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  • 11/21/15--14:00: calterm
  • Is there anything else "Calterm" that anyone else needs explained and or help with?
    Let me know. I'll be in "J.R's" command center working on stuff if anyone needs help.

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    Hi All,

    after install from Globaltis V27 I've to ascertain that my car was build later. Now I have download Globaltis V36A and need the activation code.



    Many thanks

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  • 11/21/15--15:02: Nyo4 2015 full
  • Hello as the title says.

    Already 18 downloads and one thanks.Great.
    Nyo4 2015 full.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 55 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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  • 11/21/15--15:24: ODIS (S) Postsetup 6.70.180
  • To all MHH users, ODIS Postsetup 6.70.180.

    Install for 2.2.7 (after .80 or .150).

    Tested and working Fing32

    No password.

    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 508 bytes

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  • 11/21/15--15:28: A6 C6 Key programming help
  • Hi guys I need some help ,
    have a A6 C6 2004 with all keys lost ,
    ordered key from dealer and tried to adapt with vcds.
    I extracted pin from ecu so this ok.
    I go to 05 then security access ,enter pin code and have error.

    Controller refused the Key!
    First attempt : Error 35 : Invalid Key
    Second attempt : Error 35 : Invalid Key

    In measuring blocks 023 key-ID authorized NO .
    Immobilizer Status 6 .

    VCDS support coding keys on this car ?
    Or I'm missing something ?
    Thanks for your reply's .

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    Here is a Case Electrical connector catalog and CNH PDI fill in forms for Articulated trucks, Compactors, Crawlers, Excavators, Loaders, Motor Grader, Skidsteers, Telehandler and Backhoes

    PDI, Connector.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 180 bytes

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    hey all, ive been using a program called synergy to use 1 mouse and keyboard to work my 7 desktops, now synergy went for shit a couple months ago and i cant seem to get it working again. any other programs like this someone could steer me to?

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  • 11/21/15--16:18: USB LINK 2 OR DPA 5
  • After some lowlife decided that he needed my laptop and USB LINK more that I did, I'm forced to buy another one. I have been considering the DPA 5. Just wanting to get some thoughts from anyone's experience. Thanks in advance

    Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk

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  • 11/21/15--16:32: smart mileage correction
  • hi guys
    i have a smart 2009 yearu and need to calibration KM on dash. i have original Avdi abrites, is possible to done by obd?

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  • 11/21/15--16:51: bmw e60 SRS MODULE FAULTY
  • hi guys. i have a problem with a bmw e60 after crash. i swap the air bags ant belts and now i have only a error that show srs module is faulty, is possible to repair this module by dump? and which tool whant to use?


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    I have Galletto V54 - and i try to read map fom ECU
    from Volvo FM9 2004 y , 9364 cm3 , 250 KW (340 HK)

    When i connect interface to the car by the 8 Pin adapter,
    galletto shows voltage 25V ... thats ok.
    But do not see driver, and i can not read map from ECU.
    There can be Lucas or TRW driver.
    But Galletto do not see any one
    maybe someone can help me ?
    Maybe there should be some special adapter.... or something...

    Regards... Jack

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  • 11/22/15--12:03: IUD Question
  • From what i see last version out is 3.2

    Since then was 3.6, 4.0, 4.1 and now is 4.2 does anybody have a newer version then 3.2 ?

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    Please anyone advice which are the best key/immobilizer programming tool to buy for use on Honda/Acura and Toyota/Lexus american spec cars from 2005 - 2015

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    Hi guys
    i need help about disable password for coding srs......
    i use xentry 2015
    thanks in advance

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    Just an information:

    On a rainy sunday, i made some experiments with fly fvdi and Mercedes CR2 EDC15C6 from w210 220CDI.

    - Flash reading - correct !
    - Eprom reading and writing - correct !

    After a few times eprom reading, ecu was damaged. I´ve got no access to the ecu. it was dead.

    I opened the ecu and read the eprom with Codex (like upa) - everything ok !
    Then, i dessolder the flash 29F800BT and read with programmer.

    Now, i have 3 flash files.

    1. Ori Flash file from my database
    2. Flash file read by fvdi before damaged
    3. Flash file read by programmer after no access to the ecu.

    Ori flash file is the same like fvdi readed file.. means FVDI read very slowly but correct. (Programmer=3 seconds; FGTech=3 minutes; FVDI=10 minutes!!!)

    Flash file after damaging reading by programmer is partially erased...

    Conclusion: Do not use FVDI to read Eprom on EDC15C6


    If it helps press thx and rep

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  • 11/22/15--12:32: Flash Iveco 35c13
  • Hi.What can i use to read Iveco 35c13 flash.Mpps v13 don't work.ThanksBeer

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