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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hi guys , i'm searching some VR6 Turbo's OBD1 ( with distributor ) files .
    I only have good files for OBD2 or Coilpack

    If someone have that in his database

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi there we need to immo Off ECU 0281010779 EDC15C2 Peugeot 307.The bins are inside attachment.

    Thanks All

    File Type: .rar
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  • 11/30/15--15:23: Help immo edc15 Seat
  • Hi,

    i need immo off this 24C02 dump file from a EDC15 Ecu Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI ASV 110HP 038906018FB 0281010006


    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 251 bytes

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    Hi Good Friends !

    What could cause a cranking but no start when engine is hot.
    The car is NISSAN PATHFINDER 2002. It start perfectly fine when the engine is cold, but can't start when HOT untill engine cools, it then starts again ?

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  • 11/30/15--15:51: EWA version update
  • Hi,
    I was wondering if I could update EWA version EPC and wis asra directly to a newer version 2015 or do I have to reinstall the whole program.
    Thanks in advance

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    If I IMMO OFF an ECU, and customer wish to reverse it later, Is the Process REVERSIBLE? OR once immo off, no immo possibility again on that particular ECU

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  • 11/30/15--16:33: Chassi Dynos
  • Im in beginning stages of having drawings made up to build a 7 bay shop opening june 1st of next year, im building it to accomobate a tractor trailer and room to move around with them hooked up, pit, in ground heating etc etc, my next question.... due to the lack of dynos in ontario and quebec, im seriously looking to accomodate a dyno.
    whats the best dyno for your money any thoughts/

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    hi all need synchronized the dde with cas the car is bmw 530D 2003 the erreur stored in ecu is erreur connector ews check wiring diagram between cas and dde and all is ok and when try to synchronized using a launch it give me that the cas and dde is not assembled here is the file of the two ecus cas and dde

    bmw cas and dde files .rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 90.06 KB

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  • 11/30/15--17:17: Subaru Tribeca P0606
  • Hi
    after flashing Subaru Tribeca 3.6 to disconnect the fault mask on catalysts and rear oxygen sensor error occurs P0605
    Read KESS V2 clone

    VIN nr.: 4S4WXFLU58S013829
    SW ver.: 211F0D20
    HW Ver.:
    SW upg.: DZ1G001F
    Installation: 574B343107FF
    Any your decision

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    hi all try to open ecu bmw 530D 2003 to read eeprom 95320 and whith some force some resistor has remove from their places i need confirme that the resistors are in their right places and there is a missed one i need to know what ressitor are missing to remplace please help
    [Image: mmm.jpg]

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  • 11/30/15--17:26: Seat Ibiza
  • Hi,

    can you help me clear this crash?

    Seat Ibiza 2013
    6R0 959 655 K

    95320 EEPROM


    95320_original_airbag_with crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.63 KB

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    Hi MHH auto,
    I have an ML 166 Year 2013 Vin WDCDA5HB9CA068923
    The car was accidented, all airbags deployed. At the beginning before changing any thing, the car did not crank at all, when you turn the key to start, you can hear the starter solenoid click but the starter will not turn. I changed all airbags along with Air bag control module I also changed the front prefuse. I program the airbag module online and was successful. Now the car crank but will not start.

    I insert the key in the EIS and turn it to IG ON, I cannot hear the fuel pump working. But I can actuate the fuel pump in the fuel pump module. I also update the fuel pump and was successful. Now the car problem still same, engine crank but will not start and cannot hear actuation of fuel pump when the key in IG ON.

    I don't have airbag faults, but I have 2 DTCs on Front SAM concerning the Outside Air temperature Sensor which is current and stored. But I don't think these faults will prevent the car from starting. The DTCs are P007084 and P007015.

    I also have a fault on A80 Shift Module(ISM). P179D00 The redundancy system for Direct Select was activated. I cannot change gear as the braking system(the brake pedal) is not operating correctly. I entered the ISM module and went to actual values. Find attached pictures of what I saw. I want to know what is the function shift lock active? The next step I will do, I will start to bleed the braking system and make the brake operating correctly. I learn somewhere in Xentry that I must operate the brake pedal in order to deactivate the Direct select. Am I in the correct way?.

    Please HELP!!!!!!!!


    File Type: .jpg
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  • 11/30/15--17:42: allison doc v13
  • here is the link for doc13 and the update.
    sam102 has the keygen on his rds site

    Allison doc 13.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 50 bytes

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    Hello .. I just got this code on my dash , guess I was wonder wher this sensor is at ? Is it the alternator ?

    Thanks much !!!

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    Hi friends. I need delete flaps in file. File is 2.0tfsi bwa ecu med9.1
    I try with swiftec but cold start fail have misfires over 40 sec.
    I need delete all funtions flaps swirls. I CAN PAY FOR SOLUTION. THANKSS PLEASE WRITE ME PRIVATE MESSAGE

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  • 12/01/15--13:08: JAGUAR ECU file
  • Hi Somebody can help!
    I need ecu file for jaguar 2008 2.7.
    SID204, HW 5WS40535F-T, SW 877265250.

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    Hello, i am working on a 2010 w212, it originally had normal headlights, i installed the bi xenon headlights i was able to code the xenon feature and hlm-fl and hlm-fr, but i couldnt get the highbeams to work, xentry doesnt see the hlm for left or right, the wiring is correct any ideas on how to solve my problem?

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    HI everybody can someone pls check immo off solution for citroen jumpy edc15c2 3 pin 2.0 HDI cuz car not near to me just wanna make sure. Thanx

    edc15c2 citroen ori and off.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 633 bytes

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  • 12/01/15--13:32: V037526
  • please code for

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    Are you tired of overpriced and very expensive tools (such as VEI Truck Explorer and spec diag tools), (senselock) usb dongles, (high) shipping costs and/or untrusted payment methods (such as bankwire)?

    WHAT YOU NEED IS: THIS BRAND NEW FDOK/VEDOC ( XT / XN ) + MR1 PASSWORD CALCULATOR for VeDoc (FDOK) X-functions and DAS passwords for MR download.

    Eight (8) Reasons to buy/purchase:

    #1 Cheapest! SAVE MONEY.
    #2 No token limited! UNLIMITED CALCULATIONS * **
    #3 Easy-to-Use! 1). Just run the software , 2). Enter information , 3) Press "Calculate" button
    #4 No HWID Lock!
    #5 No Dongle Required!
    #6 No Shipping (costs), JUST A DOWNLOAD LINK (small size)! SAVE TIME AND MONEY!
    #7 Also works for DAS 2013.01 and newer!
    #8 Future updates are FREE OF CHARGE!


    Wholesale price:
    Quantity / price
    1- 5 / 175 euro
    5-10 / 165 euro
    10-15 / 150 euro
    16-50 / 100 euro
    50+ / Contact for authorized reseller permissions (we can put your own logo in the software).

    So if you wish a sample, it will cost (1x 175) 175 euro. If you wish to order 16 licenses, it will cost (16x 100) 1600 euro. In this example You will save 1200 EURO!


    If you wish a web API (online module for your website), contact by email.

    Supports versions:
    - DAS 2012.11 and earlier versions
    - DAS 2013.01 and newer versions

    FDOK calculation:
    - XT (changing of NOx Torque Limit)
    - XN (erasing emissions-relevant fault codes in accutations of SCR exhaust aftertreatment system)

    DAS (MR Download) passwords calculation:
    - MR Download (MR1_90)
    - MR Download (MR1_96)

    There are no future updates planned, but in case of future updates they will be FREE OF CHARGE (LIFE-TIME)!


    - You are NOT allowed to run a webserver at the workstation where this application is running.

    - You are NOT allowed to provide codes to third-party without our knowledge (such as on forums or commercial purposes), otherwise the license will be locked without notify and any refund.

    - Sharing of your account details (license, screenshots etc.) and/or any part of this software are violation of our rules. In such cases the license will be locked without notify and any refund.

    - There is no calculation limit, however calculation of codes for "test purposes", analysis of algorithms and/or crack/hack attempt(s) may also force us to lock of your license without notify and any refund.

    - By purchasing a license you will accept our Term of use, Conditions and agreement.


    Terms and Conditions
    The author and/or (re)seller reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.

    Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. All offers are not-binding and without obligation.

    - Don't share your account information
    - Don't flood the server with heavy requests
    - Don't provide PIN / KEY codes to third-party (forums/internet/etc..)
    or else your account get locked and NO REFUND!

    ** Software requires internet connection for license checking (anti crack protection).
    - WARNING: Don't share your license information or else your license get locked and NO REFUND!


    [Image: fdok%20-%20screen%201a.png] [Image: fdok%20-%20screen%201b.png] [Image: fdok%20-%20screen%202.png] [Image: fdok%20-%20screen%203.png] [Image: fdok%20-%20screen%204.png]


    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 70 bytes

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