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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Good day fellows bow.

    Need some help here.
    Got a Fujitsu Ten Airbag ECU from Toyota Corolla 2.0D4d MY 2000 with reference numbers 89170-13020 which under toyota corolla in Airbag universal repair it tells me to program EEPROM 93C56, but I only see one soic 8 with this reference:


    Is this the one to reprogram?533

    Kindly advise.

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    Hello, I'm having this issue with a usblink clone, the one that is recognized as a nexiq usb link serial port.

    I can connect to volvo trucks just fine, can do gearbox parametrization with the i-shift, but in the cummins trucks (insite 7.6 with sp5, the latest version)

    With another nexiq I can do everything just fine (another nexiq, another notebook because the drivers are not compatibles on both datalinks.)

    Anyone has some help? maybe the drivers?

    Please, thanks for your attention!

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  • 12/15/15--15:01: Mercedes A 180 CDI 2013
  • Hello
    Does anyone know how to change the km in a Mercedes A180 CDI from 2013?
    Or any machine that makes it ?

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    This topic was discussed earlier but no clear solution was provided.
    When trying to load the user xml file I get the message: "Sorry, failed to retrieve the user details"
    I tried IE8, IE9 and Firefox - so it's not the browser
    I am getting the same error with SIS 2010 and SIS 2011 - so it is not the data disc
    Also I tried with different user xml files
    On the same computer I have installed John Deere Service Adviser which also have some errors: "Crystal Report engine can not be open"
    What I suspect is the SQL server is not working properly
    If anyone experienced this problem please help

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  • 12/15/15--15:30: Thermo-King Diag Software
  • Thermo King

    WinTrac 5.2

    WinTrac 5.5.0 Upgrade + service bulletin

    Password obvious to regular users

    My old link went down and now I can't find it.

    Please hit thanks if useful.

    Thermo King Diagnostic.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 10 times
    Size: 67 bytes

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  • 12/15/15--15:53: Zafira 1.9l dpf problem
  • Hello can somebody help me to make dpf off for zafira 1.9lcdti ? i try with volta but not working.Thanks!!
    Marca: Bosch
    Num. HW: 0281017064
    Num. SW: 1037505798

    zafira dpf on org.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 37.71 KB

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  • 12/15/15--15:54: cm870 torque limit issue
  • I'm working on a cm870 and I'm having an issue where on the dyno it will start at 100% engine load and as it pulls down below about 1650 rpm the engine load jumps to 86% approximately. I also see it calterm the output torque drop. Any ideas? Or parameters to monitor?

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    Who can activate the AG protocals on my KessV2 clone(reworked). Firmware is 4.060

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  • 12/15/15--15:57: Volvo d12d power questions
  • I was looking at a volvo truck 2005 VNL d12d. Ignition will only stay on for 5 min or so and then it will turn off even nothing is pressed. It looks like it has some sort of timeout function but I looked in all mid via PTT and nothing there about timeout of shutdowns. One guy told me that volvo has some tsm or tam system. This thing shuts it down. The truck is not running just ignition on but it all goes dark after 5 min. I know cummins has ICON maybe volvo has its own version of something like that. Any info would be great. Thank you

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  • 12/15/15--15:57: Toyota RAV4 2008 Smart Key
  • Hi all, i have a Toyota Rav4 2008 with smart key system that i have never deal with, i need to add a second smart key, the car have a smart key already, car start, i need just to add a new one but i found a used one. What i need to read? Hear about smart imoo box from to add data of my key to and where is that immo box location? In my car i have read the smart key pages with Zedfull.
    Please help. Mr. cjawahir or Mr. Gwee can help?

    [Image: idhh54.gif]

    File Type: .gif
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 67.3 KB

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    i have a problem truck i need some MHHAUTO help on.
    2010 international prostar with a maxxforce 13
    sputters intermittently with a load or parked with wide open throttle.
    it a very random sput sput sput then ok then sput sput again.
    i have just replaced the high pressure fuel pump after seeing the fuel control valve fluctuating between 32-50% thinking it would fix it but i didnt.
    ive checked the throttle valve, egr valve, cooler and exhaust back pressure valve.
    everything seems to be in order.

    any ideas?

    thank you in advance

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  • 12/15/15--16:49: kkl pinout laguna 2 hc08
  • hello mates need to read HC08

    It is possible with kkl

    Dach pinout can say ------- kkl vag

    thanks and regards

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    ok boys and girls, not a good day but anyways broke my left hand from a truck hood crushing it lol
    anyways.. Who would like some more good cat files??
    let me get cleaned up and I will post.
    for the next 10 days I will be posting something free no strings attached for 24 hrs
    wether it will be files, or screenfile, or damos , or videos time will tell.

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    I love Cheech and Chong.

    Santa claus And his Old Lady.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 43 bytes

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  • 12/16/15--14:14: MITSUBISHI EDC16 DTC P0487
  • solved.


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  • 12/16/15--14:16: XMas Promo for MVIP
  • hello Guys
    Xmas promo for MVIP full set or only OBDII tool

    look on news here : http://www.wsctools.com


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  • 12/16/15--14:18: MB E200 CDI W211
  • Im posted thread but noone answered to me. Im looking for dump file from my car ( dont have a reader to read it )

    My car is MB E200 CDI W211 2005/7month of production 122HP / 90 KW

    I looked into this and there is 5 versions of dump file for my car.

    Mercedes E200 2.2CDI 116HP 0281010042 351212
    Mercedes E200 2.2CDI 122HP 0281011159 1037368504
    Mercedes E200_CDI_A6461507091_0281012690_375670_ori

    Which dump is original from my car, and what mean last numbers?

    Im interested in this for learning purpose. I would also learn how to delete EGR and other. I tried with some random BMW dump file and WinOls demo but OLS didnt recognise maps, can you friends help me and point me in some god direction.

    is there any map pack for OLS that can automatically recognize maps?

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  • 12/16/15--14:24: Clone VCM II won't update
  • Just received my clone VCM II yesterday. I downloaded v86, let it reboot, then downloaded the patch, and rebooted. Connected VCM II and prompted me to update it, hit the tick the download begins and about half way through it says... There was a problem updating your VCM II software. Your VCM II requires a factory reset.
    So I go through the reset procedure pushing in the red tab then connecting the usb cable. It immediately starts trying to update it again with the same results.

    I have tried different usb cables also with the same results.

    The shop I work for has a licensed IDS, so I connect the VCM II to it (just to rule out the software download on my laptop) and it tries to update the hardware with the same results.

    Could this have something to do with the mini SD card or just bad hardware?

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    Need some ideas for the problem I have:

    2011 Kenworth with 2250 Cummins is making a lot of white smoke while driving and during stationary regeneration.
    It has new turbo and actuator, Def doser valve, fuel valve for the 7th injector, 7th injector.

    When driving on 9-10 gear a lot of white smoke comes from exhaust.

    When performing stationary regeneration, again the white smoke is present from the start and later it disappears.
    Everything during regeneration seems OK and working fine temperatures are rising normally, but it can't finish the regen. Just the 7th injector goes off, after like 2 hours and temperatures are going down but the high idle continues.

    Before truck had problem with the DEF leaking all the time and after replacing the DEF parts, it did the regen OK and without white smoke.

    Few days later there truck is coming back with the same problem.

    Any ideas what can be the problem and what test to perform will be much appreciated.

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    I have uploaded the most recent ServiceMaxx program contains The two separate ServiceMaxx programs 1939 and 1708 versions. Also inside the program is a registry crack file that gives you a lifetime version of ServiceMaxx. Simply install the registry file before you install the program. Works on XP and 7 not sure about 8 or 10. If you are using windows 7 turn user account control settings off. PM for PW

    ServiceMaxx and crack.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 36 times
    Size: 26 bytes

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