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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi Members

    I want to Programe Subaru Smart Key 2008 Model JDM.
    Try to Read a Pincode via Skp is Failed. Hpw can i get a Pin code and after Get a Pincode i have to Convert pincode ?

    Any Member know the Procedure to Programe a Subaru Smart Key.


    Vin Number

    DBA-5H5 SH5-002068
    SH5A54S H12 37J

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    I converted my 2009 scirocco to awd, and now i have an error in the ABS pump, "18055 - Check Coding of ECUs on Powertrain Data Bus ".
    After searching a lot on the web i found out that the ABS talks with the instrument cluster and it finds a wrong chassis type.
    How can i change the chassis type in the instrument cluster?
    Does anyone have any ideea how should i go about this?

    Thank you very much

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  • 01/09/16--15:14: adblue 8 in 1 not work
  • Hello i have adblue but its not work... Insade have some burn element
    Is there a problem ? If i change that is it possible to be ok or have somwhere short circuit ?

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  • 01/09/16--15:19: PLEASE NEED ISO

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    Hi all & happy new year, i have a Ford Fiesta 2004 witch i can't synchronize 2 used remote keys, when turn key in ignition 4 times as procedure say i don't hear any sound and when press lock and unlock button nothing happen and the radio is not work and with in his display locked. Can that be the cause of my problems?

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  • 01/09/16--15:50: CFF files
  • Is there an easy way to obtain CFF files for a car? I do bench programming and Xentry wants to connect to a car to give me the file.


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    QSK19 ind pt# 4021350

    QSK45-60G pt# 4021359

    Celect Industrial pt# 3408300

    QSM11 Power Gen pt# 4021323

    QSM11 CM570 Marine pt#4081953

    ISM for ecms 3680509,3681404,3681405,2408501 pt# 3666269-03 Has Icon

    QSM11-D (M) Marine pt# 4021559-00

    QSM11 ecms 3680509, 3681404, 3681405, 3408501 pt# 3666413-03

    Signature and CM870 4021341-04

    Signature ISX ecms, 3680509, 3681404, 3681405 pt# 3666268-01

    ISX CM 871 pt# 4021575-02

    Signature ISX pt# 3666268-04

    Signature ISX ecms 3680509, 3681404, 3681405, 3408501, 3408426, no priming pump, pt# 3666268-03

    QSL9 pt#3666478

    ISLe CM2150 pt# 4021626

    ISB CM2150 pt# 4021572

    ISC,ISL CM2150 pt# 4021573

    ISB6.7 CM2250 pt# 4022230-02

    ISC8.3,ISL9 CM2150 pt# 4022231-02

    ISX11.9 CM2250 pt# 2883476

    ISC15 CM2250 pt#4022234

    ISB6.7 CM2350 B101 pt# 4310801

    ISL9 CM2350 L101 pt# 4310788

    ISX15 CM2350 X101 pt# 4310638

    Zeus Smartcraft 2.2 pt# 4082045-01

    ISL G CM2180 pt# 4021637-02

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  • 01/09/16--16:06: Ford Vcm II Vx v.97
  • mega.txt
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  • 01/09/16--16:43: NOREGON JPRO V.2...help!!
  • hello guys , i have a problem with noregon jpro v.2
    softwate installed and activated correctly , but when I restart the pc .. .. the software is no longer active .
    same problem on win7 32/64 bit ...
    what to do?? thank you all

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    Hello to all!!! I have a problem with component protection removal and hope someone can help. Today I tried to adapt a restyling dash on a 2009 audi a4 8k with no success. Connected the FVDI selected component protection, generation 2, instrument cluster, the program connected to the clster just fine and made it virgin, loaded the confdata from the 8T0 907 468 gateway 25640 eeprom but it fails to set the component protection, it says that maybe the confdata is from another car. I've tried to read the 25640 4-5 times with 3 different programmers but with no success. Has anyone ever experienced something like this???

    Thank you!!!

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    I tried today to make some minor changes to my motor ECU (CRD352, variant Diag_3137h). The things tried changing were as follows (first one is for stop/start strategy, and the other is the Torque Limiter):
    - Betriebsstrategie_Stopp_Start .. set to Standard Logik, Last Mode (instead of Default ON)
    - Momentbegrenzung .. set to 'deaktiviert'.

    I've got no problem connecting and reading the data, but as soon as I try to code it back to the ECU I get

    Write: eALL_NEGATIVE - Security access denied
    Write: eNEGATIVE - Security access denied

    Does anyone know how to get around this?

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  • 01/09/16--17:48: Black List
  • Hey guys can anyone share a copy of the blacklist from 12/2015 thank you,

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  • 01/09/16--18:47: Info needed
  • I got this dump off a Suzuki gran vitara 2.0. can anyone do a immobilizer off on this file?

    Vitara S24C04 Chip.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 166 bytes

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    Hi Guys,

    Is this any good ?

    ALLScanner VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054A ODIS V2.0 Support UDS Protocol For VW Unlocked

    I can buy this for super cheap .. does this support new cars ?

    Thank you

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  • 01/09/16--20:18: HONDA HDS cable ?
  • Hi Guys,

    Are the ebay cables for Honda ~40$ any good for HDS ?
    Do they cover 2015 cars ?


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  • 01/10/16--13:37: Audi A4 dash
  • Hi
    I need eeprom with dash audi a4 8D0 919 034 E or 8D0 919 036 a


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    pls make max rpm limter more than 9000
    now it is 7500
    thank you

    MAZDA MX3 1800 V6 SIEMENS KEMSCO K838.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 19.99 KB

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  • 01/10/16--14:16: Windows xp for dell 6420
  • Hi

    I'm having problem with dual graphic drivers on Dell E6420.
    I have already installed windows XP x32 either with ATA and AHCI mode.
    When install Intel first then no possibility to install Nvidia also vice versa. I can"t get two graphic cards to work. Normally Intel is visible in Device Manager but when reset bios Nvidia comes up but only to next restart.
    Asking here guys because this dell is quiet popular and may be some of you came across similar issue.1087

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    Here are the Vediamo Coding CBF files for Vediamo software.

    Password by PM after getting some thanks and reputationCheer2

    vediamo Coding CBF.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 74 bytes

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  • 01/10/16--14:33: BMW X5 Tuning file need
  • Hi!

    I need tuning and egr off for my bmw x5.


    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 38.27 KB

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