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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    hello will replace the ecu to a outlander mitsubishi 2009 new purchased in dealer since I had was bad the transmission did not change since the replace it all right probe and make your changes well, now I have a problem that does not erase a code so resetie and does not delete the code is p1676 Variant Coding System, we introduced the right vin the new ecu but whatever does not turn off, I want to know if I have to do more because I saw that the read parameter live I not give it according to and read that code is not correct because the information or not to complete but that information will? because I introduced her vin and well lit but I would put that code any suggestions or I do any synchronization, some jumper in the obd2 for sincronize thanks for your help

    I have the Mut III

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    Welcome friends,
    whether it would be someone so friendly and renew damp for me?
    Mercedes CL500 2000 Bosch ME 2.0
    Thank you very much Wink

    File Type: .rar
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    Second upload for the community.

    I did a fresh install of Windows XP and with a lot of testing, I have IDS updated to v98.04 with the "permanent" 3 day evaluation lock.

    I couldn't test out the functionality, as I nor anybody I know have Mazdas. However, my VCM2 clone connected to the VMware and IDS recognized it. I disabled internet time, so make sure to NOT change the date OR time.

    Make sure to adjust your settings in VMware. I used VMware 12 Pro to make this. I tested this on a Toshiba laptop and a Dell laptop. Works perfectly fine. Also, when you load up the VMware image for the first time, make sure to choose "I Moved It" so everything stays the same.

    Press Thanks + Rep and PM me for the password. There are a lot of leechers and I want to make sure people also give back in return, as I am starting to do.

    More uploads will be coming in the future!

    1. Press Thanks + Rep and PM me for the password.
    2. Download Winrar or any compatible .rar archiving software.
    3. Extract the folder from the file to wherever you'd like.
    4. Make sure to hav VMware Workstation 12 installed. I didn't test this on any other version, so I can't say if it'll work on any other version of VMware.
    5. Open VMware and press Open Virtual Machine. Go to the folder where you extracted the rar file and select the .VMX file.
    6. Configure the virtual hosting settings, if you'd like (RAM, Processors, etc)
    7. Press "Power on this virtual machine"
    8. When it asks about the network card, press "I Moved It"
    9. Open VCMII Select.
    If you have an original/genuine VCMII, choose VCMII OEM to install the drivers.
    If you a clone VCMII, choose VCMII Plus.
    Then, connect your VCMII and let the drivers install.
    10. Enjoy!

    Release Revisions:
    1-12-2016: Mazda IDS 98.04 w/C93 initial release

    Special Thanks:
    Thanks to TizWaz for providing the 98.04 IDS Update
    Thanks to megashared, for uploading the v93 Calibration files

    Please, Do NOT PM me for support. All support questions must be posted in this thread. I will not respond to support via PM. Make it easy and let the community learn as well. Post your question in this thread so we can help and others can learn, as they may have the same question!

    Mazda IDS 98.04 Mega.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 217 bytes

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  • 01/12/16--16:00: winols
  • I try to learn some good WinOLS also paid

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    Hi dear community,
    could someone delete those DTC from my file?

    HW: MJ8F3HW10W
    SW: 2841BD65

    need to erase P0130 & P2248 errors - related to lambda sensor (car is runnig OK, no limp mode, just MIL on)


    Fiat Ducato 2.3JTD Marelli MJD8F3.BD 130hp 2011r DPF.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 1.26 MB

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    hi to all. i need your help. need please celan this file is for a ford explorer 2010 eeprom 95160. any help please let me know asap !!! thanks team.....

    9L24 14B321 DB

    ford exp 2010 9l24 14b321 db.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 1.1 KB

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    Dear friends,

    today I received my new C3 Mux, because I gave my old one to a friend, who was in urgent need.

    Anyway, I do not get any connection with the Mux when trying to connect with the car via Xentry or DAS (see pic).

    Then I saw, that the hhtwin.ini-file had a Part-T Mux registered and the cal.ini a Part-D2 registered.

    I changed the files to hhtwin.ini-file and after that it showed up in the configuration and as "Part D accessible“.

    I corrected the Com-Port to Port 2 with 19200 baud/bit-rate and all the other correct configurations. I also tried 115200.

    I still get error message when trying to connect to a car.

    I started Ceasar self-test and got the following information as shown in the pictures.

    The installation I use, was working with my old C3 Mux.

    The lamp on the Mux is turned on.

    Did I forget something?

    I am using DAS/Xentry 12/2014 verison with WIS and EPC standalone 05/2015.

    Hope you can help me.

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 01/12/16--18:24: How to reset ECM
  • Hi everbody!
    Now I have some problem with ECM Caterpillar 3512C, so any one can help me how to reset ECM Caterpillar 3512C?
    Thanks very much.

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  • 01/12/16--19:47: Vas/odis Utility CD V3
  • Utility-CD_V3iso.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 8 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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    I have the calibration to eliminate/delete the dpf and the egr at cummins 871 and cat C13 ,I'm looking to change it up for the calibration to eliminate/delete Dpf at Caterpillar C15

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  • 01/12/16--21:03: scania engine DC09 DC13

    link with decryption key.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 86 bytes

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    latest vci software for vcm2 bosch 049

    New Text Document .txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 70 bytes

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have difficulties reading 95640 chip from Honda CR-V airbag module, the hex value always set to 00, i have tried unsolder the chip and read with programer but still the same, and when i try to write some value i always got error and no value stored on the eeprom, can any body explain whats wrong with this chip?

    my airbag module is 77960-swa-u413-m4.

    Thank's in advance.

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  • 01/12/16--22:14: Proton Gen2 airbag
  • Hello,

    I have a Proton Gen2 with Autoliv airbag module and part number 603782700. Can we remove the crash data? Attached is the dumb file from the 95080

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 544 bytes

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  • 01/12/16--22:18: Toyota Yaris dash
  • Hi,

    I have a Toyota Yaris dash with 98020Km and I need to change it to 160000Km is that possible attached is the dumb file of the 93c56 Eeprom.

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 200 bytes

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  • 01/13/16--13:20: Lancer 2010 Vin to pin
  • Hello fellow members
    Can any 1 generate the pin code for the following VIN
    JE3BB36P3BU721069 for lancer 2011
    I've lost all keys and want to program another transponder

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    Please can some one help me with the issue i have with my cupra. I had the car remapped and its been back and forth from day 1 i said the 17705 was caused by the out of factory fault... aka FVPDKLDUS

    It's located right before KFDLULS (threshold for overboost detection). You can set it to 0, or tweak it so it's not active on cold starts by raising the threshold at which it is active. If your cold start idle is 1200, raise it to 1300. No more code.

    I went back last week with that fix supposedly in it but i think only the FVPDKLDUS change was made but also i have gained the P1555 (Upper Limit Exceeded).

    Now the Fuel trims are shot..............STFT reads as + 4 after a few runs and LTFT ranges from -15 : -25 it's 100% not a leak its all down to the trims.

    So i came across the S4wiki and i am hoping its should be pretty simple to follow and sort.

    Part throttle LTFT

    Once you get your WOT AFR right, you may notice that your LTFTs are way out of whack. If they get too far out, you'll throw a code and possibly go into limp mode.
    KFKHFM - Correction map for MAF. Log STFTs at various part throttle positions, RPMs, inclines, and gears to determine where the MAF readings need tweaking. If you are using the stock MAF and intake system, you should not have to touch this.
    You can also do fueling corrections in both FKKVS and KFLF, depending on preference.
    Once you have got both partial throttle and WOT exactly where you want them, go back and clean up TVUB according to your idle STFTs/LTFTs as needed.
    You may also simply want to disable LTFTs while you are fine tuning part/idle throttle.

    Anyone have any tips or an original map file for the Cupra AUQ? I am waiting on my kess v2 to arrive but if needs can get the id from the car via my other diag unit.

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  • 01/13/16--13:56: Xprog can read 24c128?
  • So xprog m can read 24c128 because i dont see this in atmel section

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    Hi Guys,

    Anyone had this issue 2010 focus .... Dashboard losing power, needles go down, light, door will not lock unlock


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    have workshop manual Citroen DS3 please ?

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