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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    anyone help me on this, we have a 2007 focus 1.6tdci,
    failed pcm update using IDS,
    wiped flash,
    had original obd read, we got a good BDM to write flash
    car wont crank, start,
    dash says engine check or similar,
    no dtc for immo,
    anyone advice or help,
    i post all reads here,

    inc obd etc,
    sw sw 1037386031
    ecu label 0281012487

    Focus rar, has as we read originally after failure, then recovered after we write good flash with BDM, then alternative as someone offered different flash,,,, all no good,


    BOSCH EDC16C34/2.20/2.
    C562/RevC C

    ecu id, from obd fgtech screen,,,,,
    edc16c3 can.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 44.03 KB

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  • 02/28/16--10:59: focom not working on mondeo
  • i have bought a focom from ebay and its not working on mondeo ,i have tested on fiesta ,focus etc,.. i can make a update to work on mondeo??

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    Hello, I have tried very hard to fix this and I'm afraid I could use a little help please.

    I have a C3 clone and Dell D630. The 120GB Harddrive it came with 09.2014 DAS/Xentry/EPC/WIS running Windows XP and all software fully works.

    But I wanted a backup.

    I cloned the drive to a PNY 120GB SSD.

    Windows XP loads great however I'm having some problems with getting the Xentry/DAS/EPC software to run on the newly cloned drive. I have spent many hours trying to figure out what to do. Below is what I have tried and the results.

    I would hugely appreciate any help with getting my cloned drive working so I don't have to rely on the original drive incase of a drive failure.

    Order of events:
    -Create clone of working drive using Acronis True Image 2016 by removing drive from D630 and using another computer to clone from the first drive to the second drive.
    -Put cloned drive onto PNY 120GB SSD (tried other 5400RPM drives with same result)
    -Boots up perfect but cannot load WIS/Xentry/DAS:
    --Xentry: pop up screen comes up then goes away program does not load
    --WIS: Working fine
    --EPC: No valid StartKey
    --DAS: Unregistered, requests name and serial number

    -Went into STAR UTILITIES > StartKey Center only Xentry had a key/was valid
    -Went into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\LicDir and deleted lic_key_2.dat
    -Now that Xentry Diagnostics, Xentry DAS, and WIS did not have Keys, I made new ones using CarProKey V1.02

    For XENTRY DIAGNOSTICS I used CarProKey V1.02
    (Computer clock date was Jan 21 2014)
    Key was made using Hardware ID 62A77532F16A
    App ID 253
    Start Date 20140101
    Expiration Date 20240101
    I then proceeded to make lic_key_2.dat a read only file through windows explorer

    For XENTRY DAS I used MHH.CO-Xentry Safe Developer Key
    LAN ID: 08005BABA84E
    Pack: DAS Developer
    Checked to expire on date 1/1/2024
    Number of users: 1

    I CANNOT Generate a valid WIS/ASRA Key
    I tried using CarProKey V1.02 with both hardware and lan ID
    1 user
    same expiration date as Xentry DAS and Diagnostics
    Keep receiving the error, Not Valid Hardware ID

    RESULTS after the above for newly cloned drive:
    -Xentry still just shows the splash screen and then goes away
    -DAS still asks for Username and Serial Number on loading
    -When trying to run the EPC, I receive the message "no valid StartKey..."
    WIS Still loads and runs

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    I would ask if possible add key for VW Passat 3C by obd and what tool is the best?

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  • 02/28/16--11:50: need help altea 2.0 tdi 2007
  • Hello,
    I come to you for ideas and seek help if possible
    I have a Altea XL 2.0 TDI 140 year 2007, there's two months I changed the turbo
    turbo changed with a new remanufactured (turbo new but not original)
    all hoses, intercooler, egr valve and supercharging system were cleaned and verified,

    Today the car started well runs well, but sometimes in 1 or 2 speed, I have the engine is flooded down regime between 1500 and 2000 rpm, with a big black smoke behind,
    past the 2000 rpm, the engine starts like a rocket,

    This is truly random, because sometimes the car up in the towers normally

    I changed the debimetre, with a new,

    Does someone have an idea

    I have 2 logs
    please, is that someone can help me check values,
    the first table gray, power is by appointment,
    Table 2 on the pink, no power and heavy black smoke before 2400 rpm
    I have the Exhaust Gas - Recirc. Duty Cyclequi remains blocked a 95.5%, this is the solenoid valve that manages the egr valve ??
    Thank you for your answers;
    power ok.JPG
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 114.42 KB

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    Hi guys .

    Searching MERCEDES ABS Brake Pressure Accumulator like in picture. ONLY NEW PCS ... actualy need 3 pcs maby more if is interesant price ....

    Thanks four offerts .

    BANKA SBC.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 10 times
    Size: 15.59 KB

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  • 02/28/16--11:57: bmw edc17cp45 ktag
  • i hope this is in the right section

    so i have a ktag clone with 6.070 fw and v2.11 sw .. i have the help folder and the files and all ecus have the help tutorials EXCEPT the bmw edc17cp45 , cp50 and a few other bmw f10 diesels ...

    it seems i have the protocols but it just skips the part with the tutorial and pics !!

    anyone know what to do here?

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  • 02/28/16--12:01: Radio code software?
  • Hi, I was just wondering if Mercedes has a software that will allow for calculation of radio codes? or are they all randomly pre-programmed?

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  • 02/28/16--12:02: AK500 + database
  • Hello to all,
    I have ak500+ and i dont have database for esl,if somebody have can send me to mail,please i need it? Also how to put that in ak500+,or connect with it?



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    Dear colleagues
    My recently bought Diagbox (7.75 – 7.82) does not communicate with Citroen C5 (X7) (series III, car was build in 2009). Communication with C5 series I (2004) works fine.
    In the meanwhile I installed Diagbox on a different notebook (complete new installed XP SP3, 32bit) but there is no difference with the behavior. With Diagbox (I’vt tested several versions from 7.57 up to 7.83) and the main unit bought one month ago (4.3.2, 921815 C/) I cannot communicate with Citroen C5(X7).
    With my old Diaxbox 7.49 and my old main unit 4.3.2, 963830 C/ (bought in June 2014) communication with both Citroen C5 works fine.
    After several new installations and searching hours in the internet (I got squares eyes), I really would appreciate any useful support.
    Thanks in advance. Trecenti

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  • 02/28/16--12:21: CODING ABS WITH FVDI
  • Hi, I have problem with a GOLF 6. The ABS lost the coding, so I use the function for generate coding code, but when I use the function for coding and paste my code it refuse the coding. Can someone help me?
    Best regards.

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  • 02/28/16--12:26: EDC17 eeprom check sum
  • Hi friend
    I"ve changed VIN in eeprom and i can't find any check sum which i have to modify
    Car starts well but i can't see correct VIN via star dev mode
    Could someone help me with check sum

    G463 350Blutech all_EEprom MOD.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 6.01 KB

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  • 02/28/16--12:29: code request.
  • Hello Friends,
    I have an copy of DDDL 6.4 that I purchased quite a while back. My Laptop screen just went dead. My son installed it on another computer but now it requires a registration code. I really need to use it today. Can someone please supply a registration code?

    Id: DMRFB640

    Thank's very much!

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  • 02/28/16--12:35: J1850 adapter
  • Anyone have this adapter j1850 for Fvdi ??
    There are some squematic for autobuild ??

    Thank you everyone

    Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk

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    i need ori file VW R20 (Med9.1)

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  • 02/29/16--10:58: Problem Man cats 14.01
  • Hi all!
    Who have medicine for this problem in Man cats 14.01?
    It's pop up in time when is connecting to Man T200!

    File Type: .png
    Downloaded: 7 times
    Size: 8.64 KB

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    i need clean dump for 2013 hyndai elantra here is the bad one....

    2013Elantra 5wk44352.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 2.52 KB

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    Hi. I installed ptc heater on vw caddy 2007year, engine BLS. Its electrical heater for air, controlled by 2 relays, connected to ecu. For this ptc heater begin work i need coding ecu, but i can not calculate coding. Please help calculate it or tell where i can find information.

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    i search the original File from a Volvo T6 Engine
    3.0 Turbo with 304 PS from year 2011 or newer

    engine code: B6304T4
    Denso Ecu


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  • 02/29/16--11:12: CS/PIN PCR 2.1
  • hello, I need cs/pin please.
    old ecu is death, only can read eeprom out of ecu. irom read not possible.
    I have eeprom from oldest ecu and irom/eeprom new one, someone help me please?

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 742.61 KB

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