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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 03/10/16--14:07: DPF remove BMW 525d 2005
  • Hi

    Need ORI file with DPF remove for this BMW 525d 2005 here it is tuned file

    0281011120 1037390905.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 104.91 KB

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    what can i use to read write infineon chips

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  • 03/10/16--14:31: easydiag
  • I received a new easydiag 2.0 for iOS from eBay, the yellow one, and I'm wondering if is possible to use it as iDiag with all brands!

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  • 03/10/16--14:56: Diag Laptop
  • What is the best laptop buy for dual boot Mercedes and BMW?

    I'm testing some i5 and i7 but...
    What you think?

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    Can somebody extract pin code from dump

    Audi A3
    8P0 920 931
    24C32 read by Wellon Programmer


    24LC32 - A3 8P0 920 931.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 1.4 KB

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  • 03/10/16--15:03: DPF off 407 1.6 hdi
  • Hello, anyone can to help me for DPF OFF
    The ecu is EDC16C34 1.6 hdi
    Thank you

    BOSCH EDC16C34 407.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 48.33 KB

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  • 03/10/16--15:06: Help Jeep VIN to PIN
  • Hi friends please help whit pin from this VIN
    Thanks in advance

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    I need more power

    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 48.44 KB

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  • 03/10/16--15:48: Dashboard Espace MK3
  • Hello,
    I have a problem whit the dashboard of the Espace MK3 (1999), the board computer is not work, is fault of the dash?

    Thanks for help

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    I tell him $150 for programming F30 - 328i, he says I'm expensive lol

    not even sure I can do it Cheer2

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    Does anyone have a suggestion or tip for me based on the following information?

    W221 S350 Bluetec 4Matic, USA version, model year 2013, production date 12/12.
    Customer concern: Check Engine light is on.
    My diagnostic setup: DAS/Xentry 03/2014, C4 multiplexer.

    Fault codes upon initial scan in control unit CDI60LS:
    - 16CE00 (current & stored) The test of the AdBlue system has not been carried out.
    - 179000 (current & stored) The signal of component NOx sensor downstream of catalytic converter is implausible.
    - 18B800 (current & stored) The variation between the measured signal and the calculated signal of the NOx sensor downstream of the SCR catalytic converter is too high.
    - 18B900 (stored) The variation between the measured signal and the calculated signal of the NOx sensor upstream of the SCR catalytic converter is too high.

    NO fault codes at all in control unit SCR.

    I viewed actual values of the NOx sensors and noticed that the NOx concentration downstream of the SCR cat was always higher than the NOx concentration upstream of the SCR cat.

    The upstream NOx sensor was reading suspiciously low, so I replaced it. I performed the control unit adaptation in CDI6 for replacement of that NOx sensor. After a short "conditioning drive" to heat up the sensors, I now get consistently plausible NOx values from both sensors, and the upstream sensor always reads higher than the downstream sensor.

    Here's my problem: I clear the 179000 and 16CE00 fault codes, but they come back right away even before the engine is started. The 18B800 and 18B900 codes are gone and don't come back.

    Any suggestions on getting rid of the 179000 code would be most appreciated. I believe the 16CE00 will resolve itself thereafter.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • 03/10/16--16:07: Immo off edc16c8 Alfa?
  • Is it possible to immo off Alfa Romeo EDC16C8?

    original read_EEprom.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 689 bytes

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    can help me to get Flash for this BSI 5F.47
    i am very miss for this file

    Thank you

    BSI 5F.47.jpeg
    File Type: .jpeg
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 41.41 KB

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    Hey guys can somebody check if this clear data is good. This is a Suzuki SX4 2008. 38910-80J40-000 95160

    Thanks for your help

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 590 bytes

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    hi, how r u?.

    well, i have one lexia, i updated from B to C and firmware 4.3.3, when i open diagbox, the first session work without any error, but, when i check firmware version, i get 4.3.0 :/ .

    if i want use diagbox, get message Access to vehicle communication card impossible.
    so, i got to interfase checker and flash again, and the loop start again.

    Does Anyone has any solution to this?.


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  • 03/11/16--13:03: DAS error! Need help
  • Hello guys i have some problem with my SDConnect. I have the mb star c4 with 12.2015 Xentry. Till today everything was ok. But today after Connectin Multiplexer to my car (w208) i have an error (1.18. -9.890.) communicating fauld.

    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 12 times
    Size: 151.91 KB

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking at blocking the attached file from being read via OBD.
    I heard swiftec has this feature?

    I only want to change the seek key so the reading is blocked, I would like to be able to write.

    Thanks inadvance

    WinOLS (VW Golf).rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 830.18 KB

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  • 03/11/16--13:17: VCX nano as passthru
  • hi guys,

    I bought 2 VCX nano devices : GM & Ford/Mazda

    On the device software (vxmanager) I can see that the device is supported as PASSTRHU for almost every car brand

    I tried it with kia J2534 application (here)

    If I start the application with my usb NOT plugged in. the software open a dialog box where I could choose between my J2534 devices.

    Exemple : If i start in my GM VMachine, it see the GM mdi as DISCONNECTED as my usb cable isn't plugged in.

    If I start the app with my device plugged in, the software never shows the device "selector" and gives me an error message saying my liscence has expired.. ???
    It look like the allscanner app don't see a KIA liscence and block the device ?

    If I start techstream (toyota scanner software) I get the same error msg which is normal since I haven't paid for a Toyota device.

    BUT this device is supposed to be J2534 ready for all flash tool. at least that's what the vxmanager app suggest!

    If I install only the passthru driver WITHOUT the GM mdi driver, the kia j2534 app gives me an error msg saying j2534 error without giving me any choice for a device.

    I tried the same thing with FORD/MAZDA device.... no luck

    Is it possible that kia J2534 don't "see" the vcx nano (named VXDIAG in registry) ?

    someone can help me ?

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    Handshake Hi all,

    I'm attempting to clone a Bosch Ecu p/n
    I believe this is a Motronic 7.2 as indicated in the attached pictures.
    Also in the attachment there is a jpg with a BMW ME7.2 pinout which a took from another thread on this site.
    Excuse my ignorance; but I have little to no experience with ECU's.
    I just received a KTAG programmer from China today.
    Ver 2.13 H/W ver V6.070

    I would like to save the config file(s) from the original ecu and upload them (clone) them to a doner ecu from another S80 T6
    (same part number 0261207809)
    My understanding is that this version of KTAG would allow me to accomplish that; but I would need the pinout for the Volvo Ecu --
    ( Is that the same as the pinout for the BMW ME 7.2 I have attached?)
    -- My understanding is that this is done in the BDM boot mode; please correct me if that is not right.

    I do not want to blow the original Ecu up by connecting it wrong or not following the necessary procedure.
    Help and guidance with this would be greatly appreciated. 76
    I would like to save off the ecu files anyway; as insurance for future issues.
    I'm concerned that, after some reading, Volvo is so proprietary that their S/w or a dealer would be required just to save or load the configuration (ViDA DICE)?? Please advise...

    Not to make this too lengthy a post; but it seems I should explain my actual S80 problem. I had a DTC code for over voltage in the O2 heater circuit P0030.
    I replaced both upstream O2 sensors and closely inspected the wire harness and there are no obvious Vacuum leaks.. No shorts. I did not do a voltage drop test but the old O2 sensor heater resistance was infinite. When I replaced O2's with brand new Bosch sensors with oem connectors -- I got a DTC that the sensors were swapped. Oem connectors make this impossible (Black White keyed) The engine was replaced before buying the car and I assume the only problem left was that the ecu was probably malfunctioning. It was pretty easy to remove the Ecu without the removal tool after looking closely at it. Anyway --

    Any and all help with this -- I would be grateful for
    Cheers Beer

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 2.03 MB

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  • 03/11/16--13:27: Opel Zafira B UEC software
  • Hi to all

    Have Opel Zafira in Garage with faulty UEC memory (eeprom 95080 dump)

    On original UEC dump car is starting but heater fan and central locking is not working

    On 2 hand UEC dump central locking is working and fan but car is not starting.

    My tech2 have faulty VCI (bought new one but have to wait for delivery)

    Have 2 eeprom 95080 readed in attach

    Is any chance that someone can help to do dump from 2 what start car and fan and central working be working without programming.

    Thanks for any help in advance


    95080 zafira mg.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 923 bytes

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