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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi Guys
    I have a 2002 Holden Jackaroo/Isuzu Trooper that we just linked a secondhand ECM in.
    To do this the immobiliser needed to be reset as SPS would not program the ECM. Once reset the immo and ecm linked with the donor VIN/PIN details no problem, but the Mechanical Key number has issues.
    I have mechanical key numbers for both VIN numbers but they're only 4 digits long and Tech2 is expecting a 5 digit code..
    Can anyone help out here?
    I'm back at the car to try again tomorrow.

    Both keys for the car aren't letting me program them. The keys have been deleted/released from the immo.

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    hi guys, i need help change km on tachograph benz sprinter 2004 year, eeprom 24c04. actually is 363392.6 i want to change on 168454


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  • 04/04/16--01:57: BMW e91 issue
  • Suddenly my e91 gave a dsc error and it dissapeard. Next time i drove my car the cic screen stayed of idrive and mfsw and pdc didnt work. I connected it to inpa and got the following errors in the jbbf:

    A731 BI-Stabiles Relais

    A few days later everything worked again but now the problems are back. I red alot on the internet but can this problem caused by a bad battery ? It is a common problem i heard but can anybody help me wat to test or do to resolve this? 533

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  • 04/04/16--02:11: Working on DPF
  • Hi all
    I have being working on and of on a peugeot 307 sw 2,0 hdi 136 rhr the last couple of months. When i received the car it was from unknown source, my freind bought it, i was to fix it Smile The turbo was broken, dpf totally glocked, head gasket blown and severe carbon build up allover. the valve lifters and arms were also either broken or worn. I purchased new parts where i could find them the best and cheapest and the car now runs smooth..As my freind ran out of money in the end of the project he had not bought a new DPF and eolys 176 so i made 3 holes in the filter and took the car for a test drive..I got a bit of a chock because there was close to 200 hp in the car, no bullshit and i have worked with tuning before (soldering 29f400 and such) so i had a good idea of what had happened before i got the car Wink
    Now for my question, the other day my freind (who by the way is very happy about the car and is not interested in normal ecu now) came with a new DPF and Eolys and wanted me to put it on to get the car ready for state inspection, I fitted, filled, reset counters, filter with my bosch kts but could not reset eolys new refill?? or Eolyd box changing and that was where i thought!! MAYBE DPF IS OF IN SOFTWARE??
    Can any of you bright smart fellows please advice my on a program that can identify dpf sectors or is suggestion to put in a new tuned file with dpf?
    Eolys box is also swiched to another to be sure..
    Any ideas are appreciated Smile
    BTW car is running now with filter on, asked my freind to come in 500 kms to test again to se if it has regenerated, so far no warning lights are on, i really just want to be sure it is working as it was a hell of a hard job to repair that engine and i dont wanna do it again Smile better safe than sorry right?
    I am now looking for a kess clone so i can read the ecu out, as soon as it lands i will post the file and maybe someone will be able to help me with it?
    Thankyou very much for your time

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  • 04/04/16--02:21: need pin code
  • hi all i need pin code from ECU bosch 0281 014 444 edc16c34
    thank you

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  • 04/04/16--02:26: Cod radio blaupanct please
  • please i need code
    blaupunkt mercedes benz,mb
    034953 mb truck base low


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    hello! i like to do an bmw 535D LCI from 2014 313ps serie.

    have anyboda experinece with this ecu?


    i now ktag can do it but also this newer modell?

    any experince with ktag eu an this ecu?

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    I try to read a car with the Xentry 12.2015 Version. I receive different errors. I attached pictures with error. Can you please help me with this erros. I don't understand why it happens. Before i read a Class B 245 and it works fine. Now i get this different erros.

    Thank you for help.

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    John Deere Service Advisor AG ENG 201602 DISCS


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    i changed mileage the tachograph and is ok 168454, now the dash is 000000 km
    here is dash eeprom 93c66 can someone setting this file for 168454 ?


    sorry. this is good read , i need to fix km 168454,
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  • 04/04/16--03:10: DSG DQ250 File Service need
  • Hello,

    i need fileservice for DSG tune Files. Who can do this?

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  • 04/04/16--03:32: VW JETTA 2012 NEED EGR OFF
  • hi to all i want help delete EGR for vw jetta i tried ipc service for tool pcr2.1 but after write new dump on dash come immoblizer active and car not start i make back original dump to car via obd with fg car start all ok ,can someone delete it without get proplem .

    1.6 TDI


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    Hello everybody.
    I have try 2 different sd connects on Tourismo buses and sd connect does not power on.
    In the meantime those sd connect works normatlly to any other MB Truck and car.
    also on Tourismo have check C3 and works normally.
    Any ideas please?

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    hi to all.

    i have renault megan sid305 ecu. i must correct mileage and dpf mileage in it. can i do this by eeprom reading?

    thanks for help

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  • 04/04/16--03:58: Allison DOC 14 Reset
  • Reset For DOC 14
    [Image: aoxqpk.png]

    More will come soon and that's a fact jack!!
    Password is known by all good members no caps
    if you don't know Rep +1 and thanks will get it

    and yes you don't need the program you can just type that word in and it will unlock it. that's just me doing my part here for the forum Big Grin I'm slowly getting better and better at this Thanks to all the VEAY SMART people here on this forum I thank Mr. Big Banner for showing me how to unlock allison™ DOC Software I'm learning every day. People don't stop learning it's the coolest thing you will ever do. When I look down and see thank's from people I look up to that's a good filling

    Allison DOC14 Reset.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hi help clen crech

    05-04-2016 12.55.25 25160 94833085 crech.rar
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    i have an mitsubishi asx original read out with 13418km can anyone change it to 0km?

    Might be multiple times in eeprom as it counts down to service.

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  • 04/05/16--02:52: VW Crafter DTC Off
  • Hello,

    I did a dpf off on this car but now there is still a problem with a DTC.
    It is a VW Crafter with ECU Bosch EDC17 CP20, SW : 1037517521.

    The DTC is : P246E

    Is there anyone who can delete it ?

    Contact me here or in PM.


    micro dpf off.zip
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    Hello dear friends
    passat elv 4L52H mask number
    how can virgin it ?
    i will read it with orange 5
    can help plss
    THANK YOUR help...

    File Type: .rar
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    Thermo King SB-III 30 & 50 SR+ uP-IV+ Maintenance Manual PDF

    [Image: _MAR3543.JPG]

    The maintenance information in this manual covers unit models:

    • SB-III 30 SR+
    • SYSTEM SB-III 30 SR+
    • SB-III 50 SR+
    • SYSTEM SB-III 50 SR+

    Step 1. Press REP +
    Step 2. Press Thanks
    Step 3. Press PM and ask for the pass Mail
    Step 4. Wait for reply and enjoy 653

    Anyone asks for pass on the thread it will be ignored.

    Ask for pass without completing step 1 & 2 it will be ignored.


    Link is dead, let me no if you need it and I will re-upload.
    SB III 30 & 50 SR+ uP-IV+ TK41002-2-MM #14.txt
    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 297 bytes

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