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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Anyone have any idea how to unlock locked VW Touran Bosch EDC16 - It was written 4 times succesfully with Kess V2...Now when I try to read ID I get massage Security code not ready. Galletto V54 give massage ECU locked in reading!!!

    I tried solution :
    1. 30 minute of IDLE runing
    2. 2 hours of dashboard on

    Non ef this solutions are working to unlock ECu unit to write again.


    VW touran EDC16 Galletto V54 locked in reading.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 04/18/16--08:54: Passat b6 2.0tdi dpf
  • Hello i want remove dpf filter

    passat b6 103kw 2.0tdi bmp mechanic

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 53.65 KB

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  • 04/18/16--09:05: Focus 1.4 siemens immo off
  • Hi all!
    I don't have a dump for this ecu, and didn't even attempt to take it apart yet. I want to know if it is possible to off the immo of this one.
    ECU nr.: 5M51-12A650-GE
    siemens nr.: S118934103 E
    Also attached pictures of it.
    I'd also be grateful for advice too. Symptoms for the car: randomly not starting, and showing ------ on dash in place of mileage.
    Also ECU stores these codes:
    P0420 Catalyst system (bank 1): Efficiency below threshold
    U0001 Powertrain databus: Unspecified malfunction
    P1260 Theft Detected,Vehicled Immobilized
    U0140 Body control module: No communication
    U0001 Powertrain databus: Unspecified malfunction

    Dashboard stores these codes:
    U1900 CAN Communication Bus Fault: Receive Error
    U2510 CAN - Vehicle Security: Invalid data
    B1600 Since the last clearing, the ignition has been started without any key code was read
    B1681 Transceiver

    Any help is appreciated!

    xxx 001.jpg
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 179.25 KB

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  • 04/18/16--09:22: DTC off ford focus 1.6 hdi
  • please help DTC off P1412, P0404 EGR Ford Focus 1.6 HDI 2005 r

    focus egr P0404 i P1412.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 844.54 KB

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  • 04/18/16--09:35: HONDA ODYSSEY IMMO
  • Please I have a Honda odyssey 2000 with a lost key. I can find an immo box to read the eeprom dump. Please where can I find the eeprom and which number?
    I only see this transponder coil on the ignition lock. see attachment.

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 5.93 KB

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  • 04/18/16--09:38: MED17.1 immo off eeprom
  • Hey guys,
    Does anyone have an immo off solution through the eeprom for this dump?

    Thanks in advance!

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 5 times
    Size: 11.31 KB

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    Hi m8's

    Can someone help me with a scn coding for this transmission ecu, i have the following info:

    Ehs number: 2202702906
    Vin: WDD2210221A103108
    Program status: v36ba09p
    Ecu sw no: 0029029100

    Thank you!

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  • 04/18/16--10:04: Firmware for NTG5.1
  • Hello,
    Can anybody share latest firmware for NTG5s1 system? For Audio 20 and Command.
    Or please share details where I can get it.
    Kindly regards,

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    hello,need remove flap from A3 edc16u34 2.0tdi 2007year

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 541.05 KB

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    can anybody say how i can find the eeprom on this ecu ?
    i have buy the Bike cheap without keys ^^


    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 475.16 KB

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  • 04/18/16--10:25: KTM Keihin pinout
  • Does anybody has pinout for this ecu. Kess has only obd protocol but I have only ecu not whole bike.


    IMG_1890 (1).JPG
    File Type: .jpg
    Downloaded: 6 times
    Size: 89.96 KB

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  • 04/18/16--10:33: cim learn help
  • i have bought a new(old) cim from a friend ,and i want to adapt to a vectra c,i have pin number ,i need guidance how to do it ,step by step please

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    I thought some simple deductive reasoning would have led me to the answer. However, I can't seem to figure this out.

    Scenario: I went into INSITE and opened features and parameters. Got the ECM info:
    Calibration Software Phase: 08000063
    Calibration Time/Date Stamp: 70213185234
    DO Option: 1496
    ECM Code: AV10235.12
    SC Option: 12062

    ECM Name: CM871
    ECM Part Number: 3684275
    ECM Serial Number: 5007963

    Now I go into Calterm. File > Open Module. This is where I need to locate the proper cal file. So I did thru my folder and all the .ecfg files have a naming convention of 8.X.X.XX. I thought the last two numbers are supposed to match the last two numbers of the ECM Code (i.e., AV10235.12 would correlate with Of the two dozen .ecfg files I have, none end with .12. I was also told you could open the .ecfg and look around line 11 and see which cal file this was for.

    This is what I found:


    So...it seems this is the cal version.

    Million dollar question: How then do you determine what cal file you have in your ECM? Fing20

    I'm hoping someone has time to explain this theory as I am unable to figure this one out. Listen


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  • 04/18/16--10:53: Op-com C20 value
  • Hi, could anyone tell me the value of capacitor C20 of my op-com at mine as destroyed itself

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    Hi to all friends of Mhhauto, i need if is possibile to remove dpf and egr, please. (not working with ecusafe and volta)

    Many thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 60.45 KB

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    Dear member.can anyone calculator pincode for me from dump of mcu MC68HC908AZ60 2J74Y thanks in advance

    sam opel vectra.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 1.01 KB

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  • 04/19/16--08:56: Pioneer KEX-900SDK CODE
  • If you can code from dump, thank you Smile

    EEPROM: PDH001

    Lock in eeprom

    EEPROM read in 16 bit mode

    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 4 times
    Size: 93 bytes

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    Hi ive got w212 customer fitted full led lights on it ive connected it to power and dipped and main beam works like it should just indicators does not flash. Where to change coding with vediamo ??
    Regards Artur

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  • 04/19/16--09:06: need help
  • i wanted to read mfd ,fis 24c32 and i have upa and it gives me ack erorr... why?

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  • 04/19/16--09:09: Immo off on VW Passat 2010
  • Hello

    Can anyone can off immo on 2010 VW passat? having problem with starting car keep cuts off after start.

    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 8 times
    Size: 910.65 KB

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