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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    John Deere payload (pld) files,latest updated
    PM ME

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    Hi everyone.

    I sell my Original Dimsport NEW GENIUS MASTER VERSION.

    All are original and from Dimsport company. ODB,TRICORE, FULL

    Tool come with CAR/BIKE/LCV SUBSCRIPTION 2014.

    TOOL is totaly new because was replaced by dimsport few month ago under warrantly.

    Please pm for offer.


    [Image: 3177a98b_l.jpeg]
    [Image: 8f5fd640_l.jpeg]
    [Image: 05ffbf82_l.jpeg]

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    pls i m looking for valve timing procedure when belt and roller are broken for Renault scenic 1.6 16V Model year 2000. i guess valves are affected. anyone with manual pls help

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    w204 video all keys lost

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  • 06/07/16--09:59: Air bag dump free 2014
  • the content of folder

    2014 Wuling Hongguang S 24561542 balloon data .bin good car 95160
    2014 Hover H6 airbag ok data 3658120xkz16c.BIN
    2014 630 Po Chun balloon data model 23876693 .zip
    2014 of the new CRV 77960-TOA-H920-M4 good airbag chip computer data .BIN 95640
    2014 95256k595910-4M300 (OK) .zip
    2014-4-20_25320 Baojun -OK Advantech change .rar
    2014-7-7 Changan 3414070-W01 95160.zip
    2013 ix35 airbag computer data OK (95910-2Z500) .zip
    2013 Outlander airbag airbag computer 95128.BIN
    2013 Rena OK 95910-0U100.YHF
    2013 Teana xc23xx data verified 98820-3tm0a 98820-3ts0a.bin
    2013 JAC JAC and Wyatt 5824901U7101B 1034262 B926 bis (0 285 011 659 AB) .bin
    2013-11-16_13 _ & # 039; 0 _ & # 039; 6 _ & # 039; _95320.rar
    2013-12-6_15 _ & # 039; 25 _ & # 039; 24 & # 039 _; _ Imperial 95640.zip
    2013-12-9_12 & # 039; 44 & # 039; 55 & # 039; _95160 Touran OK (1) haode.Bin
    2013-5- Honda 77960-TCO-H012-M1OK small chip .rar
    2013 new Excelle 9,012,455 validated data .YHF
    2013 Buick Excelle airbag computer data SGM615-9012455-AB10A544764491.yhf
    2013 new Excelle 9,012,455 validated data .YHF
    2013 Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen D50 airbag computer chip 95160 OK 28556-2FJ0A data and the burst data .YHF.yhf
    2013 Buick Excelle airbag computer data SGM615-9012455-AB10A544764491
    2013 Hyun Jin airbag computer data 8635A-303
    2013 models new Sylphy 1km data .168
    2013 Honda CRV airbag computer data 77960-TOA-H920-M4
    2013 Chang'an CS35 airbag new data 3414070-W01-AA
    2013 Long comfortable moving airbag computer 3414700-U03-AB verified data
    13 Touareg meter 56,233 km 25320.BIN
    13.3 airbag system
    13.5 airbag system airbag system diagram .pdf airbag system identification view .pdf airbag indicator circuit fault (the driver) .doc
    13 years airbag computer JAC Refine S5 5824901U1512 has burst data read .YHF 95160
    Kia K2 13 years of airbag computer 95910-4X000]
    13 years Mazda GS1D-57K30B 95640 has been critical data modification method (2) .txt
    13 years Mazda GS1D-57K30B 95640 has been critical data modification method .txt
    13 95910-08400 Elantra airbag .rar
    13 models Teana xc23xx data verified 98820-3tm0a 98820-3ts0a
    13 of the new Jetta car airbag data 5C0 959 655C о? 95640.Bin
    13 models JAC JAC and Wyatt 5824901U7101B 1034262 B926 bis (0 285 011 659 AB)
    13 Citroen C4 balloon 8635A 278 0285 011 046 95640 chip repair data .168
    13 Citroen C4 balloon 8635A 278 0285 011 046 95640 chip has reported data .168
    Chang'an 13 S35 3414070-W01 OK airbag computer data]
    13 Changan S35 car airbag computer 3414070-W01.ST 95160. OK data .rar
    The new 2012 Santa Fe airbag computer 95910-2B080-95640 reference data and pictures .rar
    2012 Nissan Qashqai airbag computer data 28556-3ZA0A]
    2012 new Tiida airbag computer data Enshi new Tiida 285563DE0A automatically written OK.168
    2012 Honda CRV airbag computer data 77960-TOA-H912-M4
    2012 Mondeo airbag computer data AS7T-14B321-BB
    2012 Tiida airbag computer data 98820-3DF0A.YHF
    12 years BYD L3 airbag Unlocked unlit OK data .YHF
    12 years of good data Mondeo airbag - can cover AS7T-14B321-BB-95320.BIN
    12 Changan Mazda 3 airbag BFF4-57K30 data .rar
    Toyota RAV4 airbag 89170-0R050 OK data
    2012-6-16_9 _ & # 039; 3 _ & # 039; 48 _ & # 039; _BiYaDiG3_3658100.zip
    12-47 airbag F626 failures .pdf
    12 years Civic airbag 77960 TR0 H715 M1.YHF
    12 Honda CRV77960-TOA-H912-M4 balloon data
    12-year mark 207,608114600 9661872980_25080 nok.YHF
    12 years of success with Chang'an cx30 airbag repair data .rar
    12 Elderly comfortable moving without side airbags 3414700-U03 95320 car data .YHF
    12 Chery E5-A21-3606010FL data verified OK 95160 chip and system selection
    12 Skoda Octavia airbag data VW52 6Q0-909-605AH good data]
    12 new Santa Fe balloon data .YHF
    12 Uno 9S12HA32 Freescale data set
    12 Changan Mazda 3 airbag BFF4-57K30 data .rar
    12 Horse 3 BFF4 57K30 0285010927 chips 95640
    11 years MG MG6 gas Nang 95320 computer data -ok.YHF
    11 Renault Scenic ABS instruments and computer data
    11 new Tiida OK airbag computer data 988203DF0A new Tiida 93C76.Bin
    11 Peugeot 508 six airbags good data ST_95640_2012-05-12_0001.BIN
    11 paragraph Sail balloon data ok.YHF
    2011 Volkswagen Tiguan, new Passat sedan 1.8 l four-valve 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI turbocharged engine repair manual .rar
    2011 Ford Fiesta airbag computer AA6T-14B321-AA data modifications Reviews
    2011 Dongfeng Citroen Sega airbag computer 610 79 85 002012 11 2 OK and has been critical data chip 95320 .YHF
    2011 BMW 320i airbag computer data 6577918443202
    2011 New Crown verification data 89170-0N020.rar
    2010 Volkswagen Lavida airbag computer data, direct loading clear code
    10- airbag systems and their maintenance -1.DOC
    10- airbag systems and their maintenance -2.DOC
    10 years of schooling Fulansaiou computer data SGM308 9024821 0 285 010 544 chip 95160.YHF
    10 years Roewe 350 balloon data 50019354-06 (95040) OK.YHF
    10 Mitsubishi V993 balloon data. Burst of good data and
    The 2009 Chevrolet Lova airbag computer data SGM T250 MCE 9070418.YHF
    09 new Excelle balloon data 9042475_0_285_010_610_95160.YHF
    09 Volkswagen Beetle SRS 6Q0 909 605 AL 95320 ok.rar
    09 Nissan Qashqai airbag computer 98820EX70A good data .YHF
    08 2187 Jetta password Complete Data .rar
    08 Accord airbag .txt
    08 Excelle airbag ok data .rar
    08 Honda CRV balloon data to repair the 77960-SWA-H812-M4-9564.rar
    08 Accord airbag .txt
    08 Hainan Mazda 5WK43551 (J3858013) 95080-OK.rar
    08 .YHF Citroen new Sega 610798500 9665354880 OK on your computer reads
    2008 Polaris 1.6 meter 1JD920826C.YHF
    2007 Santa Fe 95910-2B170.rar
    06 airbags and air conditioning systems .DOC
    2006 Toyota Ze cool way 89170-35370 balloon data .Bin
    2005 New Gold security computer data .rar
    05 Honda Accord airbag lights
    05 Mazda M6 airbag computer G31A57K30 bad data .rar
    The 2002 Toyota Camry airbag .dbf
    The 2002 Toyota Camry airbag .YHF
    The 2002 Camry 2.4.yhf
    2001 Ford Mondeo Mondeo- occupant safety airbags (original) .pdf
    2000 Pajero mr472776-s220 chips .yhf
    Pajero 2000 airbag data .yhf
    Great Wall -ok.Bin
    2005 BMW Z3 EWS3 data set Z3 2D47J.BIN
    10 BMW 320 airbag computer data .bin
    2011 Yuet airbag computer data 95910-0Q500.bin
    25160- Changan CX20 airbags 3414070-Q01 new computer .YHF
    89170-02f40 14 Corolla good bin.BIN
    95910-4M400 Kia K5-95256- verified .Bin
    95910-B3300 modern name Figure airbag ok data .rar
    A13-3606010 0 285 010 159 Data .YHF change OK
    AH22-14D374-AG 1L59W EEPROM.bin
    C5 610 79 99 00 95320 -ok.Bin
    CC 13 new models Sega verification OK 62558 20 00 (9805062680) _95320.BIN
    CC verification flag 308 OK 621 95 26 00 (9802958480) _95320.BIN
    K5,95910-4M400 verified .bin
    ok 1L59W.BIN
    FAW Pentium X8 5CA2-57K30 95040 change OK validation.Ya-jie .BIN
    FAW Pentium X8 5CA2-57K30.95040 burst .BIN
    Mitsubishi airbag 8635A215 new data (2011-11-29) .YHF
    East landscape Yat airbag OK data B12-5824010.YHS
    Dongfeng Honda CRV77960-SWA-H213-M4 [OK] .rar
    Toyota 89170-0N020-OK.rar
    Lova SGM T250 MCE 9070418 95160 has been changed .168
    Wuling Hongguang .BIN
    Wuling Hongguang airbag SGMW-8310203-LHD_95160 ok.Bin
    Wuling Hongguang airbag SGMW-8310203-LHD_95160.YHS
    Porsche Cayenne 7L0959655. Good car read out data .BIN
    Modify OK2011-8-28_13 _ & # 039; 21 _ & # 039; 30 _ & # 039; _25160 verification OK.rar
    Buick Road, respect the airbag computer 9033810 dismantling method and wiring methods .rar
    Cayenne 3D0 909 601 E ok data CR16 HCS9.bin
    Geely Global Hawk GX718 01709536 OK 95040.YHF
    Geely Global Hawk 0630050-2451677 airbag computer chip 96040 OK.YH
    Geely Dorsett airbag computer data MR7181-01300281 611172500D new data .bin
    Volkswagen 6RD959655C 95320 repair .rar
    Volkswagen CC balloon data good 5ND959655A-VW10.YHF
    Chery 0,285,010 159_25160 original bad data .YHS
    Chery car A21-3606010FL data .BIN
    Chery A21-3606010FL airbag OK.BIN
    Tiggo -T11-3606011 OK airbag computer data verified .YHF
    Tiggo airbag computer -T11-3606011 has burst data .YHF
    Pentium B50 airbag computer chip FA03-57K30 95040 OK.bin
    Po Chun 24,537,297 original car data ST_95320_2015-01-25_0001.BIN
    Nissan _28556EW32E (2010-9-25) -ok.rar
    Subaru 98221SC030 RA860 good balloon data .rar
    Skoda VW52 airbag computer data 6Q0909605AH to have burst data .BIN
    Skoda VW52 airbag computer data 6Q0909605AH to verify OK.BIN
    Xintian Lai airbag 98820-JN30B- has gai.rar
    The new S35 Changan 341407-W01-AA verified data .rar
    The new MG 3 verified balloon data 10104454-01 (25640) -OK.Bin
    The new Santa 95910-2B180 airbag computer data OK.BIN
    The new Passat 56D 959 655A 95320 chip airbag computer data .zip OK
    The new field of airbag computer comes with its own data and data wiring done UPA reform law computer models: 1C0909605F.bin
    The Tianxin Feng Fan 77960-TMO-X640-M3 OK Data .zip
    Peugeot 508 airbag computer chip 9677910080 W23CH new data model 95640.BIN
    BYD G3 airbag computer after G3-3658100 09G302993 24C16 modify data .Bin Unlock OK
    BYD speed sharp balloon data verified _24C16.HEX
    Hippocampus 2 DG80-57K30A new computer data .rar
    Modern Yuet airbag computer data 95910-0Q500 to verify OK.Bin
    Modern Yuet airbag computer data 95910-0Q500 to verify OK.YHS
    Modern Cool 95910-2M100 95640-ok.BIN
    Fox SRS computer models 9M5T_14B321_BA 95160 chips this data tried _OK.rar
    Fox airbag new data CM5T14B3 21CA (_95320) .zip
    Ford Focus airbag computer 4S7T-14B056-AC data .bin
    Tengyi 3658110XJZ08A-ok-2.BIN
    Mondeo airbag: 4S7T-14B321-AD OK .bin
    Mondeo AS7T 14B321 BB 95320 BAD.168
    Kia K3 95910-B5000 car data .168
    Kia K3 95910-B5100.BIN airbag
    From Yafuruidi 95910-1X000-95256 OK.rar
    Kia Xiuer 95910-2X000-95640-ok..bin
    Kia Xiuer 95910-2X000-95640- explosion ... BIN
    Land Rover AH22-14D374-AG data SC101164CPVE 1L59W (MC9S12DT128B 3L40K) EEPROM ok.Bin
    Great Wall H5 airbag computer 3658160AK80XA.bin
    Great Wall C30,3658110XJ08XB, 25A16 balloon data .YHF
    Great Wall c50 airbag 3658110xjz08c chip 95160.YHf
    Great Wall H5 airbag computer 3658160AK80XA OK 25640 data read .YHF
    Great Wall H5 airbag computer 3658160AK80XA new computer data read .YHF 25640
    Great Wall h6 airbag .YHF
    Great Wall Harvard H5,3658160AK80XA, 95640 modified balloon data .rar
    Great Wall airbag 3658110XJ08XB ok data .Bin
    Great Wall Tengyi C30-3658110XJ08XB verified data .BIN
    Changan CX20 balloon car data .YHF
    Changan S35 balloon 3414070-W01 raw data .Bin
    Citroen C5-610799900-9676739480-AB-95320 OK data .Bin
    Mazda 3-SRS-HA00-57-K30M1-MC68HC912B32 OK.Bin
    Mazda CX-5 BR11-57K30-B 95640 car data .BIN
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95080) .BIN
    Porsche Cayenne 7L0959655.BIN
    Porsche Cayenne 7L0959655. Good car read out data .BIN
    Porsche Cayenne airbag electrical 7L0959655A.zip
    Porsche Cayenne airbag computer 3D0909601D BO data .bin
    Land Rover Aurora airbag computer BJ32-14D374-AC]
    Land Rover airbag YWC000611oK (2008-11-9) .rar
    Land Rover airbag YWC000611oK (2008-11-9) .YHF
    Land Rover airbag computer data 9H5214D374AC 6100019017XA
    307 new balloon data -95320 (9654491180) OK.YHF
    New Fiesta with an air curtain 8V59-14B321-CA 9532O NOOK.bin
    Xintian Lai airbag 98820JN30A-95160 new computer data .bin
    New Bora air bag has been tested 6RD 959 655A OK95320.rar
    New Bora balloon data 6rd959655a.rar
    New Bora Lang Yi airbag 6RD959655A OK.rar
    The new S35 Changan 341407-W01-AA verified data .rar
    The new Peugeot balloon data 621,952,700 (9,802,958,880)]
    The new Kia Squeak 11 years 95910-1D300 new data OK.YHF
    The new style 2001srsok_56.YH
    The new Focus airbag CM5T 14B321 CA & # 039; _95320 ok.Bin
    New Sylphy 93C86 13 paragraph .168
    The new Tiida 988203DFOA data RL76 93C76 chip read .bin
    Sonata 95910-3D100- (95080) .YHF
    Red 3607020-LR OK.168
    Hongqi CA7180 airbag training and maintenance manuals (2004) .pdf
    Red Flag Mingshi e3 3607020-lr.yhe
    Rover airbag computer data YWC000610.BIN
    Antelope 38910-80e00.yhe
    Antelope single balloon HC05.jpg
    Antelope single balloon good data .rar
    Old Elysee balloon & # 039; computer data _ZQ00811280 OK.YHS.zip
    Corolla 89170-02430-93c56.YHF
    Corolla 89170-02430-93c56.zip
    Roewe 50019354-06 burst data ok.Bin
    Roewe 550_10043844-06_25640 ok.Bin
    Roewe 550 airbag good data .bin
    Roewe 750OK data .168
    Roewe 750 airbag _YWC901161__95080 OK.rar
    Fiat 100,674,351,782,720 new 2011 -1-17.YHF
    Mondeo (95160) .yhf
    2003 Mondeo models airbag 95160 3S7T-14B056-ABCD132
    2003 Mondeo models balloon 3s7t14b056-95160.DBF
    2003 Mondeo models balloon 3s7t14b056-95160.YHF
    Mondeo models balloon 3s7t14b056-95160.YHF
    Mondeo airbag data Mondeo 7S7T-14B056-BC 95160 ok
    Calculation kilometers .exe
    Cerato balloon burst data (253200)
    Regal GL8 Sail airbag match flow .pdf
    Sail, Regal, GL8 airbag match flow .doc
    Sail, Regal, GL8 airbag match flow .txt
    Sail, Regal, GL8 airbag match flow 1.txt
    Regal GL8 Sail airbag match flow .pdf
    Sail burst airbag computer data SGM308 9012494 (95160) .YHF
    Senna 600237600-95080.YHF
    Kia K3 95910-B5100 explosion, collision codes .bin
    Kia K3 airbag 95910-B5100 has been verified data OK]
    Kia K3 airbag computer data 95910-B5100]
    Kia K5 airbag verified OK in 95910-4M300_95256.BIN
    _ Kia Sportage 95910-03100-OK.rar
    Kia Wah .YHE
    From Ya Sela FIG 95910-2F100 airbag no .BIN
    Kia airbag 95910-3E090 95160-BAD.168
    Kia Sportage 95910-1f300 good data .rar
    From Ya Ruiou single airbag what changes .txt
    From Yafuruidi good car readout 95910-1X000-95256 OK.bin
    Kia Sorento import airbag computer 95910-3E100 95080.BIN
    Magotan airbag computer data 3CD 959 655.bin
    General X5045.exe
    Sagitar 1KO909605T-VW8 (2013-1-8) -ok.YHF
    Dodge Caravan airbag TMD222550133 OK.YHF
    Suzuki Liana 38910 59J71 000.YHF
    Suzuki day language 38910-56K02-000 95160 OK.YHF
    Suzuki day language (38910-56K12-000) -OK.YHF
    Suzuki Swift 3891-77j10-000-95160.yhf
    Reiz 2.5V airbag RA66 89170-0P010.bin
    Rui satisfied airbag computer data 95910-0U100
    Construction and maintenance .doc Changfeng automobile airbags
    Great Wall C30 airbag computer data
    Great Wall H6 3658110XKZ16B OK Data]
    Great Wall Tengyi C50 airbag 3658110XJZ08A 95160 data -OK data .zip
    Great Wall Cool Bear airbag system .PPT
    Changan 3414700-U02 test verification OK.rar
    Changan F01R00D159 engine computer data .YHF
    Changan S35 balloon 3414070-W01 raw data .Bin
    Changan Benben 3600010E4 engine computer data .YHF
    Long Zhixiang 3414070-F01 Part number 95080 set of data .BIN
    Changan Suzuki airbag 38910-77J02-000 data .rar
    Security instrument airbags .pdf
    Sunshine 285567m605- non-standard lc46.yhf
    Annex 1 maintenance work instructions --F3 model A-type airbag ECU repair and replacement .doc
    Land Cruiser 4700 airbag check .DOC
    Landwind single airbag installation instructions 2.doc
    Landwind single airbag installation instructions 2.pdf
    Swift airbag OK data .YHF
    Citroen Sega airbag computer data type is 9,805,062,680 chip 95320
    Citroen C5 airbag computer 6,107,998,009,665,495,680 data
    Citroen Sega 9665354880 airbag repair OK Data (1) .YHF
    Citroen Sega 9665354880 airbag repair data .YHF OK
    Citroen Triumph 9662643980 airbag good data .rar
    Renault 8200154716 93C66 .BIN
    04 988205y607 style balloon data .bin
    Demeanor 98820 3L400 balloon data]
    Grace a33-srs-xl93lc56.yhf
    Style balloon A33.doc
    Fengshen -285565e900-93c56.yhf
    Fengshen three generations 285565E910 (LC46) .YHF
    Aeolus II 285565E905 (LC46) .YHF
    Fengshen Blue Bird -lc46 normal airbag .DBF data
    Fengshen Blue Bird -lc46 normal data airbags .YHF
    Fengshen Bluebird .exe
    Ma 5 airbag -W2T80271-93C86 OK.rar
    Mazda 6 airbag computer data GJ6A57K30B
    Mazda M3 BR9 N57 K30 OK 168.168
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95080) .DBF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95080) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95081) .DBF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95081) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95082) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95083) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95084) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95085) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95086) .YHF
    Mazda m6 double-balloon GJ6A57K30C (95087) .YHF
    Mazda M6 double-balloon data .e2p
    Mazda _M6-G31A 57 K30B_ok.BIN
    Mazda Airbag fault code
    Mazda airbag fault code .rar
    Mazda airbag c176 57 k30 b good .rar
    Chrysler TMD212637904: 95320]
    The new airbag 307 data .bin
    Km mi converted .exe
    About X431 match Shanghai GM airbag Bulletin .txt
    Lexus 400 sedan airbag fault code table .htm
    Dozens of cars Computer Data]
    Triumph airbag computer setup parameters]
    Triumph airbag computer setup parameters .txt
    Camry airbag computer data 89170-06330]
    Excelle 96,406,712 airbag good data .rar
    Excelle airbag -95080.BIN
    Excelle airbag -95080.dbf
    Excelle airbag -95080.yhf
    Buick Excelle airbag computer data SGM618 9012526]
    Buick LaCrosse calculator .exe
    Buick balloon data .DBE
    Buick balloon data .YHE
    Buick airbag match flow .txt
    Buick airbag match flow .txt
    Buick Sail match good data .YHE
    Front airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners .pdf
    Lifan 520 Dual LAX3658100B1 airbag computer data .168
    Passenger seat airbag (PAB) assembly]
    Beijing 213.yhe
    Beijing 213 balloon data
    Beijing 213 balloon data .rar
    Beijing Jeep airbag .bin
    Beijing Hyundai Elantra airbag OK data (MC68HC08AS32)
    Beijing Hyundai airbag 95910-3D100 chip 95080 (2) .bin
    Beijing Hyundai airbag 95910-3D100 chip 95080.bin
    Maxima double-balloon data .rar
    Maxima (double) 95910-22400.yhe
    Maxima SRS OK data 68HC05B16.bin
    Maxima double-balloon data
    Maxima double-balloon data .rar
    Data 1.3L Maxima bag bag .YHE
    BMW 530i Airbag fault .pdf
    A variety of automotive airbag computer chip name .rar
    Geely Global Hawk brand new OK balloon data 06300050--95040-1.YHF
    Geely Dorsett data ok 611172600D MR7181-01300282]
    Geely Dorsett airbag computer data 611172500D]
    Geely Dorsett airbag computer data MR7181-01300281 611172500D new data]
    Airbag computer Geely 1067000037-J3858048 data]
    Geely Jingang Bo Shi 0285001938 good data .BIN
    MG 54959-10000-ok.rar
    Regal airbag computer repair or replacement matching .doc
    Harvard 3658110XKZ16B authentication data]
    Hafeisaima .YHE
    Hafeisaima 37210020.YHE
    Hafeisaima MR551 800 (2008-1-4) .YHF
    Hafeisaima MR551 800-93C56.YHF
    Lobo AAB37213010 OK data .rar
    Lobo AAB37213010.YHE
    Domestic car airbag repair manual]
    Sierra FIG balloon data 95910-2f100, OK.YHF
    Sierra FIG balloon data OK.YHF
    Senna airbag manual transmission parameters set computer]
    Senna set the parameters of a manual transmission airbags Computer .txt
    Airbag copies of training materials .ppt
    Volkswagen _POLO airbag 6Q0909601E_2002_OK data .rar
    Volkswagen Audi airbag computer recovery instrument]
    VW airbag recover data .doc
    Volkswagen Skoda Octavia SRS 6Q0-909-605AH 5WK43351 bad set of data VW52-AZ60.rar
    Volkswagen New Bora Sagitar airbag good data 6RD 959 655A 6RD 959 655C.YHS
    Volkswagen car airbag chip data .txt
    Volkswagen car airbag coding calculation .rar
    Volkswagen Golf 2010 5K0959655F airbag computer 95160.YHF
    Tianjin Crown 89170-0N020 airbag computer data recovery method .doc
    Tianjin Crown airbag computer data recovery .doc
    Teana airbag 285569W100-L56R good data .rar
    Teana airbag computer data 988209Y63E.rar
    Chery A13-3606010 95160 OK]
    Chery SRS computer T11-3606011 .... YHF
    Chery SRS computer T11-3606011 .... [3] 25C160.YHF
    Chery SRS computer T11-3606011 ... [2] OK.YHF
    Chery repair airbag computer data A13-3606010 data]
    Chery b11-3606010.yhe
    Chery generation airbag computer data A13-3606010]
    Trail airbag computer data 98820-1DF0B.Bin
    Pentium B50 airbag FA01-57K30-A 95040 has been changed .YHF
    Mercedes-Benz W140 Airbag fault code reading and clearing .htm
    Alto single balloon 38910-843a-ok (93c56) (2) .DBF
    Alto single balloon 38910-843a-ok (93c56) .DBF
    Alto single balloon 38910-843a-ok (93c56) .YHF
    Alto airbag computer 38910-62L00 (95160) .bin
    Good modern Yuet 95910-0Q000.YHF
    Nissan -285565e900.YHF
    Nissan -285565e911.yhf
    Nissan 28556ed500-l56r.yhf
    Nissan Teana 285569w100-l56r.yhf
    Nisang Qi Chun 98820-8h405-l56r.yhf
    Nisang Qi Chun 988208h405.YHF
    Nisang Qi Chun 988209h605-l56r.yhf
    Nisang Qi Chun 98820CD600 airbag computer data, test OK.rar
    Nissan airbag]
    Nissan Paladin -285667M605 airbag (nonstandard LC46) .YHF
    Nissan Paladin good balloon data 28556-9Z815 core SL221.BIN
    Nissan airbag computer data]
    Nissan Sunshine airbag (nonstandard lc46) .DBF
    Nissan Sunshine airbag (nonstandard lc46) .yhf
    Nissan sun airbag computer data 28556-7M605.BIN
    Nissan Tiida 28556EU10A-L56R BIN data .BIN
    Paladin 285569S600 (non-standard LC46) .YHF
    Paladin 28556vk100- nonstandard lc46.yhf
    Flag 206 9661872980 OK 95080.BIN
    Flag 206-9661872980.bin ok
    Balloon data mark 206]
    206 flag balloon data ok.rar
    Peugeot 207-SRS-9660349980-95080-OK.rar
    Peugeot 207 airbag computer data -9660349980 OK .YHF
    Peugeot 307-9652712180-95080.yhf
    Peugeot 307 airbag data OK.rar
    Peugeot 307 airbag computer 9,665,355,680 raw data .YHF
    Peugeot 307 airbag computer data (610799000-9665355680-95320 is OK) .Bin
    Peugeot 308 airbag computer data 9802958480]
    Peugeot 406 airbag ok.txt
    Peugeot 508 gas-hsiang computer 9678656880-95640-OK.BIN
    Outlander -mn141499-93c56.yhf
    BYD F3 X5045 33495KM Biyadi (2010-8-25) .YHF
    BYD F3 airbag computer 3658100-A2]
    BYD F3 airbag computer 3658-1A24C02.bin
    BYD F6BYDEG-3658100 air bag standard computer data from new data .YHF
    BYD G3 3658100 24C16-201004061042 [loading OK] OK data .bin
    BYD G3 Instrument 0KM.rar
    BYD L3BYDEG-3658100 air bag standard computer data from new data .BIN
    BYD L3 airbag computer data 3658100 Verified]
    BYD S6 BYD S6-3658100A P0HC 1209_24C16 data verification and modification methods]
    BYD S6-3658100B]
    BYD S6-3658100B verification OK_24C16 S6 (1) .YHF
    BYD S6-3658100B verification OK_24C16 S6.YHF
    BYD original car new gasoline-hsiang F3-3658100-A2-24C04.zip
    Airbag OK FY-2 data-generation model A13-3606010-8DR-J3858151- another good car data .YHF
    Airbag reset]
    Balloon data]
    Balloon data .zip
    Data airbag 1]
    Data airbag 3]
    Data airbag 5]
    JAC with Wyatt, and Wyatt airbag system X431 Diagnosis .pdf
    JAC and Yue airbag 5824901U2011 good data .YHS
    Jiangling - Landwind 0_285_001_863__ok (East Joy Long) .rar
    French car club Peugeot Citroen Picasso balloon data service center 602327400 .rar
    Polo balloon data .DBF
    Polo balloon data .YHF
    Hippocampus 7 airbags J38580835320 data -ok.YHF
    Hippocampus S7 SA11-57-K30 verified .BIN
    Prince hippocampus change 95320.zip
    Tsinghua University, automotive service technician training materials - Airbag .pdf
    Elysee single balloon .dbf
    Elysee single balloon .yhf
    Elysee dual airbags .dbf
    Elysee dual airbags .YHF
    Elysee airbag computer J3858078-ZQ00811180 data .rar
    Elysee car airbag warning light long bright .doc
    Love reserpine double balloon .rar
    Terracan -4L40K-95910-0L100-10 airbags OK.rar
    Cheetah CS7 airbag 5WK44206_OK.rar
    Cheetah color 93C46.exe
    Cheetah balloon .yhe
    Cheetah soar MN141579-S93C56-OK.rar
    Modern 95910-2B200-95320- not equipped airbag off OK-.YHF
    Modern 95910-27100.YHE
    Modern 95910-29000.YHE
    Modern 95910-34220.YHE
    Hyundai Elantra 95910-2D710.YHE
    Blue modern Iraqi special _95910-2D720_ original _1K71E × 4 modifications _ loading OK (1) .168
    Blue modern Iraqi special _95910-2D720_ original _1K71E × 4 modifications _ loading OK.168
    Modern Sonata 95910-3K400-25640-OK.YHF
    Modern Yuet airbag 95910-0Q000 25640 repair .rar
    Modern Lang moving good data 95910-4V100 95128.bin
    Modern airbag computer 95910-0U110.BIN
    Volvo 760 sedan airbag .DOC
    Rieu 95910-0C300 airbag (good) .168
    Refine 95900-4a301.yhe
    Maxima made by UPA airbag computer recovery tutorial .doc
    Electronic fuel injection systems, airbag system, ABS system and each sensor principle .pdf
    PC board type models table .doc
    Ford Fiesta .bin
    Ford Fiesta balloon has burst 25A32 AA6T-14B321-BA.bin
    Ford Escape DV4T 14B321 DD balloon data .YHE
    Familia HMCA-57-K30 good (2008-4-6) .rar
    Curtain airbags (CAB) assembly]
    Di Wei vehicle maintenance technology training (airbags) .rar
    Chapter 07 airbags .DOC
    Chapter 14 of the airbag system overhaul .doc
    Chapter 14 of the airbag self-diagnosis .doc
    Chapter 7 airbags .doc
    Chapter III balloon]
    Chapter III airbag .pdf
    Nissan Cefiro airbag computer data]
    Nissan NISSAN mileage calculator .exe
    Nissan Teana 3.5-988209Y600 (041214) (2005-5-10) .YHF
    Nissan new Gongjue Wang airbag 28556 5P500 (12V) chip SL221 has burst data .BIN
    Nissan cars airbags .PDF
    Nissan Cefiro airbag computer data]
    Nissan Tiida balloon data .txt
    Premacy HMFA-57-K30 good .YHF
    Epica 96 406 534 ok.rar
    Tortuous Fox airbag computer repair]
    Sunny 6RO 959 655B 95320 OK data verified ok.zip
    Sunny Sunny airbag coded remote control matching .doc
    Honda -77960-sda-y630-m1 (25320) .yhf
    Honda 2.3 77960-s84-a86.yhf
    Honda 77960-s84-A832-C1.YHE
    Honda cd5-srs-ok.YH
    Honda CRV airbag Crv-srs.BIN
    Honda CRV airbag Crv-srs.DBF
    Honda CRV airbag Crv-srs.yhf
    Honda Odyssey airbag computer 77960-SFJ-W710-M2 good data .bin
    The Tianxin Feng Fan 77960-TMO-X640-M3 OK Data]
    Long-Honda .77960-sxo-a84.YHF
    Honda airbag 77960-TCO-H212-M1-OK.YHF
    Honda airbag computer data 77960-SLE-H812-M3]
    Honda cars automatic transmission and ABS airbags basic setting air conditioning burglar .PDF
    Honda cars and set the automatic transmission ABS air conditioning airbag anti-theft .PDF
    Honda Feng Fan airbag computer data 77960-TM0-X621-M3]
    Honda Accord 77960-TC0-H012-M1-9564 (2011-7-3) .YHF
    Honda Accord eight generations SRS 77960-TC0-H012-M1 95640 OK.bin
    Guangzhou Honda airbag OK 2.0 data .rar
    The wide 24c01 77960-s84-a84.YHF
    The wide 24c01 srs77960-s84-a86.YHF
    Honda Accord 77960-TC0-H212-M1 good data .rar
    Honda Accord airbag good data 77960-tco-h012-m1-25640.YHF
    Guangzhou Automobile Chi Chuan airbag computer data 8040003BAD0100]
    Floor & airbag harness]
    Some data .rar airbag OK
    FAW Pentium X8 5CA2-57K30 data modification OK verified]
    FAW Bora airbag overhaul 1.doc
    FAW Bora airbag overhaul 2.doc
    FAW Xenia 93LC56 chip 3607115-4v1 model .rar
    Samsung airbag computer space vehicles 21P]
    Mitsubishi 93c46srsx16.YHF
    Mitsubishi Pajero airbag W2T65271 Wu peace verified data (93C56) .YHF
    Mitsubishi Grandis MN141399 chip balloon data model 25160]
    Mitsubishi airbag 8635A215 new data (2011-11-29) .YHF
    Mitsubishi wing God P8635A247OK data .BIN
    SAIC MG 6 airbag computer 10001800-01 NOOK 95320 (1) .YHS
    SAIC MG 6 airbag computer 10001800-01 NOOK 95320.YHS
    Shanghai Buick GLX sedan airbag lights .DOC
    Shanghai Buick airbag overhaul 1.doc
    Shanghai Buick airbag overhaul 2.doc
    Maintenance .doc Shanghai Buick airbag (SIR) system
    Shanghai Buick airbag (SIR) system overhaul .files]
    Shanghai Buick Sail car airbag repair .doc
    Shanghai Buick airbag SIR system malfunction scanner data list .doc
    Shanghai Buick airbag system data flow analysis .doc
    Shanghai Volkswagen New Octavia (Octavia) car _17_ airbag circuit diagram .pdf
    Shanghai Volkswagen New Octavia (Octavia) _18_ car with side airbags and head airbags airbag circuit diagram .pdf
    Shanghai Passat B5 sedans reported oil pressure / alarm / Light and Airbag Fault / Light / message / alarm / engine and .doc
    Shanghai Passat B5 sedans reported oil pressure / alarm / Light and Airbag Fault / Light / message / alarm .doc
    Shanghai overhaul .doc Polo (POLO) car airbag system
    Shanghai England airbag computer J3858114 5WK44311 416001 IC 5320]
    East Nanling Shuai airbag (93c56) .yhf
    East of the __ Civic __77960-SNA-H010-M1__25640_OK.Bin
    Dongfeng Yueda Maxima sedan airbag system .doc
    Dongfeng Yueda Maxima sedan airbag systems and their maintenance .doc
    Dongfeng Yueda Maxima sedan airbag systems and maintenance .doc
    Dongfeng Yueda Maxima sedan Airbag System (AIR) .PPT
    Dongfeng Yueda Kia K3 balloon data 95910-B5100 OK]
    Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen D50 28556-2FJ0A airbag computer chip 95160 has burst data 2013 models .YHF
    Nissan SUCCE 28556 2ZS70 OK.YHF
    Nissan handsome passenger airbag 28556 2ZS70 OK Data]
    East landscape Yat good balloon data .BIN
    Dongfeng airbag computer chip 28556W6600 95080 OK.YHF
    Dongfeng Citroen (550 89 31 00) .rar
    Dongfeng Citroen Picasso airbag repair .doc
    Dongfeng Fengshen airbag computer data J3858054 band diagram with data verification]
    China Zun Chi 1.8T balloon data 3084107 25L160 good .rar
    Chinese airbag 331318-24c04.yhf
    China balloon 3051187-OK.YHF
    Toyota 89170-60200 (93c56) .yhf
    Toyota Vios 89170-52170.YHF
    Toyota has burst balloon
    Toyota Highlander airbag computer data 89170-0E040.YHF
    Toyota Yaris airbag computer data 89170-0D390.Bin good
    England 222426-127 LG4 5) 2013-8-29_13 & # 039; 18 & # 039; 25 & # 039; _25640-ok.Bin
    BMW E60 burst three times changed test OK ST_95128_2012-10-11_0001.BIN
    Airbag control unit 15 data stream .pdf
    164 original car good ST_95640_2013-11-26_0001.BIN
    September 1997 models NISSAN A32 airbag .DOC
    -48- Terracan 95910-H1400.bin
    22- airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners .DOC
    22- airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners .pdf
    2A (airbag system) .pdf
    307 airbag OK.BIN
    307 airbag computer data]
    3658100-k18 Harvard H5 seeking to modify critical data]
    3C (and steering wheel (without airbag)). Pdf
    4700 balloon data ok.txt
    4 airbags]
    5160 Changan Tengyi C30 OK balloon data model 3658110-J08]
    51718981.331380.24c04. Fiat OK.YHF
    72 airbags rotation reduction ring .pdf
    77960-SNA-h020-m1 Honda .bin
    77960-TRO-H715-M1 balloon data -ok.168
    7 airbags .pdf
    8V51-14B321-AH Ford Fiesta .YHS
    8th generation Honda Accord airbag computer data + Image 77960-TCO-H012-M1]
    9.02 airbag system .pdf airbag system connector end view .pdf airbag system connector end view .pdf
    95160 Changan Benben MINI3414070-K02 No. bosch 0 285 010 612]
    95160 Fox 9M5T 14B321 BA.YHS
    95910-2C200 Modern Cool airbag computer data OK]
    95 Audi A6 sedan airbag warning .DOC
    96 Honda (ACCORD) car airbag malfunction indicator light troubleshooting .doc
    97 Mercedes-Benz S320 airbag system SR.DOC
    988207m715- (93c56) .yhf
    A101-405-00 airbag .doc
    B53 materials - air conditioning, airbags, pre-tensioning seat belts .pdf
    C5 3.0 airbag computer setup parameters]
    C5 3.0 airbag computer setup parameters .txt
    C5 airbag computer configuration VF7DCRFNR76386741]
    C5 airbag computer configuration VF7DCRFNR76386741.txt
    c6 airbag .pdf
    CA7180 airbag repair manual .pdf
    CA7180A3E (airbag fault detection rules) .doc
    CC 13 new models Sega verification OK 62558 20 00 (9805062680) _95320.BIN
    CC verification 14 Honda Jed OK 77960-T4N-H711-M1_25640]
    CM5T-14B321-CA burst .YHF
    DTC B0017 (Passenger airbag resistance is too high) .doc
    DTC B0024 (driver's airbag short to ground) .doc
    F0 airbag computer 3658100B good 24C04.YHF
    JS20040005 (airbag fault detection rules) .doc
    8- K1 electrical exploded view of the airbag and ABS. .pdf
    M6-g31f 57 k30a-95320.yhf
    MB942715 Mitsubishi airbags OK data .YH
    MB942715 Mitsubishi airbags OK data 93c46.YHF
    ST_95640_2013-05-12_0001 new Volkswagen Magotan new airbag 5ND 959 655 C.BIN
    VW Touran 2003 airbags recovered data .txt
    Wuling Hongguang airbag 8,310,203 verified OK 290 has been brushing data .168
    Wuling Hongguang airbag OK data, open the main airbag lights after .168
    Polaris (BORA) car airbag malfunction indicator light .doc
    BMW MINI airbag computer data .bin 67.77-3454345-01
    BMW meter Mileage Calculator -3.exe
    Fuji airbag computer data 150300-0940]
    Beverly car airbag .pdf
    Grandeur fix .rar
    Nissan airbag]
    Passat B5 sedan airbag lights .doc
    Passat airbag fault .doc
    Dorsett airbag computer MR7187-01300282 (NO data) .rar
    Guangzhou Honda Odyssey car market soon airbag lights .doc
    Galant MN141536 good data .rar
    Digging machine time calculation .exe
    Jaguar 9x231 4b654 ac.bin
    Mazda airbag reform law has been violence data _j3858035hmfa-57-k30 [1] .95080 .txt
    Driver's seat airbag (DAB) and the clock spring assembly
    Verify Toyota Highlander 89170-0E090 airbag reset
    Limousine training materials - the airbag system .doc
    Limousine training materials - the airbag system .pdf

    for password in pm rep + thanks

    airbag link.rar
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    Size: 228 bytes

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    Hi friends, i need help for remove dtc off the flash ecu for audi a3 2.0 tdi 2011.
    The ecu is edc17c46 and dtc codes: P0684,P1612,P15A1


    AUDI A3 2.zip
    File Type: .zip
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 984.61 KB

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  • 06/07/16--10:05: MB W220 Dashboard - language
  • Hey,
    can any of you know where the messages are stored (in which memory and where it is located) displayed by the dashboard in the W220? The W220 has never been Polish language, but someone wrote a translation. I want read this memory and copy to my IC, but I do not know where it is.
    Thank you and best regards

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  • 06/07/16--10:13: Renault Scenic 2005 K4M
  • I need a working dump (512 kB) for Sagem S3000.I need SW: 8200446631 or the other , but that worked with HW: 8200387138. Please!!!

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  • 06/07/16--10:14: sabb 9-3 help..please ..
  • So I need to update software in a 2003 sabb..I have cardaq-m/tech2/GM mdi...is the only way to do this by tech 2 with sabb card???..thanks

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  • 06/07/16--10:15: SAXO 1.6 8V VTS INMO OFF
  • I NEED inmo off saxo vts 100hp 0261 204 628

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 114 bytes

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    Eighth upload for the community.

    More uploads will be coming in the future!

    All files are pre-patched. No need to install on a Toughbook. Can be installed on any computer!

    1. Download the latest version Winrar. Must be at least version 5.30 or higher. It's free from Winrar's website
    2. Extract the folder from the file to wherever you'd like.
    3. Install Consult 3+ v55.10 first. Then install Consult 3+ v55.20
    4. Install Pplus_V55.1F and then Pplus_V55.2 (Reprogramming files)
    5. Use your Consult 3+ interface or modify the Diagnosticstool.ini for your Passthru device.
    6. Enjoy!

    I will always make a new thread for new releases so questions for one version will be related to the same version that everyone uses.

    Please, Do NOT PM me for support. All support questions must be posted in this thread. I will not respond to support via PM. Make it easy and let the community learn as well. Post your question in this thread so we can help and others can learn, as they may have the same question!

    Consult 3+ 55.20.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 20 bytes

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    Have here w169 150 benz (2010) some times when running on idle having knocking noise ...

    Had a fault from throtle valve , removed cleaned , fault gone , but still that knocking noise, only possible to hear in front of engine ...

    Any suggestions ? Any help are welcome .

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    Hello, is it possible to remove rear o2 sensor from an AUQ engine? Can sombody do it for me pls?

    Or give some expirences with good tool for it, wich tool i have to use?

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  • 06/07/16--11:10: CAT 7AS WASH FILE
  • Can anyone help me out with a wash file for a 7AS CAT ? Thank you

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  • 06/07/16--11:26: Opel CD30 MP3 Display SAFE
  • Hello
    I need To remove Display SAFE from a radio CD30 Mp3 i will send the 2 files one from the display another from the radio. the radio is from the car but the display is not.

    Best Regards

    RADIO CD30mp3 95640.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Opel Frontera 2.2 1995. immo off please bosch 261204292 24c02

    24с02 opel frontera.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 1 times
    Size: 193 bytes

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    I´ve been googling for an hour now trying to find out which ECU this car has.
    The car is a 2012 Volvo V70 1.6D DRIVe with engine code D4162T.
    Apparently these engines run on a quite high turbo pressure (2bar)
    Are the worth tuning?

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    Hello there,

    I have an Mercedes clk 220, w209 2005. My navigation can not play dvd video, only the map dvd from mercedes. When i insert a dvd (original) i get error: Disc 0 error or no video. It is there a way to unlock or to fix this ?

    Thank you!

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  • 06/08/16--09:44: POLO TDI 90CV SPORTLINE 2011
    I need for a polo tdi sportline 2010
    Engine code CAYC 1.6
    gearbox manual
    Longcoding for
    MODULE O3. abs eds asr esp 8.2i 6R0907379AJ
    Thanks for help

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    Passat 1,8t bj 2001 awt

    there is a program that I get out the login code from the engine control unit

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