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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    I here different things about this, what tools and software do I need for this?


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    Hello guys

    I have a problem with a Renault Clio 1.5 diezel 2006 model with DELPHI DCM 1.2 ecu.I replaced the ecu from clio with another than used
    I have not the old ecu !!!!
    How do I sync the new ecu with 95160 eeprom and the old immo from car

    With carprog can doing the sync ?
    I try to remove the immo from 95160 with the decode 3.2 but without success
    The IMMO returned to the eeprom when open the ignition switch
    Give me a solution to start the car


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  • 09/05/13--09:18: [Request] Office or Excel
  • any1 no were to download microsoft office or excel for free

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  • 09/05/13--09:50: J-Ball Electronics
  • Well I made an inquiry about becoming a dealer for them.
    First off they charge more for a tune then PDI sells an ecm with a tune. I was trying to be polite. Here's the convo. I also have a few screen shots.

    Sept 5.2013
    Me:11:34 AM
    I sent you an email about a dealer inquiry
    J Ball Electronics:11:35 AM
    Good morning. What was your name?
    Me:11:35 AM
    sent to info@jballelectronins.com
    J Ball Electronics:11:40 AM
    Are you a trucking company, shop, or a driver?
    Me:11:40 AM
    I'm a shop.
    J Ball Electronics:11:40 AM
    What kind of engines do you work on?
    Me:11:41 AM
    I only do tunes to ecms. No engine bay work.besides installing aftermarket parts
    I have a wide range of aftermarket stuff.
    J Ball Electronics:11:43 AM
    What engines do you do tunes for?
    Me:11:44 AM
    Caterpillar, Volvo, Cummins, Mack, John Deere, etc Heavy duty diesel
    J Ball Electronics:11:44 AM
    Are you creating your own tunes or selling for another company?
    Me:11:46 AM
    Not selling for a different company. I have a few files for cat. I get another person to do cummins and detroit for me.
    J Ball Electronics:11:47 AM
    What are they charging you for tunes? Like HP upgrades, or dpf / egr / def tuning
    Me:11:47 AM
    What would I be paying for tunes from you?
    I'm trying to compare what you would charge me?
    I'm paying $500 for a stout tune. $1000 for a delete. He doesnt offer Cat deletes, Also doesn't offer deletes for ddec 6
    J Ball Electronics:11:50 AM
    $1000 for an egr delete? what about dpf vgt def or CAT VVT DPF CGI?
    Me:11:52 AM
    $1000 cm871 full delete, $1000 cm2250 full delete. I just said he doesn't offer cat deletes.
    J Ball Electronics:11:53 AM
    Our dealer pricing is more expensive than that
    Me:11:54 AM
    How much more? I would like to get set up for cat's. Also do you offer ddec 6 deletes.
    I do go out to the bush with no service to do tunes as well.
    would that be a problem
    What would my mark up be on your tunes?
    J Ball Electronics:11:56 AM
    $2000 for egr. $2500 for egr/dpf $3000 for EGR DPF VGT $3500 for DPF EGR VGT DEF
    We don't do DDEC 6 only 3 4 5
    and for CAT deletes we need the ecm.
    All the others we can internet tune for you
    markup is $500 per tune
    Me:12:01 PM
    That is rather high compared to diesel spec.
    J Ball Electronics:12:01 PM
    Have you had any trouble and tried to get tech support or a retune?
    or a refund
    Me:12:03 PM
    In the past. Umm, I wouldn't have to send the cat ecms to them.
    J Ball Electronics:12:03 PM
    Did they provide you with a tuner and a website login?
    Me:12:04 PM
    I'am not a dealer as of yet and only have gotten a quote
    J Ball Electronics:12:06 PM
    economy and don't make you buy extra parts.
    Me:12:08 PM
    What extra parts? I'm not looking to buy extra parts only delete kits. No turbos, No cams, No injectors
    those are the only parts I would need to buy.
    J Ball Electronics:12:10 PM
    Any other questions I can answer for you?
    Me:12:11 PM
    so your not willing to match or beat pdi or diesel spec?
    J Ball Electronics:12:11 PM
    No im not. Good luck dealing with them.
    Me:12:13 PM
    You too, Good luck finding dealers.

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  • 09/05/13--10:29: Display Passat B5 AFN Engine
  • I have a problem with VW passat B5 AFN engine and year 1997. Something happen with display odometer. New dashboard and the same thing. Any ideas guys Smile

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 09/05/13--11:17: immo Off Peugeot 206 HDI
  • Hi guys , please i need make immo off for this ecu i read already eeprom 95160 ,it's for a peugeot 206 HDI diesel motors 3 plug, EDC16C34EM
    bosh number is 0281011783, thabks for ours helps
    Best regards.Smile

    ECU 95160.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 999 bytes

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  • 09/05/13--12:26: globaltis opel and tech2
  • Need a bit of advice guys, have win7 pro machine - genuine tech2 connected using usb to serial adapter - then because i couldn't find my rj45-rs232 cable i found on here the pinout so made up a lead using the following:
    DB-9 to RJ45
    9--------not connected
    So hopefully this is correct?! However what i am trying to do is give tech2 security access - so load up global tis and click security - java starts loading - tech 2 shows download mode on screen then after a few seconds goes back to title screen and nothing happens on PC. was using java 7 so removed and installed java 6 update 24 as i read somewhere this was required. the question is i really dont know how to get this working - other apps like tech2 print and view etc all do same - nothing seems to be communicating. Is this a problem with using win7? or just how i have it all setup? even if loading up sps programming under there is an option to test interface - comes up with no communication with device. Advice on setting this up to get it working would be appreciated

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  • 09/05/13--12:54: imo off golf v edc16u1 5402
  • hello friends,i need dump for this eeprom 95320 wit imo off. ecu bosch 0281011477
    PLEASE ,tankyou , BEST REGARDS

    golf v eprom 95320.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 2 times
    Size: 888 bytes

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    I need some help here ...
    RPM LIMIT on MOTORONIC HW: 0261200161 SW:1267356020,
    address 06155, not working for me ...
    Some other address for LIMIT the RPM value ?
    Using formula : C - ( V * 50 )
    C= 13800
    V= 134 (ORG)

    Tried with 7500, 8k , 9k , 10k ... Always same result : SAME LIMIT on rev counter = 7100/7200 RPM

    Video :

    Some different idea ???

    Peugeot 0261200161-1267356020.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 16.84 KB

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  • 09/05/13--18:34: John Deere 4.0 Error
  • I installed John Deere SA 4.0 and successfully cracked it but when I try to add the data DVDs i can an error when copying. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks in advanced

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  • 09/05/13--21:33: blaupunkt cd 30
  • hi
    please need pincode for GM blaupunkt radio

    cd30 95640.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/05/13--21:34: Tojota 2007 2L disel D4D PDF
  • Hello,

    I have problem to me need turn off PDF for Toyota avensis 2l diesel D4D 2007 year.
    Maybe some one can help me for this solution?

    Thank you for answer.

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    see attachment

    File Type: .png
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    Size: 24.48 KB

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    Can anyone tell me what's their experience with connecting SDconnect (China clone) to trucks ? Do they malfunction a lot ? As I know Part D Chinese clones often malfunction when connected to truck (on 24/28 Volts) because of low quality components.

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    Hi! im looking for workshop manual for that engine, needed for rebuild! Thanks in advance!.


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  • 09/09/13--05:44: clear crash c3
  • Hallo friends.I need clear crash in c3 2008y
    403855 a3

    c3 crash.rar
    File Type: .rar
    Downloaded: 3 times
    Size: 766 bytes

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  • 09/09/13--06:21: Clear Toyota Hilux
  • Hi guys... I need if its posible a Clear crash for this unit. Toyota Hilux 89170- OK 130. Hear a Photo of the Unit.
    And for the information that I have is a 93c56?. I will appreciate it a lot to share with me. Also has two EEproms and not which of the two is what I have to remove. Greetings!

    [Image: 9cab.jpg]

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    I would like to know if any of you try to clear crash data DACIA SANDERO 2013 airbag module (CONTINENTAL A2C80612911)

    inside is two chip one is SPC560P50L3 (ST chip) and one is MPC5604P (Motorola). I think that crash data is storing in ST chip.

    Any help will be welcome.

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    hello friends

    i need your help me.

    i have unit airbag temic 13 241 766 327963935 with 2 conector black and green

    i need pin-out these unit airbag?

    someone can i help me.


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  • 09/09/13--09:03: Audi Radio Code Required
  • Audi code.jpeg
    File Type: .jpeg
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    Size: 40.09 KB

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