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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    X-PROG M BOX V5.60 is the update version of the X-prog 5.55 .

    XPROG-M V5.60 with USB Dongle have support xp, win 7 system. X-PROG M BOX V5.60 ECU Chip Programmer is the only version which can decrypt new version BMW CAS4.

    [Image: 14684698150xprog-m-v560-13.jpg]

    Top 5 Reasons to Get Newest XPROG-M V5.60
    1. Latest software version: V5.60
    2. This is the only version XPROG-M can decrypt new version BMW CAS4.
    3. hard disk and USB Dongle, more convenient and secure.
    4. Add new authorization: AUTH-0025 Authorized 11/4/2014
    5. High quality with one year warranty.
    6. Operation system: Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit

    Xprog V5.6.0 Firmware & Software Information:

    [Image: xprog-m-v5.60-hardware-information.png]

    Obd2repair.com Tips for using XPROG-M V5.60:

    1. If your X-Prog is older version,cannot use this newest dongle to update to V5.60

    2. Close all of the computer anti-virus software. If not, X-prog software may be killed.
    3. Disconnect the internet. If not, the internet may damage the hardware.

    4. Uninstall all the old version xprog-m, or xprog box software, make sure that your PC only install V5.60 software we provide ,

    our xprog-box hardware cannot work with other lower or higher version software. If not, the hardware will be damaged, and will lose its warranty...

    5. Never try to UPDATE, the hardware will be damaged if you want to try to upgrade it online, without any warranty.

    Price pls PM me

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    Hi to averybody, I need a full bdm read of chrysler 300c 3.0 crd edc16cp36 ecu refence 0281012080.

    I have to replace this ecu and is locked by mistake and I need to recover it and then match with skim/immo module.

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  • 07/19/16--02:15: Caterpillar Numerical Code
  • Hope the following is helpful, those random letters printed on most cat parts does mean something...

    The Caterpillar numerical code contains the date of shipment. This date is translated to a format of
    day, month, and the last two digits of the year and then coded into a six-digit sequence with no spaces
    in between digits. When the day or month is less than ten, a zero is inserted before the number to
    maintain the six-digit sequence.
    Use the following legend to decode the date:

    N U M E R A L K O D
    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    December 18, 1985, is translated to 181285 which is coded UOUMOA
    September 7, 1985, is translated to 070985 which is coded NKNDOA

    Please Press THANKS if this was helpful

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  • 07/19/16--03:16: FINDING GOLF 6 GTI MAPs
  • hey,

    cant find some maps in Golf 6 GTI File.. Sad
    file is already tuned... The owner of the car sais it is form the Tuner with three letters and the A at start... File for everyone 4 free

    i want to add some bang bang in "schubbetrieb", schubblubbern, schubabschaltung Wink i only find KFZWMN and LAMFA Sad

    could someone finde maps:


    please help ;P

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  • 07/19/16--03:27: Steyr motors
  • Does anyone have idea what kind of ecu is used for this marine engines:
    MO256H45 184kW - 4500rpm
    We need to add some power to boat, it's parachute pulling boat so needs more power.
    Or any trick will do, puting resistor on temp sensor .. whatever.


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    Can I read write this ecu with MPPS ver.12? Does it do checksum also?
    Never tried this one... Thanks.

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    Hi Smile, pls help crash clean Llancia Musa TRW 51801206 (25c320)

    Thx in advance!

    (tested solution pls)

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  • 07/19/16--04:06: Tiguan instrument cluster
  • Hello Guys,
    I hav a Tiguan that, when the workshop try to match the key something went wrong and now it shows "imoobilizer active" on the screen.
    Tried to work on it with FVDI but it says that cannot find immobilizer data, either via OBD or with eeprom dump.

    Can someone check the dump for me or send to me a good dump to compare?

    Thank you

    Tiguan Dash 24LC32.rar
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  • 07/19/16--04:06: autoliv laguna crash
  • I have a laguna 2 autoliv 605 48 75 00 crash ecu

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  • 07/19/16--04:07: MID 136
  • Hi mates,

    MID 136 Brake ECU
    SID 7 Pressure modulation valve ABS axle 1 left
    FMI 14 Special instruction

    MID 136 Brake ECU
    SID 9 Pressure modulation valve ABS axle 2 left
    FMI 14 Special instruction

    MID 136 Brake ECU
    SID 10 Pressure modulation valve ABS axle 2 right
    FMI 14 Special instruction
    these fault codes appear in DTC
    I can't understand " FMI 14 special instruction "
    Please help how i deal with FMI
    thanks all

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    needs a full reading org saab 1.9tid

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  • 07/19/16--04:27: Smok
  • Hello
    Anyone know where I can buy Smoke Full
    thank you

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    Hi all,

    Please help me i need egr off.


    03G906016GB audi a6 2.0 ori.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hello! I Need 7th bytes to learn new key. When I search this byte in AVDI from ECU and working key, AVDI show wrong 6bytes or 7th bytes succesfull found but is incorrect. I read EDC16 and comfort, maybe someone calculate correct 7bytes?
    Thanks all!!!

    passat b6 2006.zip
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    Hello, need pin code of this bsi please,



    96160 ORI.rar
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    [Image: ESALogosmall.gif]
    ESA has been released to production. This release includes support for P30-1011-134 CECU3 software, P30-1030-109 CECU3 software, and P30-1033-105 HVAC software. ICU and CECU obsolescence support, Auto Start test updates, DLA support enhancements, and Bayswater plant support are new features in this release.

    Changes Implemented
    New Features:
    ICU and CECU obsolescence support
    ECAT files with an ICU or CECU baseline part number will not create a warning message of 'Incorrect vehicle software' on connect
    ECAT files with an ICU or CECU baseline part number allow ESA to display the appropriate baseline options within the flashing wizard for CECU3 units
    Programming of ECAT values from one baseline to another baseline that will include default values that are not addressed by the ECAT file
    Programming of backup values from one baseline to another baseline that will include default values that are not addressed by the backup file
    Set emulation parameter correctly based on origin of backup file or part number in ECAT file
    NEXIQ USB-Link driver is not detected warning message removed from ESA installation wizard
    NEXIQ USB-Link 2 Wi-Fi DLA supported with a wired connection
    Wireless connectivity only supported with Bluetooth model
    Auto Start test updates
    Backup alarm test included
    Displayed instructions updated for more clarity
    Updates included in P30-1011-129, P30-1011-130, and P30-1011-134 packages
    P30-1032 emulator package added
    Emulator packages updated to the latest software versions for NAMUX 2 and NAMUX 4
    Electric over Air images updated for simulation function in P30-1030 software
    Old virtual images were replaced with images of Electric over Air gauge
    Copyright dates updated in Help > About screen and during installation wizard
    Able to download ECAT files for ICU units
    Backup and restore functionality updated to reduce the number of failed attempts
    Brake Vendor parameter description updated for P30-1011 software
    New parameter description: Brake System VDC1 SA
    New parameter values: 0x0B, 0x0E, Other
    Bayswater added to plant locations within Internal tab of the Admin form
    New record added to ESA web service that will allow Bayswater to automatically configure all ESA workstations at their location
    P30-1011-134 NAMUX 4 CECU3 software supported
    Optional update
    New Features:
    Defect Fixes:
    Pop-up message and audible sound suppressed during Auto Start feature every time it goes back to standby state after checking the engine oil temp and the engine does not need to start
    Update the rate of cab controller unit sending J1939 Brakes message from 50ms to 1000ms per message to prevent 2010 emission MX engine logging active fault
    P30-1030-109 NAMUX 2 CECU3 software supported
    Required update for all previous P30-1030 software versions
    New Features:
    Dual Steer Safety Interlock added for Peterbilt Model 320
    Operator must not be trying to simultaneously start the engine and switch active sides of the cab.
    Merged P30-1032-106 into P30-1030-109
    P30-1030-XXX will still be used for Medium Duty models for both divisions but will now also be used for the Peterbilt Model 320.
    Variable Speed Coolant Pump for Peterbilt Model 320 w/MX-11
    ICU/CECU Obsolescence Backwards Compatibility Updates for CECU3
    MX Engine SOFT CI Message Display Update
    This pertains to software version and chassis/truck information shown to operator in menus.
    Adjust MX Engine Overspeed Warning Thresholds
    Surpassing 2000 RPM will no longer trigger a warning.
    Timed Axle Temp Warning
    Axle temperatures over 249.98F lasting over 1 hour will trigger the same warning triggered immediately by axle temperatures over 275F.
    Support Brake Switch on V-CAN
    Foot brake switch input into the CECU3 or foot brake analog pressure input into the CECU3 will both be used to broadcast the foot brake as being applied or not applied on V-CAN. Increases reliability of foot brake status communication.
    Remove Accelerator Pedal from Parked Condition
    Holding increased engine speed with the accelerator pedal for 10 seconds while sitting still with park brake set will no longer trigger a warning to the operator.
    Ignore Accelerator when Park Brake is Active
    Customer option (via ESA parameter) now available to disable the accelerator while the parking brake is active.
    Defect Fixes:
    High Exhaust Temp warning invisible above 10 MPH
    (no longer invisible)
    Priority conflicts resolved for some warnings on Peterbilt trucks
    Missing signal added to Vehicle Speed Limiter functionality
    3-Position Engine Retarder Switch debounced in software
    Prior to fix, switch was capable of causing the retarder to be briefly inoperable.
    Missing Spanish/French labels added for DEF Level and Diesel Fuel Level virtual gauges on Model 320 Dual Steer configurations
    P30-1033-105 HVAC software with limited support
    Ability to flash this software onto HVAC control units is not included
    ESA connections, diagnostics, and self-tests are available functions
    Low Charge Protection Calibrations – Unique values for four truck variants
    KW Daycab and Sleeper
    PB Daycab and Sleeper
    Functionality Updates
    Added Semi-Automatic Mode Functionality
    Defrost Mode revision
    DM1 message revision
    Shutdown Procedure reduced from 240 seconds to 100 seconds
    C-CAN Message update (Backward Compatible)
    Blower Speed and Temperature Knob, currently message sends request status
    Updating to actual blower speed and temperature door position
    Supports EPA 2017 operation with MX Engine Variable Speed Coolant Pump
    Defect fixes:
    Overspeed Shutdown Low Air Threshold parameter programs successfully for P30-1030 software
    NEXIQ USB-Link 2, JPRO DLA+ 2.0, and JPRO DLA+Wireless 2.0 devices can read mileage from 2016 engine control modules
    Removed baud rate not found error message when connecting NEXIQ USB-Link 2 to a flashing station
    Known Issues:
    Restoring parameters to an ICU using an ECAT file with a Q21-1029 part number causes ESA to crash
    Replacing an ICU with a CECU3 and downloading an ECAT file with a Q21-1029 part number will not limit the flashing options to P30-1030 as it should
    JPRO DLA+ 2.0 and DLA+Wireless 2.0 will not detect PACCAR Display 1.0 on 2016 vehicles without the use of a crossover cable; not a significant concern since 2016 vehicles should not have PACCAR Display 1.0 devices installed
    ESA occasionally will not read mileage on vehicles with 2016 MX engines

    Update Instructions
    Select Tools->Check for Updates
    Follow prompts
    Click Updates Available button
    Download all software updates
    Verify ESA is at version

    Update Instructions
    System pre-requisites:
    Windows 7/8, Windows Vista
    .NET 4.0 Full Framework version
    Visual C++ runtimes
    2005 with ATL update
    NEXIQ drivers 9.0 or greater
    NEXIQ drivers or greater required for Windows 8
    PC with at least 600 MB free space
    Internet access from the PC
    Administrative Rights on the PC
    ESA license key
    An e-portal user account and password

    For users with ESA already installed.
    Please note if your system does not meet the pre-requisite requirements installation will fail.

    Click the ESA icon on the desktop.
    Go to Tools->Check for Update.
    Put in user name and password at Login prompt.
    Look for update button in the top right corner of the screen, and click it.
    Check the ESA software box and begin the download.
    There may be other mandatory downloads which cannot be unselected.
    Download of the update begins, look for completed message.
    Click Yes on the prompt to apply updates now.
    Once updates are applied, ESA will finish starting up and prompt you to re-activate your license.
    Enter your DealerNet username and password.
    The update is successful when you reach the main ESA screen with the Connect button is enabled.
    Verify the update by clicking Help->About.
    Version number underneath PACCAR VPD-ESA will be
    Data Version should be 260
    DLA specific information:
    NEXIQ drivers 9.0 or greater
    NEXIQ drivers or greater required for Windows 8
    Deutch 9-pin connector
    JPRO drivers 3.2 or greater
    Deutch 9-pin connector
    # 12189-FTL
    RP1210 compliant device:
    Deutch 9-pin with all pins filled in.
    Diagnostic CAN bus enabled drivers.
    Vehicle CAN bus enabled drivers

    PACCAR ESA v4.4.8.249 DL Mega.txt
    File Type: .txt
    Downloaded: 18 times
    Size: 125 bytes

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    I need to recover my wow interface clone.
    I have a CDP+ REV 2.0 board.
    but has someone a good example of how the bridge to make.
    and i must make a one-time connection or must i keep the wire together.

    [Image: mi9le9udlfea5.jpg]

    I must make a bride with c516 and u202

    Help plz Big Grin

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  • 07/20/16--02:32: Piwis V17500
  • here is V17500

    best regards

    File Type: .txt
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    Size: 138 bytes

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  • 07/20/16--02:33: Strange noise in engine.
  • Hello. I have now few days in engine this noise,maybe someone has experience with this. Noise only in the morning when engine is cold,this noise is for few minutes,than noise is gone. Maybe someone have ideas what can be there? I did voice record you can heard there this noise.Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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    hello frend,my rev limiter stok is 6500 rmp,i nedd change him to 6850 rmp,and i need my rev change to fast very fast,thx frend i wait you help


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