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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hi all !
    I need pinout of Ezs from W906 to test key on bench, find something here on forum but no result, can anyone help with connections ?

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    Hi, everyone,

    I have a lot genuine MAN t200 diagnostic kits on stock (not chinese crap!!!). If you are interested, please contact me here by pm.



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    I need to lower the targue value in my engine for a given RPM. Does anyone can lower the turbo boost pressure for RPM = 1600-2000 ?? My goal is to lower loading for that range of RPM.

    Mercedes EGR DPF OFF CLS.rar
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  • 08/06/16--10:23: Incal August 2016
  • Here you are dudes, remember to share back, we are here to help, no for business Tup

    Just the calibrations, If somebody can help me with expiration date frome the Incal February 2015 I will be gratefull Smile

    Remeber Rep+/Thanks!!!

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  • 08/06/16--10:31: W211 Speedometer Problem
  • Hi Everyone,

    I found a problem similar with attached picture.
    The digital show the wrong speed's units.
    When set to km/h, it shows the mph value with km/h units. When set to mph, it shows the km/h value but with mph units.

    Can someone help to solve this problem. Thanks

    Digital speedo error.jpg
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  • 08/06/16--10:33: Kess clone locked NEED HELP
  • I got this error,can i fix it to work again or i need to buy new kess?


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  • 08/06/16--10:38: dpf off 5008
  • Hi

    Some one can remove dpf from peugeot 5008 dcm 3.5

    Thank you in addvance

    5008 DCM3,5.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Hello out there.

    Im having problems with my immo in my car.

    Im having a troublecode followed 00003 and it says its immobilizer control unit is death.

    For some reason i can start the car sometimes, but not everytime. Since im fairly new to all this is it possible to reflash the clock, or reprogram the keys to the immo and maybe thats enough?

    Or should i just disable the immo in my car? And how do i do that?

    How can i make a dump file of my ecu or clock and work it or pay some one here on this site for that service? Cheers

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  • 08/06/16--11:58: EDC16 boost algorithm
  • Can someone explain me a boost control algo of EDC16Uxx VAG?

    Is it dependent of IQ? What comes first?

    Now i understand it like this: ECU determines the IQ (from the requested torque, converted, limited etc.) and then requests a boost pressure that is need for IQ?

    What depends from what? Boost from IQ or IQ from boost...

    Many thanks for any hints or links.
    Best regards.

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  • 08/06/16--12:21: Mazda 6 2.3 tune
  • I would like the tuned file for:
    Mazda 6 2.3 petrol
    HW: L34618881
    SW: SW-L346EG130.HEX
    Installation: MITSUBISHI 8305F

    Mazda 6.rar
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    Subaru 98221SG001 H8SX decrypted file required

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  • 08/06/16--13:22: touran clear
  • Hi
    i need clear vw touran

    1T0 909 605 D 95160 CRASH.rar
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    Size: 714 bytes

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  • 08/06/16--15:29: More horsepower from n14
  • I am doing a inframe on my Cummins n14 cpl 2592 525 hp and would like to be able to make more hp what do I need to do

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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  • 08/06/16--16:24: virgin eeprom 95320
  • Hello

    Please; I need Virgin a file for MB Class C


    A 646 153 77 79

    Eeprom 95320


    File Type: .rar
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    Hello and thank you for taking time to read my post. I am in the United States and looking to import some vehicles from Canada for sale here. Only Problem is will need to swap instrument clusters from kmh to mph. What is the best tool to reprogram odometers for american trucks as well as import vehicles for accomplishing this task. I do realize that more than one tool may be needed here. I appreciate everybody's input thanks.

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  • 08/07/16--12:35: FVDI Porsche closes itself
  • Does your Porsche soft open and works? I have problem, it closes itself, tested win7 and xp, any solution?

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  • 08/07/16--12:59: Huyndai sonata immo off
  • Hello friends!
    Help immobilizer off
    Huyndai sonata 2.0 2004 year ecu kefiko

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 65.12 KB

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    hey mates, got a question about using maps with kess v2 hardware and software number:

    i just read two 35is out with kess v2.
    first one 335i n54 from 2007
    hw 07611397
    sw 07611408

    second one 135i n54 from 2008
    hw 07616431
    sw 07628540
    both have the siemens msd80

    is it possible to put the 335 map on the 135? hw no is different

    thank u guysFing20

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    Hey guys

    is there someone who writes ecu files - dpf egr off and tuning from germany?
    please send me pm or contact me if u do Smile


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  • 08/07/16--13:36: Clarion SECURITY
  • Hi

    I have a Clarion radio from a 2007 Subaru, This radio is to be fitted in a different car.

    Part no 86201FG340
    Model no PF-2946A-A


    I can get it to work out of the car on the workbench ok.

    The problem is when it is in the car it works for a time then SECURITY is displayed on screen, obviously it is IMMO CODED.

    I heard that the security was in the renesance mcu so i tried to read with Martech Clip but there is no data, (do i have to enter the security bytes to read this mcu?)

    Also i have read 2 eeproms,

    1, from the mainbord MARKED L02 (I read it as BR24L02)
    2, from the tuner S24C16 (this is where i think the security is stored from my past expeiriance with Clarion radios)

    I have attached both files in a Winrar called Subaru Clarion.rar, in it is the 2 files.

    BR24L02.BIN ( This is on the mainboard )
    s24c16.BIN ( This is in the tuner )

    Could some member help me put this radio in learn mode so it can be fitted in another vehicle please, or any other solution.

    GV Electronics (justmeglynn in very early forums)

    Subaru Clarion.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 366 bytes

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