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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    Hello friends i need problem with this car(E270)When i start the cars the radiator fans inmediateley are ON high speed. Somebody say me that the problem is bad ECU... i must reflash this unit whith good bdm file.Im very confused ...about this i need full BDM for this unit.any help?

    Many thanks in advance

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  • 08/26/16--04:15: Truckcom 2.10.3
  • TruckCom, packages and can box and cables available.

    PM for details

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  • 08/26/16--04:18: AMG-Menu in KI
  • Hello,

    is it possible to coding the AMG-Menu into the KI of a GLK X204 (MY 2015) whith DAS/Xentry/Vediamo and Mux C3?



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  • 08/26/16--04:32: radio renault
  • pleese i need cod to radio renault

    radio blaupunkt

    SN. BP5040X709125

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  • 08/26/16--04:35: Tuned file PCR 2.1 searching
  • For learning purpose I look for pcr 2.1 105HP ori and tuned files.

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    Who could help me please. A friend has a Renault Carminat en he can not use the navigation while driving. If he drives, he can not put in an address. Is it possible to make it that works?
    The dealer says it can, but they wouldn't help in cause of safety.

    Who can help please?


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    I have a weird problem in our workshop on an Audi A6 2.5tdi quattro automatic, 2000year.
    The car is jerking- losing power when accelerating, but only when you go straight or in left corners (if the steering is straight or to left).
    As soon as I turn the steering wheel to right, the car accelerates like normal.
    But when I turn it back straight or left.. same story... cutting power.
    I checked steering angle sensor, disconected ABS... nothing changed...No weird DTCs also..
    Any idea?

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  • 08/26/16--05:01: Map location in dump
  • Hi,
    I hope someone knows solution to following issue.

    A friend has a VW Passat '06, 2.0 BMP. Car drives well, but when a start button is pushed, engine starts immediately (too fast) and shakes a lot (much more than other TDI's I've seen).
    I assumed this could be a bad start map editing, so I took a dump and check it, but could not locate a specific map. Can one of you, gurus, help me finding it.

    Help is much appreciated.
    Thank you M8s

    Passat_2.0_ BMP_trese_pri _vzigu_03G906021NK.zip
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    Hi Friends,
    Jaguar XK150(from 2010) or XF Dash Visteon with MAC7131VVF50 in BGA package has anyone knowledge about pinouts or BDM gate to flash microcontroller? Is there BDM gate?
    thanx for your attention or help
    warm rgds to All

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    can somebody check file read from Ford Focus 1.0ecoboost 125hp?
    HW: CV6A-12B684-BB
    SW: 1037527769
    SW ver.: CV61-12A650-AMC
    SW upg.: CV61-14C204-AMC

    There is a problem with turbo overboost (P0234). Turbo pressure goes to 2,4bar absolute pressure.
    We tried adjusting wastegate vent, but didnt manage to eliminate the problem. Can somebody check if the file is original?
    Best regards,

    File Type: .rar
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    I got today EZS 211 545 06 08 for fix but eeprom is empty , FF FF only.
    Flash looks ok. MCU is 3k91d (HC12=912). I t is any solution fix it?

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 25.15 KB

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    I have tried installing bluetooth to W10 tablet = No working

    I have tried installing on W7 desktop PC = No working

    I have tried downloading drivers from MHH = No working.

    Any help how to get this working properly with bluetooth on W10 tablet????

    On XP working fine! until i update firmware (using supplied firmware folder) and now firmware says 'NOT LOADED'.

    I think my problem i having is:

    NEED FIRMWARE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS for this version i am using. It says it is 2014 R2 but when i open the program it says 2013 RELEASE 3??!??!?!

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    Hello! does anyone know if possible to program a key in golf7 bought from china with ODIS online

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    hello Friends need my link (torrent) for delphi 2014.2

    thank you !!!!

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    Hi. I want to buy hq eu clone k tag plus edc17/med17 bdm adapter for k tag


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    can anybody help with tuning the file for my car, Peugeot 307 2005 EDC16C3 1.4HDI 70.0PS 51.5KW

    many thanks

    Peugeot 307 2005 EDC16C3 1.4HDI 70.0PS 51.5KW.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 472.17 KB

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    I have for sell BDM Probes for K-TAG / Dimsport Trasdata original/clone.

    I bought last year a FULL set of 17 adapters from another user from this forum.
    I never use this adapters, only the Infineon Tricore EDC17 adapter one time for a test.

    The set includes:
    144300KBDM - BDM Motorola MPC5xx Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T00M - 14AM00T01M - 14AM00TBAS - 14AM00TB01 - 14AM00TB02 - 14AM00TB03 - 14AM00T02M (regular price is 540euro)
    144300KTRI - Bootloader Infineon Tricore and ST10Fxxx contains adapters: 14AM00T03M - 14P600KT04 (regular price is 192euro)
    144300KNEX - JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T05M - 14AM00T06 - 14AM00T14M (regular price is 228euro)
    144300KREN - JTAG Renesas Kit contains adapters: 14AM00T07M - 14AM00T10M - 14AM00T09M - 14AM00T08M - 14AM00T11M
    (regular price is 252euro)
    Regular total price is 1275Euro.

    Payment options: Western Union, PayPal (5% fee)

    Pm me for the price.

    [Image: IMG_2223.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2222.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2221.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2220.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2219.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2218.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2217.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2216.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2215.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2214.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2213.jpg]

    [Image: IMG_2212.jpg]

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    Carprog update to 8.21 Online

    Firmware update + Software

    Send PM

    car 1.JPG
    File Type: .jpg
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    I have problem with programing card for scenic 2007 year. I done this cards a lot but have strange problem, try fnr ( clone truecode), carprog and fvdi. With fnr reads all data, pin, etc and when click on start programing get error, after that try with carprog and he reads pin code, but when i try to add card says wrong pin, fvdi cant pull pin out. Pin is the same with fnr and carprog. Does somebody know what is happens?

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    I am doing activation of all models of LAUNCH

    I am able to make full version software for Launch.
    No longer need to buy expensive software.

    Gained full acces to the functionality of the software special functions: programming, coding.


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