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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    DEUTZ Engine TCD 2015 Workshop Manual


    User notes
    3.1 General
    3.2 Specifications
    3.2.1 Safety regulations and rules for the prevention of accidents
    3.2.2 Disposal regulations
    3.3 Operating manual and workshop manual
    3.4 Job cards
    3.5 Explanation of symbols
    Technical data
    4.1 Testing and setting data
    4.2 Tightening specifications
    Job card overview
    5.1 Sorted alphabetically
    5.2 Sorted numerically
    5.3 Job card references
    Job cards Commercial tools Special tools

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    Hey Guys i need a readout or bin File from an 2.0 tdi mk7 Plattform 150HP Software number 04l906021DT_8127

    And a damos File for this Software/Engine Smile

    I got some other damos Files or All original Files for VAG until 2015 dir Exchange

    Thanx Smile

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    Hi guys I have an Audi A5 2.0 2011 and all of sudden my caecum up with a fault injector group B open circuit fault code p2149, wudnt start... Tried clearing fault still wnt start... Took it to Ecu testing they have had it for 8 days they say Ecu perfect..

    Checked fuses all fine...

    Any help or good advice would be great thanks guys

    Supply voltage for fuel injector B is the actuall fault

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  • 09/13/16--10:57: Isuzu used ecu allign
  • Hi guys!
    I have an isuzu kb240 with opel 2.4 petrol type of engine..original ecu is faulty...I have many second hand ECUs but I have no idea how to pull pin and code this type of ecu.i already have pin from immo box but I think it needs to be coded like the opels(reset ecu and use pin of immo box) ... attached some pictures of ecu and immo etc
    Help Fing20

    [Image: 20160908_101800_zpscsivpdik.jpg]
    [Image: 20160908_101809_zpsijx546hz.jpg]
    [Image: 20160908_101741_zpsjd6sken3.jpg]
    [Image: 20160908_101728_zpsne2yu2zt.jpg]
    [Image: 20160913_194028_zpsz5wtyte9.jpg]

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    When I start Xentry, the program close it self after 2 seconds, yesterday it worked without problems, today no failure, nothing and it doesn't start.
    DAS is working. Key is okay. Do you know what is wrong?

    please see the video.

    If somebody can help me I can give the Team Viewer details.

    thank you

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    I need some help:
    PSA 407 SID803 2004r.
    SW: 965617118

    If someone have good solution to remove fap and egr (no volta etc.) I wil be grateful. In attachment mpc file.

    Best regards

    407 sid803 h 9655041480 s 9656171180 su 9656171180.rar
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    hello, can someone unregister(make virgin) GID or cd30. thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/13/16--11:12: VW 1.9TDI stage I
  • Hello, need to tuned this file (ecu 038 906 018 P ) Thanks in advance

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 88.04 KB

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  • 09/13/16--11:27: Peugeot Boxer DCU102 EGR off
  • Hi

    Please EGR off in DCU102
    Car: Peugeot Boxer 3
    Year: 2007

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  • 09/13/16--11:36: Sealey BSCU25 experience?
  • Anyone had used this battery supply unit? is it any good?


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    Hello can anyone please calculate password for keys
    I read EIS with VVDIMB but all keys are lost so I cannot calculate maybe someone can help heres the files Thank you!

    w164 EIS_IR_988151AE.rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 240 bytes

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    Hello Mhhmembers
    Hello mhhmembers das.xentry standart/Pass-thru Version Installation
    I Can Help you Installing Das/Xentry 09.2016 With EPC/WIS 07/2016 and Starfinder 2015.This is neither Vmware nor Acronis Image.Software Will be Installed and Configured specially for your hardware.
    The Advantages Of Fresh Installation
    1)Software Is configured For your hardware,so works Fast and it is more Reliable
    2)Not Diver problems,No files From Old Drivers,No problems With Dissimilar hardware
    3)When Using Acronis Image,it needs C Drive Format,In this Case you can keep all your files
    4)If any problem occurs You can use System Restore

    [Image: 2f644ed546c2.jpg]
    [Image: 2sax8x2.jpg]
    [Image: dm2316_pde99x5z.png]
    [Image: EPC4.png]
    [Image: 6ca0fe8b1f70.jpg][Image: 47a1f5308853.jpg]

    What is in the Package?
    1)Das/Xentry With All Addons Blackilist Fixed HTTWIN,special functions and Offline Programming enabled (x86 Windows required For HHTWIN)
    2)EPC/WIS With Latest Database
    3)Starfinder 2015
    4)Vediamo v5.05
    4)My support Of Course

    BMW , VAG , Jaguar and other Automotive Software installation
    I can Install Have Several Diagnostic System On one HDD

    If you Are Interested PM.

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  • 09/13/16--12:05: DPF off Subaru Denso ecu
  • Hi mates,

    anny help with this one would be grateful.
    Subaru 2.0D dpf off please.
    many thatnks in advance


    subaru ori.bin.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Size: 442.31 KB

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    look here:

    [Image: erro_das_W209.jpg]

    my XDOS 5.2016 X86 only read this modules, how can I solve this?

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    Hi there guys i need help making one soft for 1.9tdi p.d. engine.I made the soft but when i swich from maff to map nothing happened.Maff still shows ~500mg/str and car won't let me inject 70mg of fuel.I tryed with diode and when maff readings gets 1250mg/str car is working fine and it injects 70mg fuel with no problem.Can someone take a look at that file and try to help me swiching it from maff to map.ecu number is 0281010302 soft number is 354461

    link to file

    VW Golf .rar
    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 137.1 KB

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  • 09/14/16--09:17: Passat b7 2010
  • Hello friends of mhh.......

    I receive this passat from a friend that wants change odo km from 144.xxx to 70.xxx .....I have bad clone of digiprog and carprog clone that works on v8 and 9 offer online update or something .......but gives connection error ..carprog read the kms well ....till need server connection and after that nothing

    can someone help me plesase .....the carprog ask for a key and after that nothing ......I think is a bad clone beacuse screen not to clear and that problem with key or security key locked the screen every time .

    any help is good Sad

    IMAG0243 (1).jpg
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  • 09/14/16--09:19: Hino DX2 activator 2016
  • Hino DX2 activator 2016

    Price PM

    [Image: 83cacf81fa45.jpg]

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    i need for dtc off from delphi ddcr megane 1.5 dci 2004

    2 dtc DF053, DF130
    please help me

    File Type: .rar
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    Hello Smile, the car is Mazda 3 1.6D (Y6) 2006

    ECU/PCM: BOSCH 0281012530 (edc16c34) (Mazda: 5M61-12A650-BA); eeprom 95160
    DIAG Shows errors: p1602

    DASH : BP4K55430 K9001; eeprom 93C56
    DIAG Shows errors: U2510

    I upload dumps, I am thinking, perhaps someone can check my dumps....or even repair it.
    Any other suggest will be great!

    P.S. I read that is AVDI proceeding...

    File Type: .rar
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    Lexus ES300h 2013 USA. There swap only the smart key ECU. ID box,Steering lock actuator,car key,Power management ECU is genuine from this car.How do this smart KEY ECU registration in this car.

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