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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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    The timing and firing solenoid that divide 6 cylinders into 3 cylinders. Two atuators for every three cylinders. On the ifcm were the fuel pumps are. I wanna see if i have a short. Is there a way to test them with a volt meter. Or apply the right amount of power.

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  • 09/18/16--12:32: ford mondeo HUBA ori request
  • can anybody help with an ori for ford mondeo HUBA

    HW: 6G9N-12B684-BA
    SW: 6G9N-12A650-PJ


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    Is it possible to activate the US style turn signal indicator setting? This means the orange turn signal lights on the front are always on, except for when you make a turn its blinking. I have DAS and Vediamo...

    Thanks Cheer2Cheer2

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  • 09/18/16--13:05: Immo off MED17.4
  • Hi guys, is here anyone who can suplly a 100% working immo off for this ECU?
    I attached (Bootread) MED17.4 PSA Micro and EEprom.

    Kind Regards

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  • 09/18/16--13:09: Getting Started
  • Please excuse me if this is in the wrong section, I've spent hours of searching and can't find what i need.

    I am no rookie to the repair world, much less the software world. I am very familiar with heavy duty American truck market (Cat, Cummins, Detroit, Navistar) and have a Nexiq USB Link (Genuine) and various software that I use almost daily.

    My question is this, where the heck does one start in the light duty market. I primarily work on American Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, both gas and diesel. I already have a Launch CRP 123 tool, which works ok for basic needs, but I would like to be able to do a lot more, and if possible start to play with tuning as well.

    So what adapters and software should I get. Not looking to spend a fortune as the light duty side is only really a hobby of mine, heavy duty is what pays my bills, and what protocols are needed for these vehicles? On the HD side it's pretty simple, OEM software, Nexiq adapter, and either J1939 or J1708 (for the most part). However on the LD side it just makes my head spin trying to figure out what I need. I also have a OBD cable for the Nexiq, I know it might work with some software but not all.

    Can anyone dumb all this Light Duty stuff down for me?

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  • 09/18/16--13:24: PACCAR ENGINE ANALYZER V1.3

    *Disclaimer* This is not DAVIE or ESA software. This Software does not hook up to and ECU's. This is software to view files created by DAVIE on a computer that does not have DAVIE installed.

    That being said, Enjoy.

    Password known to MHHAuto users.

    Thanks and Rep appreciated.

    EDIT: I'm dumb, forgot to press "Add Attachment" after selecting file.

    File Type: .rar
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    Size: 220 bytes

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  • 09/18/16--13:42: C4 need a virgin 95128
  • HI
    Can someone please virginize bsi.

    BSI 96 640 591 8001 johnson control
    BSI04EV K05-00 031108

    Much appreciate for help

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  • 09/18/16--13:57: upa for ezs w203
  • hello

    have links upa for EZS hc908az60 without desoldering

    thank you

    I can not put image because EZS

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    Hello Fellas I have a questions of the manual by rawze....
    the parameters for delete EGR AND DPF works on other model engines..
    example ISB,ISC... etc?¿
    Thanks AND REP!


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  • 09/18/16--14:36: Bmw goes to p while driving
  • I have bow 520. Year 2008. When I put R it goes Back and suddenly I feel like I hit a wall the gear shift automatically to P it happens forward but I don't feel it like backwards
    Scanning the gearbox doesn't give any faults
    The D.Sc. light is on and it gives the fault interference gear box
    Engine gives fault with the valve tropic
    Any help please

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    Hi guys, I'm selling my Midtronic psc550kit battery charger / power supply for reprogramming and/or show room battery maintainer

    I used it 2 times. I don't need it anymore, I've bought a Schumacher....

    Paid new over 400$. It's now selling on Amazon for 400 and some other site around 440$.

    Asking 325$ shipped in North America. Ask in PM for international shipping.

    Comes with the carrying bag.
    (These are generic pictures)

    [Image: psckitscase.jpg]
    [Image: psc700_lg.jpg]

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    Anyone play with old stuff like ADEM II ecm's ? If so what software do you use to view and edit them ? What about reading and writing ?

    I personally use ecm titanium and winols for ADEM III and ADEM IV ecm's but am always curious as to what others are doing and how well you feel it works for you.

    Appreciate any input.

    Thanks guysBeer

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  • 09/18/16--15:21: Dodge Cummins and GM Duramax
  • I'd like to purchase the software necessary to program the BCM on these vehicles. For example I want to be able to shut off the tire pressure monitoring system or adjust the threshold.

    So for Chrysler I'm pretty sure I need a WiTech with DRB emulator to get the job done.

    GM I'm not sure. Tech II ?

    I see this stuff for sale on Ebay but I'd much rather buy from a reputable seller either on here or someone you guys have dealt with.


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  • 09/18/16--15:31: Cummins Calibrations
  • Beginning July 26, 2016, INSITE Pro version 8.1.4 will be needed for all calibrations released on July 26, 2016 and thereafter. This free update will be pushed to all licensed users of INSITE Pro. Older versions of INSITE Pro will not recognize calibrations released after this date. Users must update to the current version of INSITE Pro (8.1.3) now so that updates beginning on July 26 are not as time consuming. This update will provide you the option to delay the install up to three times before commencing with an automatic update.

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    my xentry closes [ das has encountered a problem needs to close ] no xentry error code also when scanning certain modules like dcm or abs on some cars cannot read abs on any ml model i have 2 laptops both do it will pay for help

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  • 09/19/16--12:54: HTT C4 for OpenShell
  • Dear MHHAuto members,
    Could you please briefly explain some basics about HTT C4.
    1. What is it used for?
    2. How essential is it for a specialist who intends to work with Smart range only.
    3. Why is it impossible to obtain an OpenShell fix from DieTRih (Active members only)
    4. And finally, what does it take to become an active member? Is it possible for a newbie such as myself, who is hardly able to share something useful to other members, due to almost zero experience, to become an active member by participating in discussions?)

    Thank you all for being so helpful, I find this forum really newbie-friendly.

    Отправлено с моего M3 через Tapatalk

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  • 09/19/16--13:11: Please rate my tuning...
  • I made a tuning file for 2002´Golf 4 1.9 TDI 130 HP. Please take a look to my file. Do you think, it is safe ? How much gain horsepower do you think ?

    THX !!


    File Type: .rar
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    Can someone help me with VW Passat 2.0 TDI 2011 manual gearbox.I need disable shift indicator on dashboard. It is possible over VCDS and with remote desktop TeamViewer?

    Please send me offers with prices via PM messages

    Best regards

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  • 09/19/16--13:14: asian scan tool reviews?
  • can anyone advise me on the best scan tool for asian cars? i currently use delphi 2014/2 but coverage for asian cars is bad.. i mainly need dpf data on lexus/kia ect..

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    Hi, is posible to make a hot star fix on this car with this ecu?????

    Car on cold start work fine but not start with it is hot.... son is posible on SID803a????

    Best Regard

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