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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com

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  • 09/29/16--15:51: MS 43 Dump check
  • Hello group, I removed the 29F400 on an MS 43 and read the dump but I tried to work with it in bmw immo editor 2.42 but it states it is not a compatible ecu can someone please verify if this a good read. Thanks in advance.

    BMW M54 530 USA
    DME MS43

    Index 8
    7 519 308

    COMBO ST.zip
    File Type: .zip
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    Had a load of gear stolen last night from here in Crewe, Cheshire.
    Nicked out of the back of my van.

    Autel Maxisys MS908 - Genuine UK version
    2 x Dell d530 laptop
    Snap on Gas soldering iron
    Bluepoint Torx set
    FVDI interface
    Nissan Consult Interface
    Autocom / Delphi Interface
    Renault Clip Interface
    AC Adapters and Car chargers for laptops

    I would love my Autel Maxisys MS908 back Wink
    The rest is easily replaced, but I've got my updates package on that MS908

    [Image: Screenshot_2_10.png]

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    Hello members:

    I have a problem with Peugeot 307 2006 2.0L gasoline BSI, car does not start, instrument cluster is OFF, door locks donĀ“t work, information display is OFF. We put another BSI from other car, and the cluster,locks and display works.

    I am attaching here EEprom from BSI.

    Can you make eeprom virgin ??
    Do you have mcu file good or virgin for BSI ??

    BSI is VALEO J02-00 9651197480


    307 2006 20L gasolina Valeo J02-00 9651197480 95160 original.rar
    File Type: .rar
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  • 09/29/16--16:25: Looking for BMW Ista p/d
  • Hello looking for someone to do remote install for Bmw programs with flash files for new replacement modules my operating system is windows 10 i have a CardaqM passthru and a dcan cable pm me price please

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    I have this problem any can help me please .

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  • 09/29/16--16:58: Isuzu G-IDSSPlus keygen
  • Hello
    I bought Isuzu G-Idss with a keygen online, am I allowed to share it on MHH Auto. MHH auto help me in the past. The reason i would like to share it is to see if any one can get it to work with nexiq usb link or with G-M MDI scantool.

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    I have a truck that have a died tachograph i change it with other one and i need calibrate it someone know how can i calibrate it? [Image: 8095db2a31251955f7464fac763ecfc1.jpg]

    Enviado desde mi SM-G800H mediante Tapatalk

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    Hi all,

    Where can we find out the printout file from Openshell Xentry?

    Such as short test so on.

    A stupid question but please..........

    thanks a lot for the help

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  • 09/29/16--18:11: 2005 ISX 450 Low boost
  • Hi all,

    I have this problem going on for a while and can't figure it out. The boost is low (under 20). When i do the road test with Insite hooked-up, in engine state monitor i get " due to lack of oxigen fuel in reduced for a few seconds" when i accelerate hard. There are no air leakes on intake and vgt actuator moves more than 1/2". i'm suspecting the turbo, but want to be sure 100
    % before a swap it. anybody knows the relation beetwen boost, exhaust gas pressure, turbo percentage, turbo speed and engine speed?

    i can post the record of engine parameters i recorded at different engine speeds.

    thanks for any help.

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  • 09/29/16--18:12: W220 rear SAM coding
  • Hello,
    i'v W220 year 2000 need to replace rear sam module,
    someone insight pls what steps if i buy used one and what steps to coding also if i buy new one?

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    Need help for change hours
    Hitachi Excavator Hours IC 93c66 this moment 18282.8 hours
    I need 7321.8 hours
    Please help me?

    File Type: .jpg
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  • 09/29/16--19:17: RANGE ROVER 2010
  • Hi everyone.
    My Range Rover SC have implausible to display ambient temperature on IPC.
    When I read dataloger, it show data in PCM and HAVC is correct and change flow external temperature. but in BCM it have different and not change flow data as PCM.
    I have changed ambient temperature BCM but the problem have not solve.
    And I have upgrade software SDD v147 for programming all module on car.
    Any one help me, please
    Thank you

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  • 09/29/16--19:20: Consult 3+ options
  • I apologize if this has been answered before. The answer is still not very clear to me.

    I need a Nissan Consult 3+ setup, and I Need it to be fully capable, newest vehicles, Leaf, etc. I see the Chinese sellers have interfaces around $1400 USD but many say they cannot program.

    Is my best option to buy full Nissan genuine setup for around $8k?

    Thank you for any help.

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    .Good evening to all members. I have a 2011 kentworh mx13 engine. The truck display shows egr delta pressure problem and engine particle trap #1. I believe I read somewhere in this forum that a combination of some software I should be able to do some diagnostic on this paccard engines, I did try with esa I have, but is very limited. does anyone knows what software info it is available in this forum that I can use to determine whether I have an egr, or sensor not working properly? I know davie software is needed for this engines, unfortunately I don't have the funds to buy it. Thanks for all your help.

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    I need a clear dump for airbag Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X 2008

    8635A168 - 95640

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  • 09/30/16--13:57: HELP with simos 10
  • Hello,

    I have done a stupid thing. I flashed the wrong file on my ecu. I have a polo 1.2tsi with a simos 10.23 ecu and I flashed a original file from a jetta 1.2tsi with simos 10.13. Now when I put the ignition on I get a error immobiliser cannot start the car. When I start the car the car is running 1 sec. And shutt off. I can't flash back original flash file drom my car. I get a wakeup error with kess and galletto. I tried also with odis engineering and also a error with flashing original file for polo or original file from jetta ecu. Is there a way I can write on the table or something with the eeprom?

    Thanx in advance.

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  • 09/30/16--13:58: delphi/autocom
  • Hi Folks.How would i know if my delphi interface is fried by the web being switched on while i was using the program.I can start the program up but when i hit the engine symbol to get to were the codes are noting happens.I tried it on two cars and same thing happened.Any ideas

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  • 09/30/16--13:59: W639 EIS Mileage help please
  • Heya all Fing32
    Sorry for a repeat post, but I have finally got around to removing my EIS from my 2008 W639 Vito. Now, is there any way to read, mod & write the info without removing chips??? 533 (My soldering skills for stuff that small is not that great) Headbang I found a post for doing with J-Tag ...???

    Cheers Beer Beer

    File Type: .jpg
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    Size: 254.82 KB

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  • 09/30/16--14:33: MCU S9S08DZ32
  • I need to read the S9S08DZ32 processor with the upa-PS, does anyone have the procedure?
    This processor is an immobilizer of fiat gray box 201

    Thank you


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  • 09/30/16--14:39: focus mk3 2011 FCDIM problem
  • Hello mhh

    every time radio is powered on the display in the center of the dashboard
    wakes up shows the radio controls then after a few seconds then the following message appears on the screen:
    Cooling System is shutting down

    fault codes are stored in radio and instrument cluster
    U0257 lost communication with front controls/display interface module

    any help would be appreciated

    after disassembly I took the pleasure of making some high res photos inside the module so here is the link

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