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MHH AUTO - https://mhhauto.com
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  • 12/15/19--00:00: VOLVO IMPACT PORTAL ONLINE
  • who has a login to https://secure2.volvo.com/impact3/application/ 
     PM me I can pay for it or i have a lot of access for exchange

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    Hello, I have a question. Can I connect via ista-d directly to the lamp with the TMS module in the BMW F10 lci.

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    hi all member please calculator password special function airbage E211 /  VIN WDB2110041A134181,THANK

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    Anyone know best tool, software to use to adjust BMW speed limit?
    Any good tools to bmw icom hardware?

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  • 12/15/19--01:40: audi a6 4f0959655A crash
  • clear crash, please!



    1,003 bytes

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  • 12/15/19--02:03: Need DTC off W210
  • Hi, car converted diesel to patrol need to off these dtc please , flash read with ktag .


    a 112 153 00 79 benz 6zy1.rar

    193.65 KB



    103.44 KB



    83.86 KB

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  • 12/15/19--02:28: '99 W163 heating problem
  • Hi all. 
    I have ML 270 CDI / W163 from 1999. It's got a heating problem. The air mixing flap was stuck at cold, so I took out the servo, turned the flap to heating position, than tried to check if the servo is working. 
    And there is a little problem here, because when I took it out, it started to work partially. When I turn the temperature dial to cold, it moves to cold, reach the position and stops. When I turn the dial to middle position, it works ok, turn a little then stops. And when I move the dial even one click beyond middle position, it goes all the way to the end but does not stop, it turns up to a point when the motor can no longer turn anymore. 
    I checked the outside and inside temperature sensors, checked the dial potentiometer and the potentiometer inside the servo. All good. There is also a simple control unit inside the dash. 
    Maybe someone had similar problem and can give me a hand. Also, I'd like to ask if there is any diagnostic for that system, I have Xentry/DAS 2017, but when I connect to the car only climate system is 2002 KLA, no older systems. But WIS has some info on HHT diagnosis for TAU system, but I cannot find it in my software. Also, the climate control on that specific car is non-automatic. So there is no auto position or button, it's clearly manual A/C system.

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    Need Mercedes EDC17CP10 / EDC17CP01 damos please


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  • 12/15/19--02:31: MERCEDES ACTROS V6
    29F200 + 93C86


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    Hello. Can somebody help me with clearing crash data. Thanks in advance!


    95910-j9100 25lc256.rar

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    Looking for injector repair software.
    Something like bosch stage 3 but for all injectors (or as much as possible).
    Something like cristina (disesltest) or dimed (crin)

    Am ready to pay for it Smile


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    This is a set of Iveco truck engine tests .. Nebulizer test pressure test and turbo test .. My message to the specialists is how to read the correct results

    For the tests, thank you and all the members

    [img][Image: p_14447pqim1.jpg][/img]
    [img][Image: p_1444k7alm2.jpg][/img]
    [img][Image: p_1444f3ajb3.jpg][/img]
    [img][Image: p_1444oi3834.jpg][/img]
    [img][Image: p_1444v12785.jpg][/img]
    [Image: p_1444uho6a1.png]

    thank you all

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  • 12/15/19--03:29: Service box
  • Hi.can anyone give some guideance to get software update .i have 2 vivaro that have been locked out due to addblue running out, these vehicles are only 6month old.regards Mike

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  • 12/15/19--04:54: W176 IC172 in boot mode
  • Hello

    I have a cluster that is in boot mode.
    How can i code this display with Vediamo and without SCN.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • 12/15/19--05:35: VW GOLF R32 MK5 crackle map
  • Have someone done crackle map on Volkwagen golf 5 R32 

    ME7.1.1 can